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41 I'm O.K.

The most underrated Styx song in my opinion. My favourite, however not one of their most popular songs for some reason.

'Cause I believed them when they said I must do things their way,
They tried to cast me in their mold
But I just had to say,
That I'm O.K.

42 Lonely People
43 Lights
44 Paradise

Explains itself, it's anywhere where I can be with old lady.

45 Borrowed Time
46 Everything Is Cool

Cause is a cool song from Brave new World

47 Dear John
48 Shooz
49 Best Thing

The first Styx single ever released. This is the TRUE classic Styx

50 Golden Lark
51 Love In the Midnight
52 Unfinished Song
53 Winner Take All
54 Movement for the Common Man
55 Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
56 Sing for the Day

This is so popular - everybody knows it. Why is it so far down the list?

57 Great White Hope

And I know that some of you out there, might want to see the champ get beat

58 Lords of the Ring

And though the legend was pure fantasy
We still need the hope it brings, so let's sing

59 Father O.S.A.

Mostly unknown and under appreciated

60 Edge of the Century

This is definitely one of styx's most rocked out songs. It better than their crappy love songs that Dennis Deyoung made.

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