India vs Pakistan Cricket


Arguably the biggest rivalry in sports! There is an immense excitement prior to the match, people skip their offices, shut their business, students bunk their schools & colleges just for this game. A game watched by 1.2 Billion mad cricket fans of both the countries. The match gets so close and intense at times, that fans from both sides loose their cool, by which they end up breaking their T.V sets in anger. And a few suffer a Cardiac arrest at times, unable to digest the loss. Such is the love and craziness for this game here in the Subcontinent. Should have been ranked 1 on the list.

You have two brothers separated from same family. They have fought 4 major wars (note:not including endless skirmishes...i mean most tragic wars after WW2). Both have open nuke weapons. One was former soviet ally other former us ally. Always at different poles...this is the chance for people to show who is the dominant side...add another 1.5 billion people...and the bloods spilled by 300,000 more soldiers...Guys this is the GREATEST...I pity if you can't see the intensity

Number 5? It's supposed to be number 1! There have been times when my dad made me slip school so I could watch.

Over 1.5 Billion People watched India vs pak 2011 world cup semifinal and you have ranked it on no 7... you must Be MAd... This Should Be On 1st...

Cricket is said to have been a boring sport, until these two came along.

Everybody knows it's not just a Cricket match. We try to make it look like just a sport but it's much more than that. Let's hope our rivalry ceases at the game of Cricket.

In terms of viewership, this beats all other rivalries to pulp.

Yes. Basically. This is the most POPULAR rivalry in the world. It is very intense. Pakistan and India do not have good relation ships - ZeFlash

They both are best rivals not in cricket cause behind this rivalry 4 mighty wars, biggest issue of Kashmir and political influence from both sides.

Pakistan is definitely better than India

Whenever there is a cricket match between the arch rivals, the roads go vacant. One can feel the voltage as soon as the contest is announced.

I'll rather lose the world cup but not a series against Pakistan

India VS Pakistan cricket match is like a real war. They players don't play. They fight for the nation. Enough said.

Surely biggest rivalry. Its not about cricket its about prestige of two counties.

Greatest sports rivalry in the world.

It should be the first in the list

Watch the television viewership last time they played...

Craziest fan from both the side! This is a biggest rivalry in the world!

Definitely a big one. I know since I am from Pak.

No rivalry is bigger than India vs Pakistan. It's more than a match.

I experienced many top rivalries listed here, but nothing comes close to India-Pakistan cricket. Both nations stop for these teams are playing each other. After that Mi vs Ohio. Followed by NY n Boston.

Its not Cricket, its war when these two plays.

Editior or who ever is created this list is biased, this should b & must b at number 1 place. More than 1.4 billion people involve whenever these two teams met & you are putting them at 4? What a Shame!

Its clear that pak players are play to lose with India

Come on, much bigger than anything else and I know that the western world is quite eurocentric, but as someone who has experienced both rivalries, it's no contest.