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1 Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

Cricket is best sport ever.

You need a lot of skill, stamina and agility to stand for 5 days and watch the ball getting hit by a batsmen. Also, if the ball rolls at you, while you stand for 3 hours, you need great amount of fibres in your muscles in order to run towards it and occasionally dive.

Sometimes, players even catch the ball while it is suspended in the air. This is called THE wicket. If you succeed in doing this, you need to chuck the ball into the air and clap - this is how you celebrate.

Not to mention that you also score points for running 22m - every 30 minutes. Hardest sport ever. And I love it.

Not being sarcastic at all.

Written by Serbian FOOTBALL educated by Strayan cricket player.

Cricket is the future most popular sports in the world not football. Cricket will overtake soccer and all of the sports in the world. By 2031many nations play cricket World Cup Amin. The countries are USA China Brazil Germany Argentina Chile Canada Mexico and so on it will play cricket in near future Amin and it will popular in all countries Amin.

yes, cricket should get number one sports status over AFL in Australia as it's a international sport. We achieved huge reputation all over the world by cricket, not by AFL. In contrast AFL is a domestic sports, apart native Australian nobody ever have any sense about AFL. Aussie won cricket world cup for three times. Go aussie with cricket only.

I believe cricket to be the most entertaining sport in the world. The sport that started all sports. The sport, of kings. Cricket is played all over the world and has billions of fans cheering for it each year.

2 Soccer Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played with a spherical ball. The objective is to score the ball in the other teams goal.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it's really fun and enjoyable to play. You need to have really good skills to play soccer. The reason why it's pretty hard to score goal with a goalie standing in front of it, is because more practice and hard work us soccer players put in, the more goals we'll score. Anyway, soccer is popular worldwide, just probably not in the US, because they have their own football {American Football}.

Football (proper Football that is I. E that which is kicked with the foot) is the world game and working class game, unlike upper class colonial cricket which is played by only a handful of ex British colonies in world wide terms.

Soccer (football) is the world game played in almost every country around the world. It requires a huge amount of skill much more than what is required in Rugby. Football is more than a sport, it's a religion!

Soccer is a very fun sport that requires skills and it is the most loved and most known sport in the world and also one of the hardest sports in the world and. This is my opini. Soccer is the best sport and requers

3 Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Actually a long running most popular u18 sport in the country. Who hasn't done it?

Lots of people love swimming and attend it more than any other sport

If you like swimming you should be a swimmer

Great for development of the whole person

4 Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

How the hell is basketball better than AFL Aussie rules is called Aussie rules because it's Australia's national game not basketball. Basketball is American not Australian. In Australia u don't see basketball games on channel 7 (T.V.) u see afl games every week u don't see something like the bball show on T.V. do ya u have the footy show. Sure it's a great game and all but afl is way way better

Basketball requires the most skill and shows it the most. It requires all of the abilities of fitness to play the game

Basketball is all I got. When I sad, when I want to be alone, just basketball ball understand me.

I'm really into basketball it is fun to play and requires a lot of concentration and skills


AFL sucks it should not even be in the top ten the sport has not even made it internationally its just a sport watched and played by bogans. Soccer (football) should be nomber #1 it is the most payed and most payed sport in the whole entire world it even has a world cup which is more ppular than the olympics!, also they have even made games about soccer like FIFA 15 I don't see any games about afl. plus soccer players get payed 100x more than AFL players. AFL does not even require skill because the goals are about 40m long and 20m high unlike soccer goals which are 4m long plus a goal keeper! - soccer forever

How can people say AFL isn't the best sport in Australia? It's Australians game! No other game involves as much endurance, skill, brute force, courage and smarts! AFL players are some of the finest athletes in the country, unlike rugby players who just run into each other or cricketers that are hardly involved in the game for large parts. And we are starting to attract international attention. Mike Pyke, Marty Clarke, Pearce Hanley, Majak Daw and Lin Jong are all international players. Untried international players like Eric Wallace are still exciting as well! When a sport can get 40000+ people to more then half of games, it's clearly the best.

Aussie rules is the best sport in the world. It requires speed, strength, agility, intelligence. Jumping. Pretty much every physical and mental attributes you need to play this sport. Cricket is a game for boring people with no lives or any real skill.

you have to be at your physical peak in every single contest in other sports you don't have to you can also be tackled from anywhear and sometimes wont know where you have been tackled from because the ground is oval but in other sports such as rugby and soccer you know that you are going to be tackled from the front or sides harley ever from behinf and Go TIGERS! Dustin Martin is the best

6 Netball

Netball. Play to live, Live to play.
It should be right up there, at the top of this list. At the top of the world.

Netball is an amazing game. Easy for anyone to pick up.

Netball is a great game and keeps everyone active

I live to play netball it should be 1st

7 Hockey

Hockey should be well above basketball at least. It is extremely popular in Australia as well.

Core fitness required is high, not as high as swimming but still demanding.

Skill level is FAR higher than soccer or basketball, just watch ball skills on YouTube.
Cricket shouldn't even be in the top 10.

Hockey is obviously the greatest sport in the country and the world as hockey players don't cry their ass off like soccer player when they fall over.

I play Hockey all the time at school and because of that I love it so much...

Sport that requires the most skill!

Just look at the ball movement in hockey and you can't just have a shot from where ever you have to get the ball to a certain place.

8 Tennis Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

Tennis, Cricket, and AFL are what I think define Australia. Everyone I know was brought up competing in one of these.
Cricket is only the more popular international sport because of it's demographic hot spots and their massive populations. I believe that tennis brings in the most revenue for the economy not only because of how big it is here but also because of how popular the athletes who play the sport are when they compete in Australia.

Tennis is all about skill, you may be strong, you may be fast but that is only a minor part of tennis, it's 40% physical 60% mental is probably the most boring to watch most fun to play!

Apart from swimming this is the ultimate sport where it is all about one person and their skill - no hiding a weaker player among the stronger team members

Go LLeyton Hewitt you Assie ledgend

9 Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

Volleyball is one of the best sports I have ever played (and I have played a lot of them). Though we do not spend our time sensesley beating other people up to get out all of our aggresions, we do have to learn how to constently be in control of what our bodys do. This sport requires you to be in a supremly high phisical condition with strenght in every part of your body. While other people are busy hitting soft grass with full protective pads we must leart how to hit hard floor with next to nothing protecting us.

Just an interesting sport.

I love Volleyball. You can play with other people without touching them. Because of this you can't get hurt by an idiot from the other team.

10 Rugby League Rugby league football, usually called rugby league, league, rugby or football , is a full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.

Best athletes in Australia play Rugby League, it is the most popular sport behind cricket, it had 4 of the most watched sporting programs on T.V. in 2014. In fact more people watched the 2014 NRL Grand Final than any other sport! Should be 2nd behing Cricket with AFL 3rd and Rugby Union 4th. Swimming? What a joke. Who the heck watches Hockey in this country? It is smalltime compared to NRL and AFL. No one gives a damn about Netball and Soccer isn't even televised, no one cares about soccer in Australia!

Hands down best sport. Skill, speed, endurance, tough and the best fights outside of MMA.P.S. the scrum is uncontested so it doesn't slow down the play but still allows a set play with all the forwards tied up, so much better than union where some highlights are just of field goals because that is all that happened.

Who the hell votes swimming, boxing and netball above rugby league, they are barely sports. Don't see how volleyball, rugby and basketball are ahead of league as more people play league than that crap

Rugby is just a bunch of people tackling each other, running and passing and kicking balls. And basketball, volleyball and swimming are sports too. It seems like rugby players are so into themselves

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11 Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

The Aussies Hate Boxing and are completely crap at it too!

It should be first

I agree that aussies are crap at this

Boxing is helll good

12 Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

We have cricket, but I like the baseball still

Baseball sucks rugby union is muck better

Base ball shouldn't be even on the list

It is the best

13 Rugby Union

Australia is one of the strongest teams in the rugby world. Although we are not the power house that we once were, we remain one of the biggest threats the the All Blacks. It has a great culture for good sportsmanship both on and off the field unlike rugby league. Its popularity also seems to be growing once again.

Rugby Union should be higher than Rugby League because Rugby League is almost exclusively played in Australia.

Amazing sport both on and off the field. So inclusive to all and really embodies the true spirit of sport.

It's A great sport A ton of skill it should be number 1 in the world

14 Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is awesome fun if you've never tried it you should. It can be a massive challenge and sometimes even scary!

15 Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Golf is good fun

16 Softball

It is so bad I would ever watch it

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17 Car Racing

Should be renamed to V8 supercars

It is very poupular in some country

Worst sport I have ver seen in my lif

The top fuel dragsters is a must see motor sport. there's nothing like the reverberation of two side by side dragsters in a 1/4 mine run.

18 Equestrian

This should be right up number one!
Australia always makes us proud in the Olympics with equestrian!
I think it should be 2nd because yeah, cricket is Australia
Not only is this the hardest sport but it's also one of the most thrilling
You have no idea what's gonna happen next!

Equine rules! #the best

19 Motocross

Should be more popular but is still the most physical demanding sport

How can you not like bacon.


Endurocross, its more challenging but safer as it is a low speed race, tackling each obstacles are fun

20 Cheerleading

It is good for your mind and body and is the best sport

Cheerleading Is a very hard working sport.

Wow this crap thing

It should be named 1

21 MMA

By far the best sport ever! I love all my sports Iv played footy Iv played cricket Iv played basketball and I love them all but they don't compare to MMA if I wanna be professional at one sport it would be this! I wanna be the next UFC Champion of the world!

Fastest growing sport in the world

22 Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Wow it is sick dude surf 10bro

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Total Aussie beach sport, YEW!

23 Paint Ball
24 Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.

It is the best sport ever

Actual best sport ever

25 Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

It is very popular

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