Yankees v. Red Sox Baseball


The most intense rivalry the world. The 2003 and 2004 ALCS just defines it. the curse of the bambino. The Red Sox trading the best player in baseball history to the Yankees that would put a curse on the for 86 years. The intense brawls in the 1970s, then more brawls in the early 2000s in an overall peaceful sport. An 80 year old pitching coach being thrown down by a pitcher. in 2003 the walk off homerun in Game 7, Bottom of the 11th that would send the Yankees to the world series. Then the next year in 2004, after the Yankees took a 3-0 series lead, the Red Sox won 4 strait to go to the world series and reverse the curse. Games with some of the best, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguesz, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez. There is no question that this is the best rivalry in all of sports. Case closed.

So many classic moments. Can't wait for the sox to take the AL East this year!

This rivalry just has such a big cultural impact that it has to take the top spot on the list.

I agree without a doubt! Cubs and Cardinals are right behind them in major league baseball

I remember this year when the Yankees and Red Sox were playing, there were 19 innings. - EpicJake

Have you seen the two teams play each other it is a live or die game. Yankees rock.

The end all be all of baseball fights and outbreaks, it's the Yanks and Red Sox.

Its been the biggest rivalry for over 100 years now and it still is

It's been political and have caused many fights over the years

At least in the US, even non sports fans know of this rivalry.

They have hatred throughout the people

I don't know why but Boston's sports teams have some of the most intense rivalries, but Yankees vs. Red Sox takes the cake. I can't say I've ever known a fan of one who doesn't hate fans of the other.

I despise both these teams, but this rivalry is ' FIERCE. Seriously. It just is. Yeah.

The Yankees - Red Sox rivalry is nowhere near as big a rivalry as El Clasico (Real Madrid vs Barcelona). The fact that this is even considered the biggest rivalry on this list is frankly embarrassing

Red Sox fan from Boston...WORLD CHAMPS BABY! I think that Barcelona vs real Madrid is more fierce because it's deeper than a inter-city rivalry, but otherwise this is #1 in the western hemisphere!

Best rivalry, best chants: Yankees Suck! 1918!

Sox are clobbering the Yankees right now

They played 19 innings before!
By the way the Red Sox won! I even like the Red Sox better

No duh this is the biggest rivalry what the hell! Real Madrid and Barcelona my butt crack! That's nothing compared to this, pssshhh ask a person in Qatar who the Red Sox or Yankees are, bullcrap! Kiss my butt! The people in Qatar don't no good sports all they have are soccer/ football, u don't even do football right! Football is a contact sport unlike ''soccer''.