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1 Skate.

Both Skate And Skate 2 Are Masterful - rjhype

the best there is only hard to do front flip

Very good game but getting up the stairs and down the stairs is very hard because you always have to find a way around because you can't walk in the game but its super awesome

This game was the least revolutionary of the series the character development was poor at best and the story was uninspiring and it didn't make me feel like a skaterboy at all

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2 Skate 2

skate is good but crap compared to skate 2 skate 2 should be up top the carer is the best

Played the demo. I own Skate 3 but this seems a bit more realistic with rag doll physics when you crash. And The colors are much more interesting. I plan to buy this in the near future

My god why this number 3 even such a good skateboarding game like this even being in number 3 is still makes me mad

Skate 2 the best just every thing about its good mucking around in security zones and secret spot to

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3 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

I have played every game in the top, but american wasteland is the best, and also Skate 3, they are really great, one of the facts that makes me think that this game is the best is the split screen mode that is really fun

becacse its a really good game and I like it your games are the best tony hawk cool

So much memories.. This game have everything skateboards, bmx lot of tricks places clothes! Etc's

It is a very good game

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4 Skate 3

Best game ever you can play as pro skaters and ride what they ride and you can play as your self and call them to skate with you pure awesomeness!

This game is realistic and has lots of pros in it. Great selection to customize the way you look. Controls are amazing to work with and the game has great features. Build your own skatepark. Customize street spots and what not. Its awesome. Paid $20 for it. - bakerman13

How this isn't in the top ten is a travesty. Skate 3 is superior to the first two games in every possible aspect!

It has the best grafics and game play.

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5 Tony Hawk's Underground

I know that the gameplay is no where as good as new games such as the skate franchise. But it was this game that made me want to become a skater! Doing all of the tricks was cool and made me want to be able to do them. However, it was the cut scenes and storyline that really made me want to become a skater. I completed the career mode and then soon after taught myself to ride along on a skateboard. But I thought it was too much hard work. Although around 6 months later I started playing tony hawks proving ground and I wanted to start skating really badly. So I got a skateboard and started to learn how to skate. Now I've been skating for 1 and a half years and have learned a lot of tricks and love skateboarding!

This game is awesome. I played it for about half a year and still barely got bored of it.

Favorite game not 10 and New Jersey completely open was awesome to skate around

I don't even have it

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6 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

My first favourite skateboarding game. This was the game that helped me fall in love in the genre.

this game is a classic, I love it, every time I play it it brings back all my childhood memories. - dragon13304

Come on what up with these people these days tony hawk games
Will all ways be better then skate series and games will never be real and skate series are good games but people what decide what they like but tony hawk pro skater will always be my favorite.

Still my favorite game of all time

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7 Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Best skateboarding game I have ever seen its rocks!

The story line was awesome best game of tony hawk series
Graphic was brilliant but bad thing is that we cannot make a skate park like thug and thug2


One of the best games ever

Tony hawk proving ground is better than skate 1 and skate 3

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8 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

This best number 1 games united 3

A really fun tony hawk game

By far the best in the series

9 Thrasher: Skate and Destroy

Thrasher was definitely a ground breaking game. Very fun. I could probably pick it up and still play it today.

A Skateboarding Sim before Skate, by far the best skateboarding game on the original PlayStation

This game is not better than any of the tony hawk games but still a good game

The game mechanics were odd but realistic, especially when compared to thps streetskating, where you go faster than the speed of sound within seconds.

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10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

The cover doesn'tlook familiar, but the best game on ps2 - roblist

This game absolutely symbolizes my childhood and is easily one of my favorite video games of all time not just for ps2 but for any game system.

I've played almost every skateboarding game that has been released on PC, and I can say that this is the best one. The second best one is TH Underground, so amazing too.

It is the best!

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11 Tony Hawk's Underground 2

This game was the craziest funnest of all of them, with all the destruction, special and guest skaters and the final level you unlock in space, Mayan temple and hell! How is this not #1.

not the most realistic but definitely the funnest and creative - arabhomie68

Such an innovative concept. Lacked in realism but made up for it with arcade-style fun!

So awesome!
But I wonder why it is so low on the list!?!?! - m93lil

12 Tony Hawk's Project 8

This should be way up the top, who wants realism when you can get a kickin' free-roam sandbox game like this one, proving ground is good to, but this game is not to difficult to beat and I love everything about it!

Better than skate 3 and skate 1

13 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

This really needs to go up cause this was like the first great skateboarding ever made

This game is a classic you get to skate at emb sf you also get the best levels in the series and the bad ass pros like skating used to be

14 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

If you don't like this game you don't like NBA basketball.

Fun skate game from Disney

15 Shaun White Skateboarding

This game is best graphic skateboarding game for PC
Its Far better than Tony hawk proving ground and got really sick moves.

iyk it

16 Street Sesh

Great online skateboarding game

17 720

Released by Atari in 1987, it is noted for being the first "extreme sports" video arcade game... Don't ever forget your roots, gamers.

18 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

This is the best

This game was fun loved it

19 Skate It

This game was good for wii at least

20 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

Cool remake of gold proskater series

Best one for pc

21 True Skate

True Skate is the best ios skate game

22 Aggressive Inline

It’s no skateboarding title, but it a complete different approach to extreme sports games than most

23 Tony Hawk Shred
24 Airblade for Ps2 Airblade for Ps2

Do you think jest set radio future does not have any rival? Play this game and kill a few minutes!

25 Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land
26 Bob Burnquist's Dreamland
27 Grind Session
28 Skate or Die!
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Hidden Gems #21 Thrasher: Skate and Destroy & Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

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