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61 Bulls v. Lakers Basketball
62 Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

This should definitely be in the top 10. Talk about debate on one topic!

This is a big rivalry were you can't tell the difference sometimes were lionel Messi has won 4 ballon de ore and cristano Ronaldo 3 this is a hard competition were I think Messi is the superior one

Come on... Who plays football whithout knowing these two firecest rivals.. Messi always beats him up in every game but.. Dude it is the best rivalry along with Barcelona Vs Real Madrid!

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63 Bayern M√ľnchen vs Borussia Dortmund

The giants in Germany1

64 Cardinals vs Cubs Baseball
65 AC Milan vs. Juventus

The greatest soccer (football) teams in Italy, Americans wouldn't know, I am an American and I know all they care About is baseball and football me and few others know about soccer. - FrankP

66 Cardiff City vs Swansea
67 Isiah Thomas vs Larry Bird
68 Springboks vs All Blacks

The greatest rugby union rivalry in the history of the sport! Spanning competition of a century, these two teams have settled as the number 1 and number 2 sides of all time, constantly replacing one another in the rankings and always keeping true to the spirit of rugby.

I am an all out All Blacks fan. Every time they play the Springboks though, I know it is going to be a match to remember.

69 Oklahoma vs Texas Football

Red River Rivalry

This is at 47? Idiots

70 Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys

This should be top ten easily biggest pro football rivalry

I don't see how this isn't number 1 We #HTTR fans Hate Dallas with a passion. I never been to a hame where a fight didn't break oit. I been in a few myself and

71 Geelong vs Hawthorn AFL

To any Geelong supporters who may read this- I'm a loyal Hawker, and you can say that hawthorn supporters take losses badly, but when we beat you 2013? All my Geelong supporter 'friends' were hiding under rocks. Make of that what you will

72 Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

Well, You have a guaranteed riot at north London twice a year when these two play...

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73 Indiana v. Purdue Basketball
74 Raiders vs. Steelers

Some of the best games in football history, and some hotly contested ones.Raider nation

No sports rivalry list is complete without the Oakland Raiders on it.

From Mel Blount pile-driving Cliff Branch headfirst into the dirt to George Atkinson popping Lynn Swann's skull open, these teams REALLY didn't like each other.

75 Australia v New Zealand Rugby

New Zealand just goes on there and beets Australia and Australia has only ever beaten New Zealand once or twice. I'm an all blacks fan

76 Warriors vs Cavaliers Basketball

Young rivalry, we'll see in 10 years what it looks like then.

77 Bengals v. Steelers Football V 1 Comment
78 Ateneo v. La Salle Basketball

And they meet in the Finals after 8 years. Go Ateneo, One Big Fight!

79 Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians IPL Cricket

Yeah, it's just overrated - Animefan12

80 LeBron James vs Steph Curry

These two teams are now playing each other in the finals for a second time in a row. I'm a native of Montreal so I guess when it comes down to it I always go with the raptors, but my favourites in the west are probably the Warriors. I don't even care if they're good, I just like watching Steph Curry make impossible 3s. The two best players in the league are very fun to watch. With the cavs you've got Lebron with a supporting cast of Irving and Love, while you have the Warriors, with Curry and his cast of Thompson and Green. I know they might not be the fiercest rivals but I think they soon will be.

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