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81 Diet Irn Bru
82 Tizer
83 IBC Root Beer

You have not tasted good root beer until you have tried this

For me, this is my favorite rootbeer by far, it has such smoothness in the soda and gives you a strong taste of rootbeer

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84 Cloudy Lemonade
85 Lucozade
86 Diet Pepsi

The crispest and bubbliest of diet drinks! Clearly superior to diet Coke. - hortenzia89

Diet Pepsi Is A awesome Drink

Diet Pepsi is better by far than other diet cola

The best I am drinking some now!

87 Ironbeer
88 Peach Sprite

I've had this millions of times it is great

The perfect soda. tastes sweet and fruity



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89 Pepsi Wild Cherry
90 Dad's Root Beer

Dad's was totally amazing! Made me so sad when I didn't see it! I have some history from this soda but sadly you can't find it much anymore!

Totally nostalgic and awesome! We should be ranked a lot higher on here!

Lol you can find them all over canada

91 Tahitian Treat

Excellent fruit punch soda! I love this soda but it's not widely available.

92 Malta Goya
93 Diet Mountain Dew

Its got to be number 10

Of all the diet sodas, DMD never has an aftertaste!

Its mtndew just diet

94 Club Soda

When we have clubs we have soda its awesome to have during club day

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95 Jarrito

I love the lime ones. They are amazing. Best drink ever. can't find them anywhere now though. :/

Kroger stores in Kentucky have them.

How is this so low?

96 Tab V 1 Comment
97 Minute Maid Lemonade

Love iit still not a soda though

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98 Sprecher Cream Soda
99 Soda Water V 1 Comment
100 Cherry Dr Pepper

So good, but I think the reason this is so low on the list is because it's overlooked and people forget about it. People pay attention to the original as where I like the cherry better.

best soda ever man! Can't believe it's ranked 120th

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