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41 Joyland

The name of the amusement park is adorable... But despite the childrens knowledge something is lurking within this park which wants them to be dead... It is revealed that some innocent children who visits the park dies in different various grotesque death... Now the protagonist learns that there is someone in this park who is wrapped over with its sadistic insanity and he has to find it, before it kills his friends, this park isn't a joyland it is a terrible bloodyland... I love the way king named the park the park adorably that will fear the reader of its darkest secrets...

I would'nt be surprised if this book is down here low... Because joyland is one of stephen kings newest novel... It is only released this 2013 and only few people had read the particular novel... But then according to my opinion this book is one of stephen kings novel which equips such a disturbing story... I had my chest heavy while reading the book, just like I felt when I happened to read his top rating book the "IT", still I knew that IT is his most disturbing novel, but the joyland has a different style which happened to catch my fear... Espesially that the characters struggle is in the amusment park along with the heavy storm that no one will hear them screaming...

Story of a college kid's summer job experiences in an amusement park ('73). No horrors but a ghost is there and so is a boy with premonition. If you do not know life as a carny (or a person working in amusement parks, carnivals), then this is a story to read.. enjoyed the fluent flow

42 Night Shift

This has multiple stories in one book, which is totally awesome. Stephen King is so creative, one reason I like him so much!

The best book I've ever read - Rusty665

43 Blaze

One of his lesser known works. written under the name of richard bachman. its not as known but still a great read

So sad. I was depressed for like a week after reading this one. Definitely one of Stephen Kings best books. - Fjunegull

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44 Bag of Bones

Criminally underrated

45 Different Seasons

Apt Pupil, The Body (Stand By Me) and Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption in one book. My god, it doesn't get any better than that.

The body while forever be a fave of mine. So many memories. Also apt pupil makes my hair stand on edge evil man evil boy fab story

Has forever left an impact on me. It will forever be one of my favourite books and I will always read it once every summer.

The fact that this is 42 right now tells me many people have not read this fantastic collection. EASILY worthy of being in the top FIVE of this list.

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46 The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

Who knew that the Master of Horror could write such a poetic, heart-felt, tragic love story? One of the very few books that I cried (remember Susan's death) and the best Dark Tower for me...I randomly pick up this and read passages from. Incredible...

I'm going to throw a "Ka, like a wind" and a "ROLAND! I LOVE the! " and while you cry, you're going to press that vote button.

The best of The Dark Tower series and another novel that should be in the top ten, have people that voted even read these novels?

I think this is the best of the Dark Tower books, and probably in the top 3 of all his works. This needs to move up the charts!

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47 Dolores Claiborne

And another thing I love about it is there is no undead or rabid dogs or other MONSTERS, it could really happen, and last of all it shows us that the real monsters in this world are people... - Stoshie

It's great because it could happen and it ties in with another great story of his

This is a really good read. The movie is also fantastic.

Dolores is one of Stephen King's best characters.

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48 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

This was the first Stephen King novel I ever read and it was amazing. I had never gotten a taste of King's literary mastery, so when I read this, it gave me a whole different perspective on writing. Amazing

Wonderful story that makes full use of ones imagination.

Loved this book

49 Rage

A novel that is both psychological in depth and in our mind.King wrote this I'm high school, and will and has brought dangerous consequences on the most realistic story he has ever written. If you read this novel, you will have entered the mind of almost every potential high school shooter that can't be read. "Books aren't the reason for crimes, but they--as movies, songs, etc.--can be used as accelarators." You have that with Rage.

50 Thinner

This book proved that King's success wasn't an accident. It was written under Bachman and ended up exposing King as the real author. It sold I think around 30,000 copies before his true identity was found out and of course sales exploded thereafter.

Bloody great so creepy but at the same time you can't put it down

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51 Drunken Fireworks
52 Doctor Sleep

I loved "The Shining" both book and movie I'm not saying this is possibly a bad book it is probably amazing I just don't want to read it because I am afraid that it may ruin the greatest movie ever and one of the greatest books ever.

This book surprised me. It was a good sequel to The Shining. I expected an average, pulp fiction, story line, but it was actually pretty good.

I've read a lot of King's work and, so far, this is my favorite. The story doesn't digress and the prose is spot on. Plus, it's a fun read.

Needs to be higher in the list. I'm actually remorseful now that I've finished this book.

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53 Apt Pupil
54 Skeleton Crew

How can this be rated so lowly? It is almost head to head with Night Shift as SK story collections go and sometimes go beyond it. The Mist alone is worth the admission price and what about Raft? And Mr. Todd's Shortcut? That bizarre, horrific tale? And the Jaunt...every time I read it I shiver from head to toe...Skeleton Crew is the Master at his best...

A book of short stories including an apocolypse, an evil sea thing, and a dead gramma wo won't stay dead. - TuckNasty

55 On Writing
56 Rose Madder

Read this over and over, pure talented writing. The story of an abused women and break for freedom I love the Greek mythology side of it. Shows that monsters are not just aliens and rabid dogs

It was a very creepy stalker book, yet I couldn't put it down! King never fails to impress (and disturb) us in the loveliest ways.

57 The Eyes of the Dragon

Such a great story. It even has pictures in it. I read the whole thing and I loved it. I just might read it again one of these days.

I love this book quite a lot. I'm surprised it's so low on the list.

58 Hearts In Atlantis

One of Stephen King's greatest books - a collection of connected stories, some of them exceptionally weird, but what has rattled around in my brain all these years after reading it is that it felt as if it was a meditation on the origins of violence.

This book has my favorite King story of all time, "Low Men in Yellow Coats". Nothing can beat that story!

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60 Nightmares & Dreamscapes
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