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81 Showdown (Adelaide vs Port Adelaide) - AFL

Best rivalry in the afl

82 Stanford vs Cal

Why the HELL isn't this rivalry WAY up there?

83 Club America vs. Chivas de Guadalajara FMF

Dates back to 1943. Fans from each team are one of the most loyal you'll see for any team. They love their team and hate the other team with a passion. Each match up causes several riots in Mexico and in Hispanic communities in the US.

84 Brumbies vs Waratahs

Always a buzz when they play... brumbies team originally made of rejects who wernt good enough to play for the waratahs, brumbies win nearly every time

85 Broncos vs. Chiefs Football

You can't be a fan of both. They can't handle each other.

86 Detroit Pistons vs Chicago Bulls
87 Steelers v. Eagles Football
88 Georgia vs. Florida Football

Such a rivalry I don't even believe it sometimes You should watch one of their games. They are so physical and aggressive when they play each other. When they play you know that they are really fighting for it. Literally!

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89 Perspolis vs. Esteghlal
90 Canada vs Russia Hockey
91 James Hunt vs Niki Lauda
92 BYU vs Utah Football

This game has turned family against each other, it has caused good lds members to turn to violence. it runs deep in Utah. With no nfl team, the "holy war" has made this state draw a line red or blue. This game every year it's played crests a fog over the beehive state. Wondering praying arguing on who will get the bragging rights.

How is this #95? This is probably the fifth best rivalry in college football!

93 Persib Bandung vs Persija Jakarta
94 Slovakia vs Czech Republic Ice Hockey
95 Boca Juniors v River Plate
96 Kansas State vs Kansas
97 Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers
98 Minnesota vs Wisconsin Football

The most underrated sports rivalry ever!.

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99 Mexico vs. Puerto Rico Boxing
100 Cali Smoed vs Brandon All Stars
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