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61 Stewart's Root Beer

This is by far the most nastalgic & better tasting Root Beer out there.

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62 Manzanita Sol

Criminally underrated apple pop. I've only ever seen it at Taco Bell, but I enjoy every sip of it. The only apple pop I've had that's better is Faygo Candy Apple. - Turkeyasylum

So underrated!

63 Coca-Cola Blak
64 Vernors Ginger Ale

If you haven't had a Vernors before, go to Michigan and try one. You won't regret it! - Turkeyasylum

If you have not had this before please go buy some it is awesome-amazing!

The best ginger ale ever!

First soda ever made - Thecyanryan

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65 Pepsi Throwback

I love this soda-- taste like the pepsi that used to come in the glass bottles BEFORE they messed with the formula!

So much better than Coca-Cola or Pepsi!

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66 San Pellegrino

Blood Orange flavour is the best.

67 Fanta Grape

Really? 73rd? This list is messed up. Fanta Grape has the most flavor. It is sweet, but not too sweet, like coke. But also not too little, like Dr Pepper. And, it dosen't have a semi-weird taste like Mountain Dew. And lastly, it is grape. Everyone likes grapes!

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68 Faygo Rock & Rye

My favorite faygo and on of the best pops out there.

One of the best out there. Faygo overall is amazing

69 Pepsi Next

I agree with the person before me. This is an excellent soda. It tastes like a lighter version of Pepsi original and with 60% less sugar... Are you kidding me right now!? Good SODA...

Come on vote for Pepsi Next. I like it way better than regular Pepsi and 60% less sugar. It is great! Can't believe it is 75th place come on vote!

The perfect taste for Pepsi! Whats not to love?
Ever since it came out me and my friends always bring it for sleep overs and parties! This should definitely be in the top 10!

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70 Apple Tango

Tango is my favourite drink, I like every flavour so I just voted for this one.

71 Sprite Zero
72 Vimto

How can this be so low rated?
The soda has a really energizing and filling feeling.
And the taste is wonderful. A mix of sweet berries with a twist candy (tutti-frutti)
It's not avoidable. Better than any soda I've tried.

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73 Ginger Beer

How can you not love this drink. This should be in the top ten.

The most awesome thing ever to drink

Add a dash of Angostura bitters you will never look back

BEST! - maria4

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74 Almdudler

Really good & tasty non-alcoholic drink I just want to drink it for every single meal I have really fizzy tasty drink

75 Cherry Sprite
76 Fanta Fruit Twist

How is this so low on the list?!? Come on people use your brain and vote Fanta fruit twist

77 Dr. Pepper Ten Calories
78 IBC Cream Soda

Tastes to good and sweet! The beat!

The best! Tastes so sweet and good

79 Faygo Raspberry Blueberry

YES! It's amazing! Mt second favorite Faygo drink, my favorite being Rock N' Rye. - Turkeyasylum

80 Crystal Pepsi

This is it! This is the soda that L.A Beast loved! When I found it stocked in my local grocery store, I was like "I can't believe they stocked Crystal Pepsi! I have to get one before someone takes them all or they stop making it! My life is complete! " I've always wanted to try Crystal Pepsi for my entire life, and I finally have. I took a sip and I loved it from the first time. It tastes like a lighter Pepsi with a tiny bit of citrus in it. It is really great and now whenever I see it in stores I always get a bottle and enjoy it. I strongly urge everyone to try it! - cadencr22


I love ❤️ it. Thank god they brought it back!

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