Top Ten Sports Commentary Pet Peeves

They get paid to talk over games and help make things more interesting and I appreciate the skill and knowledge it takes to do that. However, they also insist on saying some of the most mind-numbing, ridiculous and annoying stuff you will find anywhere.

The Top Ten

1 Referring to any domestic sports champion as 'World Champs'

Unless there are teams from all over the world competing, you can't very well call yourself World Champs. Especially you NBA folks. Last time I checked Argentina beat Italy for the Olympic Gold.

2 Blatant bias by a commentator towards a particular team/athlete

I couldn't agree more! I hate the Steelers enough as it is, but listening to the commentators praise EVERYTHING that they do just drives me insane! That's why I love watching them lose: To give the commentators some cause to try to justify why the team sucks. Big Ben isn't the messiah of football, he's a rule-breaking hack.

Gimme a break! Favre got so much love form people it was rediculous. When he does something wild he's just a kid having fun but if its a rookie its a rookie mistake.

Totally agree. People do it all the time with Brett Favre, The Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox - crazyeyes56

That's Lebron James right there. It seems like every time Lebron does anything they go on and on and on and on and on about it. Like seriously it's not like he's the only one on the Cavs. I know he's the king of basketball but still. Basketball is a team game.

3 Using corollary statistics to prove causation
4 Sportscasters who give a player way too much credit for a particular play

It's just absolutley ridiculous. When my team does a brilliant play, the commentators don't seem to recognise it, but when the other team does an okay-ish play, it gets complimented and recognised a little too much.

Yeah, like whenever Brett Favre throws a bomb into double or triple coverage, They say Favre made a great pass when his reciever had to slow down and jump to luckily catch it. - waterboy51

I hate it when a quarterback gets blitzed, heaves up a lame duck off of his back foot that only gets caught because of a spectacular play by the receiver and the commentator explains the play by saying that the quarterback felt the pressure, read the safties and intentionally put the ball when 'only his guy could get it'.

5 Saying a team that is losing by x amount of points is within x.

This happens all the time in basketball and it drives me nuts. If you are within 2 points, then you are losing by less than 2 points. Within 2 is 1 or 1.5 or 1.7992 or any other positive number less than 2. If you are losing by 2, then you are within THREE points.

6 Excessive hyperbole

True story, while watching an NFL game, the commentator described a catch where the receiver on a crossing pattern had to reach back to snag the ball as 'the most difficult catch to make in football'. Then, in the very same game, the same commentator described an over the head catch while running down the sideline as 'the most difficult catch to make in football'.

7 Sportscasters who refer to pro athletes as kids

It is not so bad at the college level, but it drives me nuts when a commentator calls some 6'2", 250 pound linebacker a kid.

8 Using the terms 'half yard line', 'one inch line', etc.

Umm... There is no line there. Line refers to the white stripe painted on the field. If a team is an inch away from the goal line, say 'they are an inch away from the goal line'.

9 College sportscasters who don't take the time to learn name pronunciation

While covering a game against Wyoming this year, Terry Bowden called Mark Madsen by the name Masden on just about every one of his 12 receptions in the game. Heaven help these guys when they come across a difficult name.

Or when an athlete has Jr or the 3rd in their name they always say it. Like with KU Frank Mason III and call him Mason III.

10 Joe Buck

The Contenders

11 Calling something a "rookie mistake" when it's a "football mistake". Example: ONE foot in bounds is a "rookie mistake". Holding, offsides, dropping a pass, etc. are "football mistakes" that are made by veterans as well as younger players.
12 Calling an end around a reverse and a reverse a double reverse
13 Joe Morgan
14 Placing way too much importance on streaks
15 Bryant Gumbel

worst play-play man I've ever seen! That simulcast of the Patriots-Giants game sucked. He even referred to Frank Gore as Al Gore and Tony Romo as Rick Romo.

He is so blatantly ignorant its disgusting. he lumps praise on his few favorite players and everybody else is just not worth his time. But its definitely his ignorant opinions that he uses football to talk about that gets me the most.

16 Calling a player the hero of the game

To me a hero is someone who does something selflessly for others. In my opinion, professional sports players are some of the most egotistical and selfish people out there. - ramznow

Not all professional sports players are selfish. But what I don't like is the chosen hero of the game is someone who doesn't contribute the most to the teams victory - Randomator

17 Giving us the entire biography of a certain player

Okay sure a few pieces of information are nice but to go through every moment since they were born? Seems a little too much - Randomator

This is beyond irritating, I see this with commentators such as Joe Buck and Pierre McGuire. They seem to take 10 minutes just to explain where they grew up, what their childhood was like, where they went to school, etc. usually they miss something important during the game.

18 The word standpoint

Once heard it 46 times during a tigers baseball game - keeno68

19 Tim McCarver
20 Anybody referring to (insert team here) "Nation".
21 Broadcasters calling a "dump off" a "screen pass".
22 The "defensive secondary". Is there an "offensive secondary"?
23 "Through the Catch" nonsense.
24 Sportscasters trying to be the story
25 The term "Grand Slam Home Run".
26 When people try to shorten a team's name in an attempt to sound cool. Example: 'Zona, 'Zaga, 'Bama, etc.
27 Not just using a team's name

These guys announcing and doing pre- or post-game have taken to always saying a player name AND team when referring to a team. For example, "Aaron Rodgers AND the Packers take on Cam Newton AND the Panthers." Why is this a thing?

28 Saying ____ Team is back in the game when they were down by less than 10
29 Talking about something that is totally unrelated.

I hate when a matchup between Louisville or Duke or UNC appears on the side of the T.V. screen they start talking about it.

30 Showing ads for a football game during a basketball game

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31 Talking about a players suspension
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