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21 Mug Root Beer

Other sodas are good but Mug Root Beer is THE BEST it was the first soda I ever had and it is still my favorite

I like mug root beer because it's so creamy, it has areally good taste. It really should be number 1 because it is just blows your mind off!
Root beer is my favorite

Has there everr been a soda that could pull off whip cream not that I no of root beer all the way at least top ten

Mug is the best root beer it makes all the others look like child's play

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22 Ginger Ale

You can really drink it any time. Does not make you super hyper or any thing, just adds a bit of life in your. Personality, not as bad for your teeth; not good either. I prefer Canada dry.

Ginger ale is so magically good it make your tummy aches go away it's good tasting and doesn't have a lot of dye coloring

Forget Schweppe's Canada Dry, and Seagram's, Vernors is the best ginger ale. It's not too incredibly bitter and not too sweet, it's just right. Not to mention Vernors is the oldest surviving pop. - Turkeyasylum

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23 Orange Fanta

Whats the difference between fanta orange and this

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24 CocaCola Zero

The true' diet' coke.. Has same basic formula.. Most people have no idea diet coke is not the diet version of coca cola.. It was the basis of new coke the failed drink in the 80's.. They use the coke name to make billions so I don't blame them but coke zero is my favorite and its time people realize the real difference between coke zero and diet coke or so its called

Not as sweet as other regular colas, but no medicine-like after-taste of other diet colas. Coke Zero is the perfect balance between the syrupy-sweetness of regular soft drinks and the zero calorie benefit of diet sodas.

This tastes so much better than regular coca cola it is really good try it. if you are drinking regular coca cola then try this make the swith

Without a doubt the best diet soda out there. It's not too sweet and it has the right "kick." Worth the money.

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25 Cherry Pepsi

I drank Pepsi a lot as a young child. Once I had a cup of this, I refused to go back to regular Pepsi. Clear until now (and this still applies) I would NOT drink regular Pepsi. I will only drink the cherry kind. If my mom accidentally buys the normal kind, I'll just add cherry syrup. I WILL NOT DRINK REGULAR PEPSI.

Very nice however it is remake of coke cherry so no I would rather drink a coke but still cool flavours

The rest suck. This one deserves to be number one.


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26 Mello Yello Mello Yello

Best soda I have ever tasted taste like a tropical island

Great soda. Should be higher on this list.

This does not deserve to be so low on this list. - anonymous1

I like to drink Mello Yello saturated in white sugar in extremity of excess.

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27 Root Beer

Root beer is awesome I

Disgusting. I would rather drink nail polish remover than root beer.

What is root beer doing number 28

Yah it's the kid version of beer

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28 Fanta Strawberry

Don't mess with my Fanta. Espiecally strawberry. ITS FANTASTIC. BETTER THAN ANY SOFT DRINK! Though I like the other soft drinks I LOVE Fanta Strawberry. IT is the best.

Fanta Strawberry brings back nostalgia and epic flavors! I have drank this for my whole life!

I love fanta strawberry. It is the legend of a drink that everyone should adore plus I still don't get why it is not the top dog.

Don't mess with fanta

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29 Grape Soda

I am a big fan of Grape soda and Vimto, SADLY THEY ARE NEVER AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME, thanks

So good. Second favourite after Coke. We need this in the UK more often! Doesn't taste anything like normal grapes, but it has that sweet sugary artificial grape flavour from our childhood that none of us will forget. Try it if you haven't already! You're missing out on so much!

An American classic. Horrible for you though, probably one of the worst. I was close to voting for Mountain Dew voltage.

drink up

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30 Diet Coke

Best soda ever... I love Diet Coke even thought regular coke is better for you, I don't care diet coke taste very sweet and, me and my friend drink Diet Coke like their beers hahaha. WE LOVE THEM

I have an unbeatable addiction to Diet Coke. I drank it non stop for a long period of time and no regular coke tastes too sweet! BEST EVER! - EricShayna

Best ever! I'm a fan and addict, I would never bother with the regular, why when I can save calories for dessert and enjoy this instead.

Diet Coke everday.

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31 Welch's Grape Soda Welch's Grape Soda Welch Foods Inc. is an American company, headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts. It has been owned by the National Grape Cooperative Association, a co-op of grape growers, since 1956. Welch's is particularly known for its grape juices, jams and jellies made from dark Concord grapes and its white Niagara more.

The best tasting kind of grape soda is not on this list? What?

Good flavor and prevents stomach flu

Grape soda is the BOMB! - Curtis_Huber

Best grape soda ever!

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32 Monster Energy

I agree, the BEST FLAVOR ever tasted in my entire life!

I understand this isn't TECHNICALLY a soda, but I don't care

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33 Mountain Dew Pitch Black

It's a limited edition do not that many people drunk it and cannot be found now

Where can I find it and what does it taste like

Never heard sounds nice do

Tried the slushie at Speedway
LOL So good!

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34 Pepsi Max

So fizzy much dark very yum wow

In my opinion pepsi tastes of flat pepsi max and coca cola tastes of flat pepsi.
Diet coca cola tastes of EXTREMELY diluted coca cola,
so for me Pepsi Max comes on top!

35 Mountain Dew White Out

The worst Mountain Dew I've ever had the displeasure of tasting. - Turkeyasylum

We all know what this looks like.

I love this drink

Best Mountain Dew by far

36 Diet Dr. Pepper

I think Diet Dr. Pepper is the best of all the diet drinks. I have been drinking diet sodas since they 1st came out in the 70's. I used to be a Diet Coke fan and still drink it but only if Diet Dr. Pepper is unavailable... As for the comment that someone left stating that they liked diet drinks even though they "Knew" that regular Coke was "better for you"-AHH NO! All the diet drinks have ZERO calories or carbohydrates. Non diet drinks have between 160-250 calories per 12 oz serving so when you go out for a fast-food meal and order a regular soda instead of diet your meal goes up by anywhere from 160-750 calories just from the drink (depending on size). If you then order french fries add another 350 -500 calories... I like them too, I'm just saying that a large hamburger and a diet whatever can be as low as 750-800 calories but can go UP by 1100 calories... Just by the drink and FF order

This taste so good its got all 23 Dr Pepper flavours but it tastes allot better than regular Dr Pepper plus it has Zero calories

Better than any other diet drink- and in some ways better than even normal dr pepper

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37 Crush

Crush is the worst fanta is better

Grape is good but orange sucks

Crush sucks so badly

I prefer the grape! - Curtis_Huber

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38 Ramuné

Best soda in the world!

Way better than coke y'all - Rayman56

What THE FRICK? How is ramune not in the top twenty? I love ramune! It's delicious and fun to open! REALLY?!

39 Cherry Coca-Cola

Coca cola is very nice but the cherry flavour packs a punch!

40 Fanta Pineapple

All fanta flavors are great pineapple is just another great flavor

Best soda ever I live on this

Pineapple with fanta it just doesn't get any beter

Me hate

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