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21 Firestarter

A novel about a corrupt government agency and its pursuit of an unwilling family. - TuckNasty

Charlie McGee survives her photokinesis power.

It's heartbreaking.

I wish I had pyrokinesis.

22 The Tommyknockers

I admit this story is strange, but it's also different and interesting. Stephen King is creative and definitely deserves the title " Master of Horror".

23 Dreamcatcher

Please don't judge by the film this book is incredible! The friendship side (which king is a master of writing) the horror of being taken over by a strange being, bravery on all levels! First king book I ever read and I still go back to reading it all the time.

This is the only Stephen King book that I didn't like. It didn't make sense, and I stopped reading 100 before the end because I stopped caring about the story line. This happens very rarely for me.

Ridiculously underrated, don't judge it on the awful film. Duddits has to be one of King's best characters, along with Beaver. Funny, disturbing, gripping and genuinely bizarre and original. Couldn't ask for more! Brilliant writing.

24 Cell

Not the best, but it still is scary and intense, that is why King is my favourite author

25 The Dark Half
26 Mr. Mercedes: A Novel

"From start to finish I didn't know where this book was going, it was a hell of a ride and I enjoyed every part. A completely different and refreshing book, not only by King, but of the genre also."

A very enjoyable read, and not the typical horror story of King's earlier novels. Along with 11/22/63, it just proves that King has not lost his touch after all these years.

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27 Finders Keepers

This was the first King book that truly captivated me from start to finish. - prestongyates

This book should be higher! Its one of my favorites - YOUnique253

28 Insomnia

Quite possibly King's most imaginative plot. Creepy and effective.

A book that is very interesting. One of King's bestnovels

The best

This book kicks ass.should be in the top 5.

29 Needful Things

Getting into the book now. I'm really into. It has a great plot and great characters.

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30 Gerald's Game

Love the sick and twisted plot
It's a good book, not the best but really good

31 The Langoliers
32 Revival

Although it's one of his newer ones, it's an utterly terrifying ending. With a great plot that is so addicting to follow.

Just finished it today, and it's just so horrifying, so well written and the ending is so dark that will make you fear the afterlife

The first act in this book brought me to tears.

Another incredibly underrated one. It was thought provoking and horrifying. - Yoshilord

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33 End of Watch

Gotta love Holly and the strange yet tender relationship between her and Hodges. Best novel of the series.

34 Black House

The story of a grown up Jack Sawyer (The Talisman).

35 Duma Key

The most underrated King book ever.

One of kings best! Loved it! Definitely top 5 muchacho!

First King book I ever read and I still come back to it. Haunting and hauntingly beautiful. A real sense of place and the weirdness ramps up and up.

I love it.

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36 The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands
37 Full Dark, No Stars
38 The Body

This is my favorite of Stephen's works. It is truly amazing and the characters are great. It's so under rated and should be way higher on this list. The movie adaption, Stand by Me, is my favorite movie of all time, might I add.

This was made into a movie called Stand By Me, that is a must- watch because it is absolutely fantastic.

Blew through the story in 2 days and it blew my mind. Should be a necessity like To Kill a Mockingbird to read.

39 The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

Just an absolutely insane introduction to the metaphysical quality that is woven through the dark tower novels. This book is a gem because it takes everything to a whole another level after "The Gunslinger".

I'll always love this one. Even though I loved the first DT book, this was the one that got me hooked. It introduces such awesome characters, and such insane situations...

40 Night Shift

This has multiple stories in one book, which is totally awesome. Stephen King is so creative, one reason I like him so much!

The best book I've ever read - Rusty665

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