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121 USC vs UCLA Football V 2 Comments
122 Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James
123 Phil Taylor vs Raymond Van Barneveld
124 Canterbury vs Wellington Rugby
125 Kansas State vs Kansas
126 Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers
127 LA Clippers vs LA Lakers
128 Dominican Republic vs. Puerto Rico Baseball

Top two Latin baseball countries, D.R. with. 19 and Puerto Rico with 14 Caribbean championships.

129 Jeff Gordon vs Brad Keselowski
130 Cali Smoed vs Brandon All Stars
131 Boston College vs Boston University
132 Michigan vs Michigan State
133 Ravens vs Steelers Football
134 St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers
135 Ateneo De Manila Univ. vs De La Salle Univ. UAAP Women's Volleyball

This rivalry will not stop since this started and has been going around for about so many seasons and years back... Even with la salle winning over other schools for their other championships, it is against ateneo that the matches become the most intense and the most watched, followed, heavily cheered and screamed at and patronized/supported by each teams' die hard and ecstatic fans and supporters... The last 4 championship meetings all tugging millions of watchers live and on T.V. that never has happened in any other previous collegiate games and perhaps even in any other philippine sport... Making uaap women's volleyball now next to phil. basketball assoc'n. matches and manny pacquiao's fights in fame and followings in philippine sports... And this will even go on for more years to come... This rivalry will become more and more intense with both schools really seriously taking all means to fortify and solidify team core membership and skills and conditioning trainings and building ...more

The 2 titans of collegiate women's volleyball of the universities athletics association of the Philippines... They always meet in finals and has lately been the most watched and followed sports games for these 2 teams... They always fill the arena/stadium to rafters plus millions on T.V. & even in contest for viewership with pba (philippine basketball assoc. ) games... These 2 teams made volleyball so famous and liked that players enjoyed superstar status even as they are only student athletes... !

136 Boca Juniors vs River Plate soccer
137 Raiders vs 49ers
138 Chelsea vs. Arsenal
139 Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles Football

Best college football rivalry of all time come on

140 Puerto Rico vs. Mexico Boxing

Two of the largest Hispanic groups in the USA competing in boxing. HBO loves to get us to fight one another for the money and large viewing. I myself am Puerto Rican so I pick us but Mexico has great fighters and are fantastic at the art of boxing.

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