Top Ten Scariest Fictional Monsters

Your worst nightmares, things that kept you awake at night, here are the ones that freak me out (feel free to add your own oogely boogely things)

The Top Ten

1 Donnie Pfaster from The X-Files

I don't care about that damn x-file but the monster really freak me...!

I'm not a fan of the x-files but the damn monster freaks me out! - ResidentEvil54life

If no one knows who she is watch it but it will freak you out! - JohnnyBoy65

Zombies HAVE to be on here somewhere idc what number just somewhere, they are the scariest creatures ever, they eat you alive! I'm talking like Dawn of the Dead zombies, the runners you know? You have to admit the are hella scary!

2 Slender Man

Slenderman was actually a nice spirit in mythology, he was a ghost that would take people to the underworld early instead of leaving them to have a painful death, picture this, when you see a picture in the woods with slenderman in the background, picture that the victim was about to be attacked by a wild animal, but slenderman gave him a less painful death by killing them early and quickly, and then someone changed it to a hideous, horrifying beast that stalks people just to kill them,

If you see him you will live in paranoia for weeks. He will be there every time you turn your back. He'll get closer and closer. He will follow you home. He will enter your room. You will finally make a last dash for escape but it is futile. He will get you. When he does he impales you on a tree and lets you take hours, possibly days to die.

Marble Hornets for the win! Most stuff like that doesn't scare me, but the Slender man did. Laugh out loud... Felt kinda lame though for being scared of something I know isn't real. :) still... Scary as all get out, and glad it isn't real! - Kazzong

Slender man is some pretty creepy stuff, although the videos aren't of the best quality, they are still pretty chilling. I'm just waiting for a legitimate movie about him, then I'll be happy.

3 Freddy Krueger Fred "Freddy" Krueger is the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. He first appeared in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

For nightmare on elm street, the makeup on Freddy Krueger's face is made out of pizza crust if that makes you feel better after watching it

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I keep freakin' out all because of this creepy guy. Goodness help me I hope I get over it. - Oreanta

I remember trying to sleep after watching any Nightmare on Elm Street and it was impossible. - BKAllmighty

if only he will haunt all villain to their death...they'll surely beg for help.kjgt

4 Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

I tried this for a dare. Nothing happened, but OH MY GOSH I was OUT!

she is so scary and now I don't look in the mirror at night anymore!

ahhhhhhh!!!! not her again!!! she scared the snot out of me!!! i was crying with horor by the end of the movie. i made my boyfriend stay up until i went to sleep!!!!

Bloody Mary was actually just Queen Elizabeth's older sister. She was catholic and wanted a child, so she took people and she killed them as an offering. Once she died Queen Elizabeth became the next queen.

5 Jason Voorhees Jason Voorhees is a character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th as the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs. Voorhees.

Jason is so brutal and his way of killing is gross.. Since I saw one of his film when I was a kid I don't want to watch friday the 13th alone..

That creepy way he just looks at his victims then slices em up without a word is eerie

Although Hes Creepy Is Mom Is One Ugly Sucker - doughnut

He should be number one

6 Michael Myers Michael Myers is a character from the Halloween series of slasher films. He first appears in John Carpenter's Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, then fifteen years later returns home to murder more teenagers. more.

What makes him scary is the fact that someone like him could actually exist. Its so chilling that he murdered his own sister when he was only about 7 years old, just because she had a boyfriend, and in later years would attempt to kill his whole family!

I can't go to sleep without thinking: "What if he's here? " And at school, I swear, I hallucinated once, seeing him behind a car. I couldn't move. I almost went insane myself the first few times I watched it. I still, being the middle of spring, look outside thinking, "Is he there? " and half expecting him to be there.

A few days b4 halloween, I put on a Michael Myers mask and scared my little brother and mom and made them scream for a whole minute. - Razor79

Because... Michael could...really exist!

7 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Holy crap... When I first saw the picture and was told the story... I couldn't sleep for months... His FACE is what's scary though...

I agree. His face is all that's scary. My friend freaks out whenever he sees his face.

A scary psychotic man who should fight freddy Krueger!

His face is what's scary...

8 Cthulhu Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", published in the American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, the creature has since been more.

How the hell is this not first? It's a Godzilla sized monster in the ocean that looks like a squid. How is Hannibal higher? - ViitalShadow

There's this series of anime on YouTube called "Sightings of Cthulhu in (CITY NAME), a great anime, - TeamRocket747

Just play Skyrim: Dragonborn and you'll come to fear him.

How is jeff the killer higher? Cthulu is a godzilla sized beast with a head the shape of an octopus, wings, magic, and the fact that he feasts on nightmares is the scariest part about him.

9 Chucky from Child's Play

Here's a creepy story about this horror:
I was doing my school spellings for homework one night and I stopped for a moment to ask my mom "what is the worst toy ever? " And she said "a Chucky doll" and I said "what the heck is that? " And she said "it kills people". That night I couldn't sleep and was only 10 years old then. Good thing I have gotten over it now :).

This is very creepy but creepy good it's a good movie to watch on halloween

I used to have nightmares about this guy when I was a kid

I don't like chucky because "the curse of chucky" is ssoo boring
So idon't like chucky -_- - damia

10 IT aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown aka Bob Gray

Yo stoshie dude, when you said Eater of Worlds I immediately thought of Terraria. Thanks for reminding me of such a good video game!

because of this film... i'm scared of clowns and i'm aracnophobic... well i did see it when i was about 7, but still... im terrified of it - Jeheffiner

Oooft....IT was the cause of many a nightmare for myself and my friends when we were young. We still get freaked out by it now!

The eater of worlds... He caused me many a sleepless night when I was younger - Stoshie

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? Flowey Flowey is a flower in the RPG Undertale. He is the first character you meet, and also your best friend.

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11 Tooms From The X-Files

This guy Is the soul reason why I'm terrified of slender man. Just, the way his arms stretch and.. Gives me the heeby jeebies!

12 Alien

Lets see... creepy face-hugger which looks like an angry spider / vagina attaches itself to your face and lays an egg in your chest. This little fella then enters the world... through the hole it just burst through your chest. This then develops into the ultimate killing machine. Massive spear on its tail, razor sharp claws, razor sharp teeth PLUS a second retractable mouth inside its mouth, also with razor sharp teeth. Oh yes, concentrated acid for blood. Nough said. - GhostDarkon

Definitely should be at least in the Top 3. The Alien creature became iconic and very memorable fictional monster. Not to mention scary as hell - Irina2932

The Alien from Alien was truly terrifying. - vmacmil-1

many a night was spent staying up, after watching this film. just thinking of that tounge and the sharp teeth.

13 The Boogeyman - Stephen King Adaption

This guy is scary

EW when he killed all those kids FREAKOUT - Stoshie

14 Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill Movie

Obviously a cruel, vicious, terrifyingly awesome example of monster-ness. While I don't get nightmares from movies, if I did, they would probably be all about Pyramid Head. Ripping the girl's dress and skin off is just one example of what brings him well up to the top of the list of scariest monsters. Who wants to be skinned that easily?

Go look up a video of this guy somewhere, he is ridiculously creepy/scary. I think that he is brutal and should definitely be number one. He's about as scary as it gets for fictional monsters.

i have just been on the silent hill site this very instant and he was scary!!!!

nevermore so than the scene where he rips the girl's dress and then skin off. - aman28

15 The Dead Girl - The Grudge

The Grudge is my opinion one of the scariest movies ever. THe way the dead girl spyders down the stairs or just her revolting face is disturbing.

The grudge is the scariest monster why the hell is it 20th it should be first seriously it has the scariest face in history plus it's extremely creepy how the way it crawls and it's eyes give me the NIGHTMARES

The grudge gives me the nightmares. That creepy face freaks me out and the way she crawls make me scream. I'm telling you if the dead girl was a real monster that existed right now I would wanna suicide.

I didn't sleep for ages after watching this EW - Bec

16 Dr. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a character in a series of suspense novels by Thomas Harris. Lecter was introduced in the 1981 thriller novel Red Dragon as a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.

Silence of the Lambs is a great movie, one of the best, not very graphic just very psychologically scary how Hannibal gets into your head. Its Genius


No, I disagree. I don't even find the movie that scary... It really is just something to make you think. Even though the fact exists that I might get eaten in my sleep or that he'll tell me to rip my face off like in Hannibal... Brouhaha.
Wait, so this means I found the movie scary right? Yeah, I think so. Continuing along with my daily grind.

Lecter just needs a hug. lol.
p. s. I want that mask. - fireinside96

17 Annabell

Annabelle reminds me of chucky a possesed doll that takes over your lives.

Freaked me out the third time

The girl from the movie - 1tangjam

18 The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth

I just recently watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time, and the Pale Man is the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life. What makes it even creepier is that it is so scary without being very gruesome in the scene it's depicted in. There is almost no blood shown, but the Pale Man himself is creepier than any movies I've ever seen with blood and gore.

The pictures on the wall of him impaling a children with swords... and then when he wakes up and sees with his hands oh no...

He has eyeballs in his hands and he impales children with swords. Yeah, Freddy Krueger who?

His scene alone was scarier than the entire Conjuring, the Exorcist, or Paranormal Activity in my opinion - ShuhBanggg

19 The Baskerville Hounds from Sherlock Holmes
20 Black Eyed Children (aka B.E.K's)

These things are real and real scary, too


21 Two-Face

How bitches be in school

22 The Zombies from The Night of the Living Dead

I could defend myself from the zombies

23 Leather Face - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Should be in top 3 I mean WHATS scarier than a huge, inbred, mask made of human flesh wearing, mentally retarded, psychotic, chainsaw weilding, cannibal?! Okay maybe spiders but LEATHERFACE is the scariest thing besides spiders. Even creepier LEATHERFACE WAS REAL (look up Ed Gein). So be careful taking a wrong turn in the southern outback you might just meet this guy and his equally psychotic inbred family. Same applies to West Virginia

If I saw this guy this is what I would do:

I would look at him and laugh because he's sorta a loser.
Then, I would run.
When I got home, I would call the cops on him
If he killed me, I'd watch him from Heaven and watch people be killed. Sorry guys. - maddyparrot22

Scary inbred, cannibalistic, skin wearing psycho! The scariest person since 1974. So be careful taking a wrong turn, you might wind up meeting this guy and his equally inbred, psychotic family

SCARY don't know why but just is!

24 Weeping Angels from Doctor Who

I myself think the cybermen are more scary, especially how they turn people into heartless machines. But, I think that the weeping angels are the best doctor who villain in my opinion and so far for me, every episode with them is a good one.

It gives you a real fright when the character blinks and its right up in your face.

I wasn't afraid of the dark before I knew of the Weeping Angels... I mean, before I was like, "why should stuff be more scary when it's dark? " then I saw this episode...

My mom cried. It was so funny! But they are just creepy in Time of the Angels when Amy is in the ship and the weeping angel moves even though it is a recording! But the Angels were ruined in Flesh and Stone when you see them move. - Tyler2436

25 Zombie
26 Count Dracula

An original form from vampire or A leader of vampire

27 The Rapist Guy from The Hills Have Eyes

he is definately the most scariest of them all.

I was so scared I was in tears - Stoshie

He must've had warts on his penis, plus has herpies on his mouth.

28 The Car from "The Car"
29 The Rake CreepyPasta

The only thing other than slenderman that scares me on this list... should be higher

The rake has always been more scary than SlenderMan to me. I don't know what it is about the Rake but it just sends chills up my spine every time I look at it. The Rake should be much higher on the list.

I was couldn't sleep last night thinking of it unless someone was in kitchen or the living room.

When I saw a picture of the rake...well...lets just say that it gave me nightmares for weeks.

30 Frankenstein

Not Frankenstein (the scientist), but the monster itself. Victor Frankenstein was just insane scientist created a monster out of someone's body parts and it came to life. I don't know, this monster was the first monster that is ever lived next to Slenderman and Jason Vorhees. This should be number 1 as one of the most iconic characters in not only in monster's history but the whole pop culture's history next to Dracula.

31 Geegus - World Heroes
32 Dementors

They are meant to be a monster form of depression. Truly terrifying - JazzPunk

I might name my CHEVY this.

33 Mother Demon from DOOM 64
34 Gage Creed from Pet Sematary
35 Vampire

Vampires deserve to be on the first. They're my worst nightmare and it they existed, they would enslave humanity and treat them like livestock and farm them for blood and/or for turning them into vampires, much like in Seraph of the End anime and Owari no Seraph manga series. I'm glad they're pure fictional instead of real. - DinoLover4242

I can vampires frighten me? Marceline from adventure time is a vampire queen and... my fictional love

Must be a thirsty human bat

Well,i didn't use to like them until 1 year ago... then I began to watch adventure time because of one of the characters,the vampire queen marceline abadeer. she isn't a monster.i know she has a big heart although it logically doesn't beat anymore. mine belongs to her.

36 The Mutants - I Am Legend

They are called darkseekers, and they are lead by one specific dark seeker who appears more than once throughout the movie

This movie was amazing and what really scared me was how vicious these creatures were. This movie never let you take a breather with all the jumping when you see the mutants gross face popping right out at you.

That movie is so scary at 12:00 at night in the basement, the screams get me everytime - camjammel

I am so scared of them

37 Necromorphs

Awesome - blackflower

38 Smile Dog from Creepypasta "Smile Dog" is a story about a cursed image file. The image shows a large German Shepard or Husky dog that is smiling.

That face...

I think he’s cute don’t ask questions

I saw a pic of him... * shudders *... He is... SCARY

39 Regan from The Exorcist

"She" was nothing more than a body that the devil possessed. Hence, when you talked to "her" you were talking to the devil!

Her demonic appearance is simply terrifying - murph

Can anyone please unexorcise Regan now!

40 Blade from The Puppet Master
41 The "Go to Sleep" Creepypasta Guy

Isn't he Jeff the Killer?

He is by far the Creepypasta which scared me the most, especially his haunting looks *Shudders*

It's the EYES that are freaky

That guy is so freaky

42 Voldemort from the Harry Potter Series Lord Voldemort is a fictional character and the central main antagonist in J. K. Rowling's series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997.

In harry potter sorceres(sp? ) stone if you read the part about harry meeting the dark cloaked figure(Voldy) in the woods drinking the unicorns blood in the middle of the night in complete silence and you picture it... it scared me I almost cried... but then I am a wuss

The books Voldemort used to scare the crap out of me... The movies Voldemort is a joke. Cruel.. Murderous... Savage... Had many nightmares featuring "You Know Who". The worst was in the 7th book where "You Know Who" turns up in Godric's Hollow and Harry Hermione jump out the window to escape him in the nick of time.
Spine-chilling... Brr...

His name means "flight of death" in french...

43 Xenomorph

It's a killing machine and I HATE parasites!

Dang it's scary.

How are they beaten by yautja

44 Herobrine

Uh, herobrine is NOT a thing to be afraid of.

Maybe so, but he crashed my friends game. Think about THAT - QuarterGuysApprentice

Herobrine isn't scary at all.

Where are you herobrine! Where r u? - damia

45 Leprechaun

Not a monster and that comment makes me angry just angry 😡 that was emough of that wanna tell ya I am Irish ☘️ and proud that is enough of that venting is not really that hard!

46 Arkus - Power Lords
47 Satan

Satan is scarier than all of these monsters, but he's not fictional. - ethanmeinster

1# he is not fictional he will go to hell when God ends the world. 2# he causes sin he is scary but he is not fictional

Get Satan off this list right now. Satan is not fictional and you should all be aware that you are offending Christians by posting this.

He's fictional, but he's not scary. In fact, I'm in a love affair with him. Love him - benhos

48 Norman Bates from Psyco Norman Bates is a character created by writer Robert Bloch as the main character in his novel Psycho, and portrayed by Anthony Perkins as the primary antagonist of the 1960 film of the same name directed by Alfred Hitchcock and its sequels.

Michael, I know who's bad. His name is Norman Bates. - booklover1

49 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

His 1954, 1984, and 2001 incarnations are scary as always!.

50 Predator from Predator The Predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, characterized by its trophy hunting of other species for sport.

To him, you are prey. He has no more feeling for you than a hunter has for a deer. He is smarter and more technologically advanced than you, and he will hunt you and kill you mercilessly for sport. He enjoys doing it, and the more of a challenge you give him, the more he likes it.

This thing will kill you without remorse in painfully BRUTAL ways, whether it be a bladed net that slowly cuts you up or blowing your head off with a plasma caster... Though I will say, it is comforting to know that they can be killed... But beings like slenderman can be avoided. Just don't go into the forest and tada! No slendy! Predators will hunt you anywhere!

Actually, this isn't my number one on this list, I'm just voting for the predator because they deserve a lot of attention. You're likely safe from a predator if you're not dangerous.

! When it takes off the mask it is as scary as hell! Can't even look at it. Bur

All I can say is thank God these things have honor.

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