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21 Bengali

Bengali is really sweeter than any other language in the world!

Who dare to rank bengali like this. whoever it is he or she is mentally retired

Bengali is the most romantic language I ever hreard.

I m proud to be Bengali.

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22 Telugu

It is one of the most sweetest language the world ever had. The vowels sounds so sweet.. All most all the words will end with vowels which gives the language to be sweet..

In English word puke is vulgar slang for vomit but in telugu is the biggest swear word. Meaning in some words (not bad words) of other lauguages are used as swear words in telugu. It means our language is so decent that even our swear words are so gentle for all the other languages.

It is language of soul. It is easy to connect through its purity. Telugu is the best for ever. It is the one of the language having more letters-56. Poetry in telugu has its own passion of expressing. It is only language having most grammatical rules, which makes easy to understand the language. - frozen-993

Sweet language. Every word ends with a vowel and the grammar is simply superb

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23 Turkish

When Turkish Guys speak.. Girls hearts melt. I wish I could get a Turkish hot Guy.

One of the most romantic. Music for my ears

24? Oh my god you think only romance languages can be romantic?

If you want to know how romantic Turkish language is,listen to some turkish music,the lyrics,feeling that are in turkish music you can not find in any other language...

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24 Polish

The language of the Poles is quite literally a melting pot as it comprises the Baltic, Germanic and Romance language groups. It is this combination that gives it the quality of complete beauty. To a trained ear, the Polish tongue has sweet echoes and clean, crisp sounds that role off the tongue into a kind of cauldron of passionate diction.

You can express everything in Polish either in simple words or in very complicated long phrases. Thanks to its inflectional character, the long exuberant phrases are still understandable. And the nasal sounds do their job.

It's simply a West Slavic language with a touch of Baltic, Germanic, and Romance languages here and there. We're one of the few languages in Europe to still have nasal vowels. Although it may not be Most Romantic, it DEFINITELY should be higher on the list.

It's very interesting and phonetic

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25 Chinese

Once of the oldest language, it's rich in history and when you learn the culture, you will love and appreciate this beautiful language.

It's actually a very sentiment language with lots of literature. No wonder why its subject bases on writing knowledge and literature than grammar, and the westerners find it so hard. - MChkflaguard_Yt

As a native mandarin speaker, I'm more than proud of my language. Considering its cultural richness, I would say it's more than just a language, it's a book of history.

Peking Opera, Chinese Minority Folk Song or Modern Mandopop/Cantopop/Hokkien Pop? Yes, all of the above because I truly learned a lot 12 years ago! - VNTMFans

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26 Hungarian

Hungarian is a very romantic language. Most beautiful ever!

27 Finnish
28 Old English
29 Basque

It's a very old language with no lingustic family and historically it has influence the Spanish language.

30 Vietnamese

Unlike other languages, Vietnamese has 6 tons. Therefore, every sentence is produced, especially by the people from Hanoi - capital of Viet Nam, is completely as beautiful as a song.
Vietnamese grammar is really flexible but sophisticated, for example, in one sentence, if you change its word position, you may have different meaning. The diversity of personal pronoun also contributes to the uniqueness of language, when choosing pronouns to use, you indicate your attitude to your counterpart in communication : love, hate, angry, despicable, privilege, power, status...

Its unbelievable richness in vocabulary and sounds make it super attractive!

Songs, Poets, and any art forms...Yes! This language is absolutely colorful & stunning. - VNTMFans

6 different intonations, a variety of means to depict the extent of a word (e. G, roughly 11 ways to vary the extent of darkness), Vietnamese is a diamond in the the world's spoken language heritage.

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31 Tamil

I feel that, Tamil is the best Romantic Language of all above Romantic Languages

As a Tamalian, although I have a right to personally like my own language.
But being born in England meant that Tamil was my second language.
This language is the best!

Most phonetic language with more sweetest words absolutely amazing language

Tamil has been there more than 6000 years.

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32 Bulgarian
33 Dutch

It offends me deeply when Dutch is labelled a harsh or abrupt tongue, for this is not the case. When spoken with the appropriate rhythmic precision, this West-Germanic language echoes to high heaven.

Dutch is beautiful when the pronounciation is good. You have a lot of differences between all Dutch dialects.

34 Urdu

The most romantic and sweetest language of the world I wish I knew how to speak urdu and had the accent

Amazing language better language in Asia - sharjeeltariq

The most sweetest language of the world!

What, ermygash, Urdu is number 34 are you guys ok.. To all voting for Hindi (indians) maybe look again at your bollywood industry, your love songs are nothing without Urdu and Urdu poetry. Urdu should be in the top 10 no point Urdu being on here if its gonna end up being so low lol what the hell

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35 Yoruba

I believe that Yoruba is the one of the most beautiful language in the world,you need to really understand it before one can get the real sense of it.

36 Native American

Ever heard a Native American speak in their language? Well you should.

37 Sicilian
38 Punjabi

Punjabi Is one most romantic languages where you can express your feelings in a lot of different ways. If you want to communicate passionately and appropriately there would hardly be any language which wold be better then Punjabi only if articulated properly..!

I know Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English and Korean but as my experiences romantic more words in Urdu as compare to among language I know

Sweet or we can say the sweetest one.

Punjabi language has given the most beautiful love stories ever. The prominent ones like heer ranjha, sohni mahinwal, sassi punnu, and Mirza sahiba are few of them. Peppy romantic Punjabi numbers has taken Bollywood with storm.

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39 Lithuanian

The last of the classics. The soft enchantments of this tongue are matched by no other. Crisp consonants and sweet vowels mark this language and it is sad that it is on the decline and so often confused with other slavic dialects. Nevertheless, as long as I am able to hear these melodies I will remain satisfied.

Very beautiful and good sounding language

Really old Indo-European language from baltic group, Shame that is often mistaken with slavic.

40 Malayalam

Official Language in Indian State of Kerala. The land of romance

The most romantic language.. :)
I don't think you will get the feeling of saying 'Njan ninne premikkunnu penne.. ! ' in any other language...

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