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1 Sunshine

I love atmosphere and its hard to pick a favorite but I guess this one means the most to me. I wish that yesterday was on the list though. it can honestly make me cry at times.

So meaningful. It really highlights the beauty the world has to offer. We all have those days where we are hungover as hell, and this song, I swear to god, makes your hangover better.

It gets me going in the morning! I feel this is one of his most thoughtful songs ever, it has a beautiful beat and tone to it, and the rhymes and rhythm is just sick!

Love this song! It's never on the jukebox...

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2 Yesterday

Every time you listen, the lyrics gain a new and more in depth meaning. One of the most amazing lyricists ever.

I think that yesterday is by far Atmospheres best song because it is a song that anyone can relate to. Amazing lyrics too

Best song they ever maid! Never fails to bring cheer me up when I hear this. Song of the lyrics in this song are nothing short of genius!

Great song with great lyrics. Definitely his best song

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3 Little Man

Great emotional track that perfectly finished off an up and down awesome album. The line that stuck with me was " I know there must be something kicking your bruises, hows the love, hows the music, hows the self abusiveness? " it was just so deep I had to keep replaying it.

This song is quite possibly Slug's most personal, and by far Ant's best rhythm. I can't stop listening to it, and it brings a tear to the eye. A great song

4 Trying to Find a Balance

wicked song.. its on tony hawk underground and is by far the best atmosphere song. I don't really know much atmosphere but this song is awesome

One of my favorite songs of all time. Its just so perfect and the subject matter is amazing. Its pretty inspiring when you deeply examine the lyrics. Slug's intensity and emotion on this song makes it feel even more special. I've always been torn between this and God Loves Ugly as his best songs, but this just slightly edges it.

Hands down my favorite atmosphere song, but Yesterday and Modern Man's Hustle should definitely be on here

Unreal song

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5 Scapegoat

God loves ugly has such a great beat and genius lyrics;it makes me feel better about being angry

6 Always Coming Back Home to You

Too good not to be the best. The story telling is fantastic. If fiction writers were half as good, then people might read more fiction. matter where I matter what I do I'm always coming back home to you

7 Sound is Vibration
8 That Night
9 Modern Man's Hustle

Great beat, but Slug's lyrics really shine here. Definitely one of his best songs of all time.

10 Guarantees

Slow acoustic song that Atmo absolutely murders. It's really not his usual fast pace beats that he usually goes with, but he still tears this slow beat up

Jedi in Levis... Pope of Dope - Hope these guys come back more often to Florida.

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11 The Waitress

This song should be in top 3! Shatters my soul in the most beautiful and painful ways

Thanks to this song I always remember to get an oil change lol

Great story telling from Slug on top of a great rhythm.

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12 God's Bathroom Floor

Fantastic song. One of the deepest and meaningful Hip-Hop songs ever made, and easily one of the best (if not the best) atmosphere songs.

This song has a great beat to it and slugs rhymes just mix with it so greatly!

Great song, motivated me to get clean. Definitely my favorite!

Should be #1! By FAR my favorite song, helped me get sober

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13 The Last to Say

Best song for anyone in an abusive relationship.

14 Guns and Cigarettes

I find it hard that 'Yesterday' or 'Good Times (Sick Pimpin)' is not on this list

15 GodLovesUgly

Best line ever "
Oh mom, I promise I'm gonna be large
Someday I'm gonna stop tryin to borrow your car
Gonna go far, with charisma and skill
Until they put my face on a million dollar bill"

16 My Notes

I love this song. Its not very long but it has a great message.

My absolute favorite atmosphere song. Short yet perfect

17 The Woman with the Tattooed Hands

Looking in this song more, I'm convinced it should be in the top ten. Perfect storytelling by Slug accompanied by a beautiful melody by Ant. Slug manages to take the high road by not cussing but keeps the subject and story very adult

The lyrics simply blow you away and you will find yourself playing this song over and over until you cannot get it out of your head.

Such a great song

18 Became

This song is just simply amazing. The lyrics are touching and the beat is also a masterpiece. Every Atmosphere fan should listen to this song, if you haven´┐Ż't yet. And like always the there is a great story behind the song.

19 You

Great song, simply hits the right emotion every time.
"But you don't know, you don't know, you don't know you. "

Best song ever.. Cheers me up.

20 4:30 AM
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