Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona


Truly, the El Clasico is the biggest event in club team Football, they have always the best players in their team (for ex. At the time Leo Messi is at Barca and C. Ronaldo at Real) - MatrixGuy

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona is known world wide. Then there is Messi Vs Ronaldo who are the 2 best players in the competition right now! Ask anyone that is from somewhere in Asia or South America they wouldn't have a clue what your talking about!

The rivalry between these two teams is the most well known around the world in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, when they play against each other it's a worldwide event, this is definitely the most famous rivalry in the world.

Ask anyone about Yankees Vs Red sox in Asia or South America they wouldn't have a clue about what your talking about! Ask them anyone about El Classico and they will understand what you are talking about!

Barcelona & Real Madrid, 2 greatest teams in soccer history and the most fierce rivalry ever in Soccer!

Manchester united into one to be the very best that no one ever was tin tin tin to catch is my dream

Just experience this match once and you'll regret voting for other options around here

El Classico. Number 1 isn't even the biggest in its sport being Michigan vs Ohio State.

The Best Rivalry In The Universe. Even Aliens Come To watch This.

I would never miss this match ever and go real madrid

Real Madrid vs Neymar, Barcelona vs Ronaldo

Biggest rivalry that sport has ever seen

This is best rivalries on the planet

Vamos Barcelona vamos Barcelona

Neymar vs bale Ronaldo vs messi

A rivalry between two religions and political views

El clasico is November 21, 2015 and whoever don't this this is biggest rivals just go and watch the game. See the environment around the stadium and vote for this.

It's the biggest rivalry no questions asked El clasico is the biggest one were I personally think Barcelona dominates

Yankees vs Red Sox may be the biggest in the US but in the world there is only one ( FCBarcelona vs Real Madrid )...

If it's the second most watched sorting event in the world(second to the world cup) how is it not the best?

El classico the best and fiercest rivalry... Leo Messi the best! And Barca Rule

Too bad soccer is the most boring sport of all time

They r the most watched rivals in the world. I think de should b at #1 position...

There is no other better rivals then this two. Just keep and Barca rules.

El clasico is the clash of two different philosophies, two different religions, and in a way, two different countries. Their rivalry was set by the Spanish civil war and ever since, Barcelona has vying for independence on the football field. Political ties add that backdrop to the rivalry that no other rivalry has. The fans will always hate each other, going to extreme lengths to express that hate. It is not Real Madrid vs Fc Barcelona, it is Spain vs Catalonia, the spaniards vs the cules, Spanish language vs Catalan Language, it is most definitely the biggest rivalry in world sport.