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41 Wild Cherry Pepsi

Wild Cherry Pepsi... The nectar of the gods. No soda even comes close, and I've tried most other flavoured Pepsis. Cherry is king.

42 Lemon Soda

What lemon soda Is out there?

43 Pibb-Xtra

It is so good! It has a one of a kind taste!

I agree, Pibb tastes really good. - Jackal2272

Pibb xtra is so good way better then docter peeper and has a much sweeter non aftertasting version of dr. pepper. Too bad it is not comonly stocked in stores in my city where I live so I don't get to have it verry much

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44 Cherry Vanilla Coke

No one likes squirt it's my favorite

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45 Cherry 7-Up

Much better than any diet pop, better than all colas and citrus drinks, possibly better than the Two Great Sodas of Dr. Pepper and Pibb-Xtra. Great taste.

It's so delicious and refreshing. I love 7up anytime of the day, no matter what.

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46 Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper

It really does have a berry-like after-taste - asome345

It's the best thing I've ever had. Like a mouthgasim! Name says it all.

47 Irn Bru

Only drink that outsells coke in any country anywhere

It's like william wallace pissed awesomeness into a bottle

It tastes refreshingly sophisticated and the colour is just awesome.


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48 Barq's Cream Soda

If you haven't tried cream soda, wow!

49 Cream Soda

Cream and soda sounds terrible tastes wonderful

50 Cactus Cooler

WHAAT? This is my favorite! Its different yet still as tasty as all of those just orange sodas! It is so under rated!

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51 Grape Crush

I like grape anything. - masonkv

YUM Sprite was close, but, Grape Crush is still my favorite. :PP



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52 Birch Beer

Birch beer is just delicious. It is refreshing, and has a bit of a kick to it that no other soda seems to have, and is even creamier and sweeter than root beer.

Its sweet, creamy, and with a kick to it.

Cream soda, and root beer together

Birch Beer rules

53 Pink Lemonade

Yeah not a soda

Not a soda.

54 Schweppes Tonic Water

Schweppes Tonic Water has a fresh, clear, and pure taste.

55 Schweppes Ginger Ale

I am drinking Schweppes Ginger Ale right now. It has just the right amount of fizz and ginger flavor. I can't believe Schweppes isn't higher.

56 Barrel Root Beer

Root beer is awesome

The best root beer

57 RC Cola

I saw it in walmart and food lion, then I'm like ill try some and it is pretty good!

It is my favorite soda it is very under rated!

Drink Royal crown its good!

Its best cola

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58 Big Red

Big Red is delicious! One of the best cream sodas and definitely in my top 15 pops. By the way, it is available in Michigan, but hard to find. - Turkeyasylum

A wonderful and underrated drink that I enjoy.

Its like drinking a carnival in a can!

Very unique taste hard to find elsewhere

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59 Sarsaparilla
60 Mountain Dew Game Fuel

By far my favorite beverage of all time. Aside from that I think this list is rather pathetic (only because most mainstream soda sucks compared to homemade, gourmet, and hard to find sodas). However, Mountain Dew is the best mainstream soda brand without a doubt and I was pleased to see Game Fuel on here. Very upset though at how overrated Barqs root beer is. I'm a root beer aficionado and barqs is one of the worst ever created.

mountian dew game fuel tastes incredible the soda's just as good as the game!

Hands down, the original, "Halo 3, " batch was, and will always be, the best! I remember the day after H3 came our, I played that and drank game fuel. We even kept a can!

To be honest, I don't know what game it was made for, but I adore this Mountain Dew variety. - Turkeyasylum

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