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101 Diet 7up V 1 Comment
102 Mountain Dew Super Nova V 1 Comment
103 Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
104 Mirinda

We have it in india so I'm sure you can get it outside of mexico lol

This drink you can only have in Mexico it reminds me of coke

V 2 Comments
105 Faygo Candy Apple
106 GuaranĂ¡ Antarctica

Love at first sip

This is the best soda in the world

Guarana is simply amazing.

107 Inca Kola

Inca cola is the best soda by far, it is just amazing

Inca kola should be number 1 soda...because cocacola couldn't beat incacola that's why they had to buy incacola

V 4 Comments
108 Ale-8-one

Best Drink ever. Nothing else compares. I used to have my parents send me a case at a time while I was deployed in Afghanistan. Even had a few jarhead brothers fall in love with while we was there. Now they have me send it to them. Ones in California, another in Alaska, and one more in Boston. definitely doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

its the greatest..i love it..people should come to kentucky to taste it. - jwileson

Best Drink. Only. Found in the one and only Kentucky!

Number 1 drink ever made.. Coke and Pepsi are cow scrap compared to this,.. Only made in Kentucky

V 3 Comments
109 Bawls

It's like insanely freakinamazin

I never had it but it sounds gross

"I love bawls so much."... How does that sound?

110 Sprecher Root Beer

I love this root beer. I love it's taste and its little bird logo (the one with the bird drinking root beer. It tastes better than other root beer and it's made right where I live.

I haven't had their root beer, but their cream soda has its own unique taste which I enjoyed (though it isn't for everyone). I might try their root beer at some point. - Turkeyasylum

V 2 Comments
111 Faygo Wild Cherry V 1 Comment
112 Prickly Pear Soda

Prickly pear soda is the

113 Pepsi Blue

my favorite drink back in the day. - hockeyguy2100

I love the color blue and pepsi vote for this one

114 Black Cherry Soda

Old fashioned and amazing

115 Cherry Crush

I live the flavor if cherry so that is why we but it.

V 2 Comments
116 Diet Rite
117 Blue Raspberry Fizz
118 Cherry Tango

Love this stuff! Cherry is the best flavour of Tango and the packaging is usually rather amusing to read.

119 Sam's Cola

If you drink it, Sam will love you...

120 Cucumber Revitalize Yourself!
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