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1 New Zealand

New Zealand thrashed Ireland in the quarter finals at RWC 2019. I don't know what the Irish have been sniffing lately thinking that Ireland are the best.
New Zealand are the best and their current team will make sure they will be placed number 1

Not even close. The northern hemisphere teams will once again get served some humble pie from the south at the world cup

I love nz team! It doesn't matter win or lose still number one in my heart! Love you all New Zealand team!

Ireland number 1?! You must be joking - when was the last time they won anything.
New Zealand's winning percentage against all opponents is 77%, compared to the South Africa the next best at 65% and Ireland 44%.
For the credibility of this website, take Ireland down!

2 Ireland

All blacks are brilliant and I respect that but they should not be number one. Ireland are absolutely the best team on earth for the reason is that they are getting better with each match they play. This is a fact that nobody can deny. To any kiwis out there, you must accept the fact that you are not the best team in the world. Of course it is ok to support your national team but Ireland are going to get first place in the world and on this website...COME ON THE BOYS IN GREEN!

Over the last few years Ireland have been consistent throughout the 6 nations. They will be going through a transitional period over the next few years losing some keys players but I think they have strength in depth

Ire land is my hometown and they rock! I'm a fan of New Zealand but Ireland will always be my favorite!

How much times have Ireland won the world cup? None sure they lasted 70mins against New Zealand but New Zealand still won from 3-24 to win 25-24 (depends on what match your talking about) and any way they haven't even reached the semis Ireland is good at playing rugby and I respect them but I don't think they would beat New Zealand maybe a few years later but they don't deserve number 1

3 England

These comments are just hilarious. Even though England beat NZ (suck on that) NZ are hands down the best team purely down to consistency. England are defintely second though!

England is crap. nz will win because they just beat south africa 23-13

England should be number 1. New Zealand will not win the world cup.

England are dirty players who should be band from rugby altogether. If your captain is a thug, I'm not saying all of them are but about 90% of the national team are scumbags.

4 Wales

We did come number 4 in the world cup. So I think we should be at least 4. Also we have got a young team. I think the next world rugby cup we will be at least all the northern teams.

Also we bet England, Scotland and a lot more countries in the world cup
So come on, vote for wales

Wales should be in 4 because only sth Africa New Zealand and Australia are better than them and Wales beat England in the 2012 6 nations in fact they won the grand slam

They won England so Wales must be third and I'm from England and I say Wales is better Zealand

We did come 4 in the world cup, so I think with more practicing the young team Wales has we should beat England and other countries and with a bit of luck New Zealand

5 South Africa

SA best team ever we should have won against them when it was a draw barett kicked the ball 2 metres when he take penalty we number 1 not 5 we will win RWCJAPAN2019

If you look at South Africa They are the most successful team in the world cup with only 3 losses and only 3 years after their sports boycott ended they won the world cup. And why is Canada even in the top 10 I would rather prefer USA over Canada

Ireland play like the sissy leprechauns they are! New Zealand are a bunch of people who have tatoos to make them look tough cause they are wusses! I watched Braveheart and he said " We fight for freedom ", yeh, with a rugby team like that, heck no, Scotland suck. On the other hand, SA is a team of people who can actually play Rugby. France sucks, they should go back to making crossiants.

You ratings are crap and inaccurate. South Africa should be 1, then New Zealand and Australia is a team of wimps (eg. Matt Giteu) and shouldn't be in the top 10000.

6 Australia

How the hell is England, Scotland and CANADA infront of the wallabies? thats just ridicuouss.

Canada = 0 world cup wins
England = 1 world cup win
Scotland = 0 world cup wins
South Africa = 2 world cup wins(Tied best team)
New Zealand = 1 world cup win
Ireland = 0 world cup wins


Hahahahah this is absolutley RIDICULOUS! How is Canada above us? And how is Ireland number one?! Ireland are terrible! This is outragous!

The best team us here. Australia is the best team in the world besides New Zealand who are really the best I'm aussie

7 Scotland

Scotland forever mark my words we will be number 1 soon

scotland are getting better by the day
before you know it we'll be #1

Going to beat Australia with no biased refs and we’re going to win the World Cup

Go scotland! Son we 'll gave beaten New Zealand

8 Argentina

A fantastic team and by far the best America has to offer

The Pumas are currently number 4 at the official ranking.

Yes the Pumas are getting a lot better thru the years, I think they deserved to be on the top 10 I'll say they are on top of France. They are the number 8 in the worl!

The fourth great just behind NZ, South Africa and Australia

9 France
10 Italy

This is wrong canada is not number 10 italy is not here south africa is number 3 not 6 honestly this website is wrong I'm a massive fan of rugby union and sevens this is obviously this is complete rubbish

Honestly people Ireland is the best well 2nd best

This team should be in Canada's spot. They beat Ireland and France in 2013

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11 Canada

I agree Canada should not be in the top ten, but they should be in the top 15. In the world rankings, they are above the USA.

Do they play rugby

Is the best rugby country is america

12 Fiji

Best pacific islands team of all time. Some of the greatest players ever. Should be at least in the topten.

Fiji should def be in top...the world knows fiji for rugby

Fiji is known in the world for rugby

Their the kings of sevens, they should surly be in the top 10 for suree.

13 Japan

I really thought Japan would be a lot higher in the rankings. They made it to the quarter final. Four teams I see in front of Japan they didn't make it.

Japan beat Ireland so they should be in 7th

New Zealand is better than japan. Nah Japan is the best team in the world kids

14 Romania
15 Georgia

Atm we are 14th in ranking, so lets be fair

I don't go for Georgia but they are better than this!

best team

16 Malaysia

uhh what

17 Tonga

At least we are on top of samoa...

Beasts, they should be higher

How come Tonga is behind Zimbawe and Poland,with all due respect to these two nations?
Ps:i'm not grom Tonga

18 Switzerland
19 India

Indian is trying is ways hard to get into the world rugby format. Army India is the best team of India.

20 Zimbabwe

At least 2nd in Africa
In my opinion they are 5th in the world
How is Zimbabwe behind South Africa?
Ahead of Zimbabwe are New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga
They are all pacific islands.

21 Netherlands
22 Kenya

Kenya is one of the best

23 Spain
24 Namibia Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It has the second lowest population density in the world. The capital city is Windhoek. It shares borders with Angola to the North, South Africa to the South and Botswana to the east. more.
25 Samoa

Love them and all but they need to step up and do better

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