Mountain Dew


Up until a year ago in my life my favorite drink was Dr. Pepper. I liked it because of that sweet cherry flavour it gave, and it was great in general. Then for the first time I tried Mountain Dew... WOW! It was MILES better than Dr. Pepper. That extremely lush taste of lemon and lime, it was just PERFECT. Especially for gaming. EXTREMELY especially for gaming. The stuff had a ridiculous amount af caffine in it, it was comparable to red bull, or monster in terms of how much it energized you. Except it didn't have that disgusting taste that most energy drinks have. THIS is why it's the perfect drink for gaming, and just the best soda ever made in general.

THIS IS THE BEST SODA EVER OH YEA "Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew THIS IS THE BEST SODA EVER OH YEA Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain DeW" THUMBS UP

Probably the worst thing to ever go near your teeth, but it's so good! I'm usually not allowed to drink it unless it's at a sports game and I need to stay awake.

Mountain Dew is SO good and if it was alive I'd marry it. - XxSpitfire34109xX

The moment your tastebuds come in contact with the Dew it's a life changing experience. That first sip of Green goodness is an incomparable feeling. When you're surfing and catch that perfect wave and you're inside the curl...that's what the first sip of Mountain Dew is like. When you're in your hammock laying below the Milky Way below the stars and you're at that perfect 90 degree angle and there's no other feeling in the world...that's what it's like to sip Mountain Dew. It's more than a drink. Do the Dew.

Mountain Dew not only has a wide variety of great flavors, it also has the most caffeine of any soda. It may not be the best for your health, (no soda is really) however it will keep you more awake and alert. If your a gamer like me, Mountain Dew is naturally the soda of choice. Do The Dew!

I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW! Me & Mountain Dew are like Jack Sparrow & Rum (although I might try that soon)! It mostly started when my family was on a rather long road trip through the middle of the night. We stopped to get our choice of soda, I got a whole litter of Mountain Dew, best decision of my life! Drink up me hearties, yo-ho!

I'm from Sweden and in in Sweden is Mountain Dew pretty hard to get. The dew are only sold in special stores. But when I was in the states I drank 2 litre every day, I miss those days. I like all of the flavors but the regular is the best.

I never drank soda growing up. I just didn't like the fizz. Then, when I was in high school and falling asleep in classes, a friend suggested I try mountain dew. She drank it all the time and know I didn't like carbonated beverages, but thought I'd really like mountain dew anyways. I tried it and have been drinking it every day since... It's my coffee!

Mountain Dew is a unique drink, it tastes nothing like sprite or 7up. It's not like cola, sold by millions of companies. It's a perfect blend. If that's not enough, it also gives you a energy boost, very useful...

Best tasting soda out there. I can drink it cold (preferably) but can also drink at room temperature. can't really do that with other sodas. Hands down my soda of choice. I know it isn't the best for your health but what soda is? Laugh out loud

I had my first Mountain Dew like 2 years ago. I was so amazed by the taste and the freshness that I got addicted to it :D some friends of mine even started callin me mountain dew because I love this soda so much.

Sorry but only 2 of 5 the Top 5 Taste Good Pepsi And MTN DEW! Dr. Pepper tastes like crap! Coke Ill only drink it if I go to a Coke product resturant! HOW THE HELL IS ROOT BEER IN THE TOP 5 That is better Than Dr. Pepper but still not good. Pepsi great drink maybe 1-2 times a month but Mtn Dew is the only Pop (soda) I will buy! - RichKid24

After I drank my first Mountain Dew, I haven't stopped drinking it. Every time I go to the grocery store, I always buy Mountain Dew because it's what keeps me going and staying alive and happy.

Aah, the nice lemon-lime flavor of mountain dew, so refreshing, so delicious, and it's like it was made from Heaven! So nice, and sweet, like angels! I think it should be #1 please have more voters vote for MOUNTAIN DEW, best. soda. ever. made.

I think mountain dew is the best drink ever and I don't know why it isn't number one because it should be. Dr. Pepper isn't even all that good and neither is coca cola. I mean if I did have to pick a different soda than mountain dew then I would still pick pepsi.

Mountain Dew is the best drink to have at any time of the day unless your trying to sleep! Has a very unique and flavorful taste that almost never gets old. I think that this soda should be at the top!

I still remember the first Mountain Dew I ever had. It was a magical moment. I'd like to freeze it up and skate on it in the winter, then drink it in the springtime when it melts.

When I wake up and I still feel tired men dew has my back, and gives me energy to last the day, hits combination of orange juice, caffeine, natural flavored sodium benzoate and other ingredients!

MOUNTAIN DEW IS THE BEST! I like the original and the white one I can't think of the name but it is DEFINITELY amazing and I love it. I could drink so much mountain dew that I could explode... that's how much I love it! its amazing!

Mountain dew is my favorite drink and sounded really good. (Which it is) The Citrus taste just feels good inside of you. - TheAlterPlace

Best gamer drink that was made. It's so fresh and sounds cool some people say that they would like a Coke I said I would like a mountain dew!

I love Mountain Dew, because it tastes like Sprite/7up but it's neon and maybe a bit more refreshing and flavorful. I honestly think this should be at the top, because Mountain Dew is awesome.

A very nasty soda in my opinion I used to drink it literally rot your teeth out of your brains no matter how much you brush your teeth I have had over 2 dentists turn me down cause I drink mountain dew(well used to) but the point I'm trying to get across if drink this pop stop now cause it's a bad habit and can cause collateral damage to the teeth very fast be warned. - britainrocks123

It tastes a little bitter, sweet, refreshing and powerful. I drank it without knowing what the name was nor what the logo looked like, so the merchandising look of it is not a bias.