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161 Royal
162 Red Bull Red Bull

Best carbonated anything I'n my life! Refreshing soothing taste

163 Vault

Since SURGE is now dead and gone, it's bastard son, Vault, has taken over daddy's business, and business isn't so great.

It's becoming harder and harder to find this delicious drink. Sure, SURGE is the best of all time, but Vault is essentially the same thing, and that's why I love it.

SURGE has come and gone in various reincarnations such as dnL and MDX, but Vault will hopefully be a permanent fixture in the soda industry. - the_dude_abides

Vault is the best in the universe!

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164 Diet Pepsi

The crispest and bubbliest of diet drinks! Clearly superior to diet Coke. - hortenzia89

Diet Pepsi Is A awesome Drink

Diet Pepsi is better by far than other diet cola

The best I am drinking some now!

165 Iron Horse Root Beer

It really does taste like horse!

Its like hugging the sun its amazing! ;) the only place I ever see it is at coltons

166 Cheerwine

Definitely one of my favorite sodas. It tastes really great! The thing about Cheerwine is that would actually be pronounced cherrywine because it has a cherry flavoring to it. Even though it has cherry flavoring, the soda's flavor overall has a unique taste to it which makes it hard to compare the soda to other cherry flavored sodas. In other words, Cheerwine is a soda that really does stand out on its own. - guyonawebsite94

Cheerwine has that incredibly refreshing taste that leaves you feeling whole, at peace, and calm. It is truly the nectar of the south. Born in the south. Raised in a glass. This soft drink is much, much, more to me than a soft drink. It holds a special place in my heart.

It's better than any soda I've had so far. I is definitely my number one favorite soda.

Too bad that's it's so far down the list. This soda is the best I've ever had and is what I want to drink when I'm on my deathbed. Remember, be a Legend!

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167 Club Soda

When we have clubs we have soda its awesome to have during club day

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168 Moxie

Moxie is the first mass produced soft-drink and was marketed as a cure all "tonic" back in the day. Today, it has a cult following of Moxie lovers. Most of them being from Maine (where I live and where Moxie was made by a Dr. Thompson) Also, it's Maine's state soft drink. It really takes a special sort of taste buds to like the drink. It's like a perfect mix of a cola and a root-beer with a bit of a dr. Pepper like type kick.

It just doesn't get any better than Moxie.

The only soda to have its own holiday and parade. Awesome. Teddy Ballgame used to advertise for it as well.

The best soft drink.

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169 Diet Sprite
170 Diet Mr. Pibb V 1 Comment
171 Mountain Huckleberry Soda
172 Sun Drop

It's made in North Carolina but its not that good. - TornadoTemper

Best soda hands down, kicks mountain dew's ass. Drinking one right now.

Not widely available but similar to Mountain Dew and 10x better!

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173 Dr. Thunder


BEAST MODE! Tastes just like dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb! Its pretty yummy!

The best soda I've ever had in my life!

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174 Big Blue
175 Mountain Dew Distortion

Best soda I have ever tasted in my life.

One of the 2010 dewmocracy flavors. It was a lime flavored drink. It was the best soda of all time in my opinion.

176 Coke Vanilla Zero
177 Crisp Orange
178 Tropicana Twister Orange
179 Bubba Cola
180 Blue Berry Soda V 1 Comment
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