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41 Cody

Alumna said that he had lots of potential if he took off his handcuffs.

42 Yang

Dudes nasty! Needs more shine over his brother Yun. He's nasty too. Personality wise he's Ryu to Yun's Ken, but Yun is stronger apparently. The game needs more Wushu fighters. Chun li can't hold that art down alone

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43 Gen
44 Gill
45 Shin Akuma
46 Ibuki

This sexy ninja deserves to be way higher!

47 Evil Ryu
48 Rashid
49 El Fuerte V 1 Comment
50 Elena

How can people forget about her? She fights with only her legs, and shes really fast. Elena is awesome

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51 Hugo
52 Dan Hibiki Dan Hibiki V 1 Comment
53 Hokuto V 1 Comment
54 Hayate
55 Rolento
56 Oni V 3 Comments
57 Seth

Seth, final U.F.O. lord, blue body and great magic power, in blue factory of game Street Fighter 4. Action opponent his me big black power.

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58 Sheng Long
59 Maki
60 E Honda V 2 Comments
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