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121 Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale

Can't find it anywhere in Texas. Been looking for a long time.

122 Caffeine Free Coca-Cola

I won't staring at the ceiling in bed at midnight with this stuff.

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123 Oransoda
124 Diet Dr.Pepper Cherry

Hands down the greatest drink ever created!

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125 Thums Up

What the heck kind of Soda is that?

126 Rockstar Energy

What does this taste like?

127 Surge

Nice to see that it's back.

I miss surge so bad

128 Sioux City Sarsaparilla

The Grandfather of all Root Beers... It doesn't get any better than this soda. The creamy taste and depth of flavor is something you could drink for a lifetime and never get tired of it.

It's one of the few soft drinks that use real cane sugar. That makes it different from big name brands like Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola. The drink is the best.

It's better than any soda I've ever tried- beats Coca-Cola and Pepsi by far

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129 Pakola

Very good

130 Minute Maid Lemon Lime
131 Lilt
132 Cherryade
133 Foxon Park Soda

12 Flavors all of which are amazing.

The Real Sugar really sets it apart from the Coke and Pepsi and you don't get that same syrupy after taste. - fable1

134 Hire's Original Root Beer

Best root beer ever. Can't find it much anymore

135 Diet Caffeine-Free Pepsi
136 Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Hands down the best root beer I've ever had. We all know that every drink tastes better when it is in a glass, this drink is always it a glass and comes in like 10 different flavors! It beats out all other drinks.

137 Jones Soda

So many delicious and unique flavors!

Delicious and with many flavors

So many unorthodox flavors

Yeah, I live in Iowa too.

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138 Carlsberg Sport

This soda is from Denmark and has a sprite mountain dew taste and much better than faxe kondi taste it you will seriusly have more energy

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139 Diet A&W Root Beer

I was happily married with 7 kids, but the day I drank this...changed my entire life...don't make the mistake I did

140 Ski

Ski is a very tasty citrus drink found in the mid region states, such as Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana. I'm not positive, but you might be able to get it in other southern states as well.

Ski is the only soda that my friend and I drink. We are basially addicted. We drink at least a 4 pack every other day if not more often. And you can only drink it from a glass bottle if you want the real taste. Gotta collect those caps. 2077 is closer than you think!

This is the only drink in the world I see people drinking

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