Dr. Pepper

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Crisp, refreshing, and delicious, Dr. Pepper changed my concepts of what a soda could be. One sip and all other soft drinks might as well not exist. Even the diet version is much better than most other sodas. Nothing compares to that first mouthful of heaven. All colas taste the same, and the is no difference between Crush and Fanta. Dr. Pepper is the original and, 130 years later, is still the best by far. There is no way to describe the taste other than heavenly. The balance of fizziness and flavor is impossible to comprehend until you try it. Dr. Pepper is THE best soda. Period.

While it might be off to the races with the two sodas at an even 13% as of the time of writing this review, Dr. Pepper gets my vote for best Soda. The fact that it's tied for first goes to show you that when it comes to a non-cola dark soda, nothing has Dr. Pepper beat. With its rich, bold flavor it definitely deserves a spot at the top. Perfect for any occasion, whenever you don't see Dr. Pepper, you should always be asking "where is the Dr. Pepper? "

My last name is Pimienta spanish for pepper and besides for sharing the same last name this soda is the s***! The taste is like no other unlike pepsi and coca cola, good too, which share about the same taste and don't get me started on lime flavored soda, the all taste the same. - PePsMeX

Dr. Pepper... what can I say? It tastes great but also blasts cottonmouth like a champ, unlike the other cola's. I've found that Coca-Cola and Pepsi will leave you with dry mouth, which is probably why they sell so much product because you have to keep on drinking it to not feel thirsty. At least where I live, though, I see more Dr. Pepper ads than ads for other colas, so hop on the Dr. Pepper bandwagon and leave the shady imitators behind!

Dr. Pepper is the only soda that makes sense. It has so much flavor and really quenches your thirst. It's a classic and has been a world favorite since the 1800's. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and all that other crap is bad for you and tastes beat. If you want to get a soda; get a root beer, a cream soda, or a DR. PEPPER!

The Original soda. The King of sodas. Coke may be plastered on everything, and Pepsi is a wanna-be, but Dr Pepper is the only soda that tastes good cold, warm, hot, over ice, watered down, and flat. Taste is the only thing that matters and Dr Pepper will always beat the rest in that contest.

It is the perfect blend of flavours. Many think Dr. Pepper is just a cherry flavoured cola, however, it is much more than that, if you compare Dr. Pepper to Coca Cola Cherry there is little to no competition. I have never been dissatisfied while drinking a Dr. Pepper!

Everything tastes better with cheery in it. It has the perfect taste. It's not to syrupy, but also not to carbonated. The first time I had dr. Pepper was when I was little I was suspicious, but then when I tried it my tongue went to heaven. If I had to drink one thing for the rest of my life I would choose Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Pepper controls me! The sweet juice is so awesome! The sensation of the fizzy drink is too much to bare! It brings tears to my eyes that they can make a drink this good! I LOVE IT!

I really love this soda it's so good. I think you should taste Dr. Pepper because it is so good. Once you taste it you will never want to stop drinking it. Dr pepper is my favorite soda and I think if you taste it will probably be your favorite

This soda provides the most conflictingly delicious flavor ever. It has a tinge of spice or, hence the name, pepper, and a great and sweet taste. If you want a soda, then there's only one true soda to pick from, and that's Dr. Pepper.

Just had 5 bottles this stuff makes your tongue scream more this is the winner and always should be this flavor is so unique and so good the quality is magnificent

Dr. Pepper is the best soft drink ever. I love drinking it everyday until I die. I will have Dr. Pepper by my grave and everyone there will be drinking it. Dr. Pepper is amazing because of its unique taste and other qualities. Coke, Pepsi, RC cola, and all the others all taste the same. DR. PEPPER IS DIFFERENT AND BETTER.

Not only is it the best tasting original, but it's the first actually soda in the whole wide world! (echos)

23 flavors of absolute deliciousness. Nothing else even stands close to it. Why are people bitching about coca cola?

Dr. Pepper has a unique flavor unlike all those other colas. I would describe it in words but it's almost too good. I guess its kind of like a summer day with tacos and a pina colada and a dog. Ah yeah...

Just the best. It tastes like Pepsi but without the slight aftertaste. Just phenomenal. There's just no way to describe the incredible blend of 23 flavors. As a little kid I liked only coke and sprite. But then I discovered Dr. Pepper. I've never been the same ever since.

I drink Dr. Pepper literally everyday, multiple times a day. If it's not in my house, I go insane. It's pretty much the only soda I drink; I'm totally hooked on it! The flavor is just so different, it's like heaven in a can

Dr. Pepper is the ONLY soda I drink. If this didn't exist I'd probably healthier because I wouldn't drink soda. I can't even describe the flavor, it's so unique, and no other company can replicate it. It's just...perfect.

Should be number one, best soda ever! Way better than coca cola and it always has a special kick and refreshing taste when you take your electrifying first sip. Coca cola is good too, so is Mountain Dew. Not a big fan of Pepsi.

Pop doesn't get any better than this. You can't really classify it, because simply just doesn't taste like anything else out there. It is truly in a league of its own. That's why it's so great, its like pure creativity in a bottle.

Absolute favourite. Coke is good, but Dr Pepper is better. It's a stronger flavour that reminds me of twizzlers (before the recipe changed). Coke tastes boring after a while but this stuff doesn't :D

Great soda and has a very refreshing taste. I had my fist Dr. Pepper in 3rd grade it absolutely amazing and I have been drinking it ever since. It's much better than sprite, coca cola, or mountain dew.

This is heaven on earth for my sweet tooth with its rather strong yet sweet flavour that's unlike any other soft drink I've ever tasted. Here's to hoping my dentist doesn't go on this website... - Entranced98

Dr. pepper is the best I had for so long. if there is a chance that I will get it then I will. Dr. pepper is my life don't let it leave me. Dr. pepper is so much better than coke even it is more better than any soda in this world