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21 Giants v. Dodgers Baseball

This is the best rivalry in all of baseball for sure, and the best of all. While it is terrible, fans of both teams have been beaten and stabbed at games.

Unlike the New york Yankees vs the Boston Redsox, the dodgers vs giants rivalry have neck to neck win ratio, rivals since 1890 (oldest in baseball). Not even the move from east to west coast stopped the rivalry. Each time these two teams meet, if it's not the players, fans are out looking for blood (literally). Fans on both sides cheer for two things, their teams victory and their rivals defeat. As much as you heard, if you're a fan of the opposing team and wish to go to a dodger game in LA, do NOT purchase seats in LEFT FIELD PAVILION.

For sure up there with the top rivalries in baseball! Deeep seated hatred for the Dodgers up there! Unless you're from LA nobody likes the Dodgers! Just like the Raiders and the Kings! LA has some of the worst fans

The best baseball rivalry... period. Yankees and Red Sox more popular bit until recently was always dominated by the Yanks. Giants and Dodgers truly dislikeeach other and its more balanced

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22 Seahawks vs. 49ers

So many penalties against each team in every game they play

They run the nfl right now and probably will for another 5 years. Every game is a physical, intense game

23 Cracovia vs Wisla Krakow
24 Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce

This is a very intense rivalry and they both are great at kicking the ball really hard. Galsjbsjvruu is extremely good at megging the Fejdyhsjcsh players. This is cool. Go ghaubeihs.

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25 Glasgow Rangers vs Celtics

This is a should be #1

*Rangers vs Celtic. Rangers are sometimes referred to as Glasgow Rangers but their proper name is Rangers Football Club - "Rangers". And Celtic (no 's' on the end) are Celtic Football Club - "Celtic"

RFC2012 VS Glasgow Celtic*

26 Miami vs Florida State Football

Greatest players in this rivalry. The biggest rivalry in the best football state. FLORIDA

27 Canadiens vs Nordiques

There has been blood, some bad calls and, mostly, great series. It's the most intense rivalry of alls!

28 Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan Belgrade
29 Maple Leafs vs Senators Hockey
30 Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson

Greatest duel of all time. The 80's had both.

31 Rangers vs. Flyers Hockey
32 Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton
33 Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos V 1 Comment
34 Cubs v. Cardinals Baseball

This should be top 5

Um his should be 5

Should be top 5


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35 Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadians
36 Michigan Wolverines vs Ohio State Buckeyes V 1 Comment
37 Penguins vs Flyers Hockey

This one needs to be higher.

One of the most intense rivalries I can think of in sports. This is top 5 or top 3 easily.

Flyers suck! Go Pens!

This is a top ten rivalry easily

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38 Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost, Formula 1

Only if more people watched F1, they'd know how intense these two were

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39 Steelers vs Ravens

Should be number 1. Everybody in America knows this rivalry regardless if they watch football or not. Way too low on the list!

It's a rivalry because the Ravens used to be the Browns. It should be way up there.

The Blood Bowl is outside the top 10? What is happening? Go Ravens!

What, how the hell is this not even close to top ten?

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40 Inter Milan v. AC Milan
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