Michigan v. Ohio State Football


This is just an American rivalry, the biggest rivalry has to be no other then ASHES cricket forged in fire ( Literally) 135 years ago when Australia beat England in the first ever test match between both countries.

As for football rivalries, Michigan vs. Ohio State is the best and both teams are often great. As for the schools, it's not even close - - Michigan wins every time!

This rivalry in my book is the biggest because both schools are huge and over the years they had some of the best athletes of all time if you think about it this is the biggest games in sports history

Hands down the greatest rivalry in college football and arguably the greatest in all of sports. The only one it contends with is the red sox and yankees rivalry.

More players have played in this rivalry than any other professional rivalry you could think of.

Much bigger than Yankees v Red Sox. That rivalry is a media creation. It's fine for this rivalry to be third, but behind Yankees/Red Sox? Really?

No question this the greatest rivalry in sports! It is called "The Game" for a reason!

Should not even be on here as it is not that big of a deal outside of one small state. Lame! - Jschro1861

I'm not even a fan of either team, but how is this not on the list?!

This rivalry has been going on since Ohio and Michigan became states! The #1 rivalry!

Its been 110 years of this rivalry and its one of the top viewed games other than the National Championship, Super Bowl, Olympics, world cup, etc. IT IS CALLED "THE GAME" FOR A REASON! This should be with Yankees vs Red Socks game

The most storied of all sports rivalries. Nothing else comes close.

Ok, I'm a huge OSU fan, and other people may not realize but this is by far the biggest rivalry in college football. Maybe not the biggest sports rivalry flat out, but it definitely belongs in the top three...


Which of these Top 10 rivalries goes back over 120 years? Rest my case.

No offense to what I said down at the very last one

Sadly it is true what they say. We do hate Michigan

Best rivalry in sports, hands down

Not even close. Biggest rivalry.

They always say with rivalrys like Auburn/Alabama that the whole state shuts down. With Ohio State and Michigan BOTH states shut down. With 48 others watching in complete aw

Hands down the biggest rivalry in sport. When these two come together, it is war. Throw out the records for this one, it's always a street fight. And oh...F Michigan, GO BUCKS!

Regardless of how well either team has played up until The Game, it's going to be close. There are almost never blow outs. OSU could be ranked 50 places ahead of Michigan in the AP poll, and the game will still be close. Not to mention when both teams are at their best, such as 2006, when OSU and Michigan were ranked 1 and 2 respectively. There's so much hatred, talent, and tradition, it would be a crime not to consider this the greatest rivalry in all of college sports.

Wow this list is stupid this isn't even a rivalry

Ohio State vs. UM has the most hate overall between fans and the teams. There seems to be an altercation or outright fight every time these two meet. Most recently was the Marcus Hall, an OSU player, flipped the whole 110,000 packed Michigan Stadium off after getting ejected after a fight. This rivalry has so much history between the two from the actual declaration of war over the Toledo Strip, UM's best coach was a former OSU asst., The Ten Year War between Woody & Bo, to UM writing OSU fight song, UM beating #2Ohio St in '95, the #1 vs. #2 in '07, and now the renewal of it with Urban Meyer vs. Jim Harbaugh.

My dad is a michigan alum and he refuses to even buy anything while in the state of ohio. he wont even say the words "ohio state", he will just call them "scum of the earth". no where is louder than our living room when The Game is on. he wont even watch a football game if an announcer of the game went to ohio state. but he was a student during the 10 year war, so that explains a lot