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41 Marathi V 1 Comment
42 Kannada

Historically, many people who don't know Kannada have strived to learn it & further have involved in literary works. There are many such litterateurs in Kannada whose Mother tongues are German (Ferdinand Kittle), Tamil, Telugu, Urdu etc. That should say a lot about the beauty & attractiveness & as for the topic, the Romance of the Kannada Language. The sound created by the words is Pleasant & fresh.

I strongly believe kannada is the sweetest of all the languages...

And most oldest spoken language in the world.

It's impossible to say the feel in words. One of the most respective and lovable language in the world.

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43 Welsh

My girlfriend likes it when I say romantic things to her in welsh, and she's English so.. ;) and it's sadly rarely spoken, even in Wales.. More people SHOULD speak it, but I've heard it's a very difficult language to learn.

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44 Latvian

Because of variety of intonations, long and short vowels, soft and rough consonants, Latvian is very melodious language. Even talking small daily things you get impression that your partner is singing.

45 Sinhala

This language has history of 3000 years. It reads as it write. It can write virtually
All the sounds in other languages have. The best proof for it's flexibility, some words can be read as upside down. What's more.

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46 Hebrew V 1 Comment
47 Indonesian

Actually, I didn't trust with this voting. It's just about, how many people who know or use that language. LOL.

Indonesian have so much words that English or other languages don't have the meanings...
Besides, so many accent n' style in Indonesian language
And trust me... It's more complicated than any languages I've ever learn

Its simple but also complicated

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48 Catalan

I simply think it can sound romantic, it's warm and full of smooth sounds, but keeping a few harsh sounds.

It's just romantic, just go and listen to some love songs in catalan, I strongly recommend "Paraules d'amor" (love words)

49 Nepali

Indeed Nepali language is the most romantic language.

Nepali is such a beautiful language.
I love the way nepali people speaking. It's awesome.

50 Cebuano
51 Hmong
52 Swahili

I personally like Swahili too much. Some flavour is there.

SWAHILI is easy to learn; all verbs conjugate exactly the same!
Asante sana!

One of the most widely spoken languages in Africa. Mainly used in Eastern Africa. Swahili is a language that cane as a result of The Trans Saharan trade. The intermingling of Arab traders and the Bantus at the coast of Eastern Africa. It borrows heavily from Arab, Mijikenda, Kikuyu and Akamba. It'sa national language in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Other contries in Africa speak thisand others. Language including, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, parts of Sudan, Somalia

53 Thai

Thai is very sexy language

Cute! ><

54 Icelandic

Icelandic keeps the harshness found in Scandinavian languages, but adds to it a sweet, light, and melodic sound.

55 Irish

Absolutely love the Irish language! My boyfriend, (soon to be fiance) is an Irish immigrant, and he says "I love you." To me all the time in Irish, and honest to the holy mother of God, it's a huge turn on. I just love Irish.

Such a hard language to learn, but that helps in the beauty of the language - jackkelly

It's such a beautiful, melodic language. Very, very underrated.

56 Serbian

One of the most unique Slavic languages with many Latin, Greek, Turkish/Arabic, German, Italian and Illyrian influences! Similiar (virtually same) to Croatian, "Bosnian", "Montengrin", used to be called Serbo-Croatian before the Yugoslav wars. The language has a passion to it and very loving and the long hard and ancient history of the Serbs is evident in the language! All the better for love!

Slavic Italian

57 Albanian

For me is the second best sounding language in the world sounds so romantic

58 Pashto

When it comes to praise, beauty and romance in poems. No other language could compete pashto, but it didn't get much attention globally. I love pashto and it is one of the most romantic language, without a doubt.

This is one of the most beautiful language that I have come across as an linguist expert. Very sweet language and has many words that are not found in any other language.

Pashto is one of the romantic language of the world. It has bountiful poetry.

So many ways of saying I love you. - ThatOneDude

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59 Croatian

Sounds gorgeous easy to learn

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60 Memoni

My name is Ammar an I am a Memon and I realized memni is the most romantic language love you all

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