Top 10 Military Tanks

The Top Ten Military Tanks

1 Merkava

The rather new model is unbeatable,.
It has an anti rocket system, it is fast, well armoured, has superior radar capabilities and can shoot in angles where other tanks cannot shoot, the top is flatter than the ones of other tanks and therefore harder to hit. Also it has outside cams and radar target system.

A true masterpiece

Claiming to be the second best in the world for military technology, Israel put its technological knowledge to work. The Merkava (Chariot in English) showed most of its efforts in the 80's and the Gulf War for being a stand alone MBT. With the engine in the front rather than the back, this gave the Merkava an advantage for armor and crew protection.

Incredible tank! Especially now that it uses the worlds most up to date anti tank missile defense system

With out a doubt the best

2 M1 Abrams

the abrams is practically immortal because of its composite armor. it has a 120mm main weapon and a few machine guns. its crammed full of almost alien like technology

The M1 Abrams is the most proven mbt of today with the most battles fought in than any other modern mbt. I have no doubt it could defeat the Merkava mk 4 with a good crew

The original M1 Abrams model from the early 1980's was considered the best tank ever made. Yes, a Leopard or a Challenger could give it one hell of a fight, but this tank has just been proven time and time again to be the legend of all battle tanks.

Unlike it's newer models, such as the M1A1 and M1A2 varients, this one has many features that changed how tank fighting can be done forever. A true relic to all military junkies and historians.

The original M1 Abrams from 1980 was called to be the best tank of all time. The technology advances it had were definitely one's to cause the Leopards on. From observation, the original M1 Abrams has been proven to be more effective and more useful than the M1A2 and that's a fact.

3 M1A2 Abrams

Hands down most powerful and reliable tank in all environments and situations.

Why 2%? M1A2 Abrams is the best tank in the world. This tank is used in battles for 30 years and he win with everything. - MrMeniol

Coolest tank ever man watch its video on YouTube its awesome

From its startout in the Gulf War to now, America has produced what is perhaps the Best Tank ever made. Though older models showed problems, it didn't stop it from becoming a hell bent fighting machine. Packed with a modern gun, super armor, and a well maintanced crew, this MBT shows many promises for a tank that was not made in large numbers during production.

4 Leopard 2A6

Truly advanced I went yo the PanzerMuseum and Bovington which the people said Germans where the masterminds of tanks the new 2a7 is about 1.32 better than the Abraham's that's

Many claim that its the best MBT in the world today by stats. Indeed the Germans created a unique tank that could seem unstoppable. But, it's lacking in battle history on the field, that still doesn't mean that it's deadly. Everything about it is superior, the ability to drive in deep waters to even being more fuel efficient than the American Abrams tank.


Seriously? 4%? Come on people! Trust the Russian metal a bit! First they said American Lockheed Martin F35 would rule the sky and Russians will lose their advantage in the skies but in the end, Russian Sukhoi Su-57 disappointed the Americans by giving them a run for the money. In my views, Russian metal can be always trusted.

This tank is the the first of the new generation of tanks.

Its an all weather tank it can protect it self

Should be number one

6 Leopard Tank

The only reason why the M1 Abrams is ranked first is because most of the people who vote here are Americans who just won't believe that there is in fact something around that is better than their tanks

I would say this is the currently the most powerful tank in the world but with that being said, it is hardly revolutionary for its time. It is quite comparable to other western tanks such as the Challenger or Abrams. I feel as if this tank has been voted to #1 because it is technically speaking "the most powerful tank of all time" due to the fact that it is the best modern example, however is it really the most powerful tank of all time - for its time? How many wars has it won? Sure it has only lost a single crew member in combat but that must be put into perspective, how much time on the battlefield have these tanks actually spent after all?

Best tank and just happen to be in the Swedish armed forces. Its history has been long and far standing. It has my vote!

I'm American and I agree this is the number one tank it's fast powerful and it looks cool as hell but then again the reason people consider the m1 Abrams the greatest tank that's because it's never been destroyed by an enemy in battle that's what I heard on the Military History Channel

7 Tiger Tank

The tiger tank when mentioned sent fear through allied tank crew. It's frontal armour is virtually invincible to most allied tanks. The only way for a T/34 or a Sherman to destroy a tiger was to get in close and hit it from the side. No easy feat since a tiger with it's awesome 88mm gun could destroy a T/34 before it ever got close. I think it should be number 1

A vastly inefficient, and overhyped tank which true stats are often overstated. HALF OF THEM BROKE DOWN BEFORE EVEN SEEING COMBAT. Not to mention that their armor was not substantially better than it’s vastly superior (logistically) adversary the T34. It was much worse armor wise than the often overlooked soviet workhorse the IS2 (a truly GREAT heavy tank introduced in 1944). The Tiger front upper glacis was 100 mm thick sloped at roughly a 90 degree angle (extremely inefficient).Despite all of this raw armor the tank could be penned by the majority of Soviet Tanks with the introduction of the T34-85 (1943). This was due to it’s poor armor profile. A truly inefficient and piece of crap design. Only things that were good about it was the gun (which was excellent throughout the war), and the armor (which was ONLY truly effective when the Tiger was first introduced).

Germanys great successes can not finished without one of the Greatest Tanks of all time. It's strength in numbers and toughness at the time was so excellent, that it top off the Sherman by a long shot. But, it too, had mechanical failures of its own. Main reason why it's said to fail can go along with many other panzers of its time, it was too expensive compared to its T-34 opponents.

When this tank came to the battlefield, the Russians really find out what the word fear means. This tank is the best tank in the history just its name has launched the panic. The Russians claimed that they destroyed more tanks than were made only to raise the moral.

8 T-90

The t-90ms has been severely updated from the older t-90 models it brings to the table modern fire and control systems and improved defensive and offensive capabilities which can rival even the Abrams. What is not understand is that the T-90 has been upgraded because of the constant effort by the Russian military to improve their weapon systems. The ability of the T-90 to adapt and overcome can not be understated and is the greatest part of the weapon system that has served the Russian military from 1992 to present day and is still a very capable and competitive weapon system in the international community. - Danieltfsmop

Originally named after the T- 72BU, the T-90 is the most current tank in the Russian Federations services. Similar to most modern MBT's, the T-90's toughness suits its purpose on the field of action. It also has been seen to successfully drive underwater and get hit by 7 RPG's but still remains operational.

Its a great tank due to its speed and agility its got a smoothbore weapon and it is equiped with reactive armor therefor its a great tank plus - ITS RUSSIAN, by the way I know it not going to be # 1-5 but I do know its better than the darn merkava

Best tank way yah better than the American bull crap they call the Abrams - HATOOTEH

9 Challenger 3

Tank does not exist

Shark launcher?

New British supertank 2miilion lbs a 250 mm cannon and 4 yes 4 30mm mini guns. Also a shark launcher.

10 Type 99

It is sometimes used to destroy challenger tanks and Abrams tanks

I love this tank

We will prosper!

The Newcomers

? BMP-1

A great overall platform. Very reliable and inexpensive vehicle to produce. There are multiple nations using this platform to create the best tank killer ever with 8 atgms. Look it up for yourself, truly impressive. A versatile and effective platform, which over 60 years after it's introduction, will be the most cost-effective tank killer on the planet.

A very capable platform, but not without drawbacks. For example it could be penetrated in the sides and rear by 50 caliber machine guns. Despite this drawback, the BMP proved to be an overall effective design, which considering their low cost was the most (theoretically) cost effective afv at the time. However, it's logistics are what truly sets this tank apart. It was on paper, just as effective at taking down mbts as actual mbts were. However, these capabilities came at the cost of only 16 tons of steel, while giants such as the Chieftain were 50+ tons and in theory no more effective.

An awesome ifv. Not really a traditional tank, but could be considered a light tank like the guy above said. Truly revolutionary, but did have its shortcomings.

In my opinion this is the most revolutionary tank in the history of armored warfare. While it is technically referred to as an ifv, it is essentially a light tank with amphibious, and air transportable capabilities. This light tank at the time of its introduction could effectively take out any tank in existence. It’s maluytka atgm could penetrate a Chieftains upper front glacis. While it’s armor was poor, it was highly transportable, highly upgradable, could be used to effectively take out MBTs, could carry 7+ troops, and weighed only 16 tons, so it cost half the resources of a Bradley (32 tons). A do it all cost effective design, which was incredibly revolutionary for its time. - TheHistoryofarmoredwarfare

The Contenders

11 T-34

In terms of a specific weapon system's influence over the course of a war, T34 stand out supreme in military history. In T34 the soviets had a a bulk tank immensely superior to the German bulk tanks, making up for the German superiority in moral and training during the first stages of the war. This, along with other factors, gave the soviets the breathing space for regrouping and getting even. Later on, equipped with an new turret, a superior gun and well-trained troops, T34 spearheaded the largest offensive the world has ever seen. I am aware of no tank that influenced the course of a conflict (and the design of tanks) so deeply.

The Leopard tank DID NOT SERVE IN WW2 it was developed in 1965. The leopard VK1602 light tank was planned by the Nazi's as a recon vehicle but never was built. The T34 is the best ever the Tiger was a better built tank but was difficult to maintain on the battle field. The T34 was easy to drive, maintain and built in the tens of thousands. It was fited on the fly with a 75 mm gun or a self propeled gun when needed. The sloped armour was revolutionary. It won the Eastern Front.

This deserves to be the first because in it's time had fairly average armor and a fairly average gun. Not to mention it's sloping armor which reduced the chance for a shell to penetrate through it's armor and the sloping armor was new to it's time. The best thing about this tank is that it was very cheap to produce. RUSSIA PWNS

If you need an antique tank that is reliable, deadly, fast, quick-firing, and is still used by 3rd world countries look no further!

12 Challenger Tank

This should be first. It doesn't matter how modern or advanced the Abrams is, an ungodly amount of them have been destroyed while this beasts death count still stands proudly at zero. The only reason I don't have an opinion on the leopard is because it hasn't even entered combat yet.

The challenger mk2 has praticaly impervious armour which has been able to whithstand anti-tank mines/missiles and has a world record for hitting a moving target from around 5.5km away. Along with its AP rounds it can distroy an enemy tank before it had even seen the challenger coming.

Also it has a excellent operating range unlike the m1 abrams which needs a ridiculous amount of fuel to operate even over short distances

The best tank in the world is the tank that is indestructible. The Abrams is massively overrated and its (British) armour is not as good as the Chally. Look at how many world records the Challenger holds. Nothing comes close.

This tank can withstand hellfire missiles which were made to one-shot tanks. Abrams and leopard maybe technologically advanced but it takes more than 15 hellfires to stop one of these. Other tanks can't survive this.

13 Arjun

Considering this is the first indigenous tank from India, it's a great, on par with most modern tanks, which have already gone though series of enhancements

This is has the best ever turret of any tank able to penitrate 167mm of steel alloy type 3 armour!

Terribly bad MBT for the current year design is based on the first production leo2A4 the gunners camera is extremely open and any she'll going through there will kill the crew the speed is on par for a MBT but it's armour and cannon are not the armour it's armour values are still not released but since its based on the leo2A4 I can't imagine it facing well against even Rpg-7s it's cannon appears to be the worst as it's standard
APFSDS is rated at only 310mm of penetration against RHA to give a better example of how bad it is the standard challenger 2 M1A2 and leopard2A7 all have their APFSDS she'll penetration ranging from 700mm to almost 900m - Reich

East or west india is best

14 Panzer VIII Maus

Version that was designed for combat may have had 7in gun and more armour

It was known as the heaviest tank in history and weighing at almost 2 million pounds, this beast can't be mistaken. The thought of what it could do on the field would be mind boggling. Sadly, it never saw the field of war and only two were ever made. The first was destroyed in a bombing, while the second was captured by the soviets.

First one is not destroyed by bombing. It didn't had turret and ammo

The biggest and heaviest tank ever built it weighed 188 tonnes

15 M4 Sherman

It may have gotten its butt kicked by the tigers, but one thing to remember is that this tank had way more survivors than the tiger. Mainly because of the amount of malfunctions in the tiger tank. This left them trapped and weak in the middle of a battle. Also they ran out of fuel 50 percent of the time also making them vulnerable. Most documentaries forget to include these facts. The tiger only wins if it doesn't have any malfunctions. I'm not saying the Sherman is perfect though. It also has some malfunctions.

It was incredibly easy to produce. It was considered to be incredibly reliable, even the soviets with their T-34 masterpiece loved this tank. The controls are so easy to use even an idiot could figure them out. The Sherman sported a wide range of variants. They were equipped with flamethrowers, AA guns, rocket launchers, smaller cannons, larger cannons, and could become bridging units if need be.

I've always had a thing for this tank, In World war 2 It was One of the Most if not The Most Reliable tank out there, While sure, Most people think that The Main Variants had A standard gas engine that would burn Up in a Hearbeat when hit, It was actually Usually the Ammo storage, This was found out when Sherman's knocked out in combat were sometimes examined and the fuel was actually still usually found intact, Now There's a solution to this, The M4A1 76(W)(W Stands for Wet Ammo storage), this version and its M4A2 76(W) counterpart had different ammo storages then a Standard Sherman, and it would save Many of the crew members of these types if they were hit.

Now here comes the Armor Problem, Your standard sherman variant has 2.0/2.5 inches of armor, although you could Add extra armor to the sides and front to help somewhat solve this problem, there's also a not well known HEAVY tank variant of the Sherman, called the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Its Front Glacis was About 5-7 Inches ...more

Accurate, easily produced, and realiable in engagements the Sherman showed us just what it can do. This battle tank was used for many wartime situations not only including both the Pacific and European tours, but also in the Vietnam and Korean wars too.

16 Olifant Mk.2

The olifant is one of the best with a brand new fire control system, target aquisition system and classified modular composite armor can easily take on a T-90 or even M1A2 abrams

Easily up to the standard of most Western and Russian tanks.

This can go head to heat with the British challenger

Best tank in Africa

17 Churchill Mk IV
18 M48 Patton
19 Challenger
20 Al-Khalid

Designed to survive everything and it could very well do so with some modern weapons. And armour.

This is supposed to be on no. 11

Best tank ever

Best in zarb e azab and other operation specialy better then arjun tank

21 T-72

Just simple mass production

Did great in the gulf war no sarcassum

The T72 often gets a bad reputation for it’s pitiful performance while serving for the Iraqi army. However the reality is that the T72 was a masterpiece in tank engineering at the time of it’s creation. The reason for this, was it’s ability to take out any tank that was available during this time, and the extremely cheap, and cost effective design it possessed. It’s poor performance in the Iraqi army was due to it being used with poor tactics, practice ammunition (horrible no uranium core), and it being a down graded export version of an already downgraded tank (the T72m).Not to mention it had to face a modern, and fully equipped Abrams.😧

22 Panther

The Pz. Kfw. V Panther was the best operational Main Battle Tanks of WWII. It's primary advantages over other tanks of the time were it's strong angled frontal armor, faster turret traverse, and speed. It's 75mm gun also had excellent range and accuracy. Now remember that the 75mm American short guns and 57mm Soviet AT guns were also accurate, but they could maintain stopping power at long ranges like the German guns could. Building a tank that could hit a target at 1200 Meters wasn't that difficult, but building a tank that could DESTROY targets at that range was an entirely different story. However, like many German Vehicles of the time, the Panther was over-engineered, and thus very expensive to produce. It also carried sufficient side armor, but was still prone to AT Rifle hits. - Operation_Fortitude

After the initial faults were fixed it performed better than any other tank of the war, this was because it had a overall better cannon (7.5cm KWK 42L/70) and its armour was almost immune to the cannons of the day and some later guns, it was fast for its size and was better at cross country than others

Panther has everything like tiger (it also includes good armor) but it's much faster!

It was an awesome thing

23 Tiger II

Much better than the original Tiger but still the without the original, this tank wouldn't have been made and if I were to give a trophy for the best tank, nah I'll just order two trophies and give 'em both each - Neonco31

Ok how is this thing down here do you idiots know that Germany plans to re use them upgraded!?!?

It was a very powerful tank. It could knock out an tank

In my opinion and I have done a lot of research into W.W.11 tanks nothing could beat a Tiger 2. Unless the tank broke down or ran out of gas otherwise forget about it no contest.

24 AMX Leclerc
25 Centurion Mk 1

I hate it when people think the Centurion wasn't great. It was the single best British design of the 1940's. I think the person who designed this list was slightly brain-dead.

I'm going to buy one of these for a paddock basher.

How is the best tank EVER not in the top 10? It served from the end of WW2 to now in some countries and preceded ALL other MBTs, yet I find it 36th. With a powerful gun and thick armour, it could take on any tank of its day and come out victorious. Even now, it is still an effective weapon, so why isn't it no1?

Centurion is undoubtedly one of the greatest tank designs of all time. It was in service around the world as a universal tank for decades and is still in use as a combat tractor.
Saw service in North Korea with the British where it was very valuable as a force multiplier.
Also with the Australians during the Vietnam War.
Showed itself to be the best tank of its time in the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur War where armoured units such as the 7th and Barack brigades faced down T55 and T62 tanks who sometimes outnumbered them 15-1. Awesome tank.

26 M36 Tank Destroyer
27 Panzer IV

Main battle tanks were important for fighting later in the war. Light and medium tanks became more reliable at the moment and the Germans had what they needed. As an overall great Medium sizer tank, the Pz. IV became a popular panzer on most of the European frontlines.

Because it's just great. just great!

28 Crusader Tank

Great, Cool, Swift Tank, nothing more to ask for.

Best all around tanks of the bunch

It actually isn't that good, because ANY GERMAN TANK COULD KNOCK IT OUT IN A SINGLE SHOT

29 Challenger 2

Supplied to two armies including the United Kingdom and oman army. The newer design off the Challenger I, sent in for many peacekeeping missions in the Middle East. Many missions showed that it was impenetrable to all enemy fire, except for IED's.

The Challenger 2 may be slightly heavier than most MBT's there for slightly slower, neither was it built in as many numbers as the T-54/55 or as successful as the T-34 but it has the best gun and with a rifled barrel so it hits what you're aiming at, the best in targeting technology, best life support systems, best camo fitted and best in MBT armour. It's also not as bigger target as the M60 or the Abrams

Anyone else wonder how it stood LESS than the challenger I?

Best tank on list many tanks forgotten though

30 M18 Hellcat

Sorry but it was only the fastest tank destroyer, the fastest tank was the but-7 with a top speed of 86km/h 6km/h faster than the M18

I love this tank! They were almost as good as the Sherman which was an amazing tank

Some countries still use it today

Optimum pace!

31 Arjun Mark 3

1500 hp engine, undr 50 ton,130 mm gun, laser gun, multi fuel engine, antiaircraft gun

32 Black Panther South Korea

That thing is like Armored Ferrari

This is the Tiger of today

A black panther is better then any other tank

Best in the world

33 Arjun MK 2

Desert supercar great speed

Arjun is the best

Arjun is a word of sanskrit language (oldest language ), arjun means Lion. It has 93 up-gradation on arjun mk 1. It is mix machine of t-90 and Abrams m1a1, with best parts of German, Israelis, French and British technologies. It has above average accurate gun and one of the best protection of armor kanchan. Arjun scores batter than t-90 in field trial, it is much more cheaper than Abrams.


34 C1 Ariete

It's the perfect balance

Fast, well armored, and gunned...perfect balance.

Italian Mbt.

35 Object 279

Why is this 4-tracked nuclear oyster not at no1?

The best tank need it in war thunder

Another intimadating tank from ww2,
Designed to survive EVERYTHING, and it could very well do so with some modern weapons and armour

36 K1A1

Should be number 1, because it has the same gun as the Abrams, but has can handle complex fire-control tasks.

The K1A1 should be number 1, because of its agile versatility and fast speed and devastating power

Drove it. Killed some isis - Warwolf18

It has a 120mm barrell, very fast and is very agile. More like a tiger + with a cheetah's speed. Just because it has layers of armour doesn't mean its very good. Lots of armour will end up with a very heavy tank, slowling it down. However, the k1a1 has a medium amount of armour, yet has a horribly devasting power

37 KV-1

Good for defense, which is cool

38 Chieftain FV4201

Truly the epitome of British tank engineering, making a lasting impression on all modern 21st MBT's around the world. Made in the 1960's with major advances in technology, such as the supine driving position, allowing the hull to be sloped even further and add more protection, the 120mm rifled gun allowing the Chieftain to outgun and outrange the heavy Leopard 1 and Russian tanks, highly classified Chobham Armour which is still in use today on the Challenger and M1A2 Abrams MBT's and finally the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel; allowing the crew to make their tea in the safety of the tank.
All of these allowed the Chieftain to be the chief in armour supremacy from the 1960's and continues to do so as models are still in service with nations, and the formidable Merkava tanks were based on the Chieftains design. It truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank'.
However I do have to admit it has it's downsides, during the Iran-Iraq war the ...more

This tank truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank in history'

Designed in the 1960's the Chieftain is much older than all other MBT's used by major powers and yet can still stand up to them, all thanks to the revolutionary designs created solely for the Chieftain. The highly classified Chobham armour which is still in use today by Challengers 2's and M1A2's, the latest in rifled gun technology allowing it to outrange and even outgun some tanks which are used today and not to mention the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel allowing tea to made safely in the confines of the tank.
To prove it's worth multiple nations around the world still use the Chieftain even if the British Army doesn't, and the Merkava tank was even based off of the Chieftain!
The only downside is it's engine, it not being strong enough to power the beast that is the Chieftain.

39 Mark I
40 KV-2

Designed to destroy bunkers with its 152mm cannon, it could pretty much destroy every ww2 tank into pieces

If you make a tank in 1940, and it continues to be used in 1945 side by side with T 34 85s, IS 3s and ISU 152s, then you have a good tank. Heck, I will put my money on this having the best chance against an Abrams out of any ww2 tank. (Still slim but could knock out the crew with HE) - Loremaster

41 Ground Combat Vehicle

What is that

42 Asad Babil

This is Fail of a tank, They just downgraded the T-72M - P-51IsDaBest

43 M-84 Serbia

This tank is product of Ex Yugoslavia but the main of all produce was in Croatia. They upgrade him in M95 Degman in late "90.

44 M60 Patton
45 M41 Walker Bulldog

This tank is awesome. It even serves today in some countries.

46 T-54
47 T-95 Degman

Croatian-planned mbt. Sadly, only prototype was made but ot would be very good Croatian tank

€ Intellect-ON
• Engineering-ON
• HighEnd Equipment-ON
• Experience - ON
• Resources - ON
• Money to finance production - (what money? ) OFF

48 T-55 Enigma

Thos tank is easy to produce and has armor that can withstand a serious beating. It uses steel boxes with several layers of spaced armor on them, it's called appliqué armor. An Enigma was able to survive 15 MILAN AT Missiles successfully but it was then knocked out by a Helicopter.

49 PL-01 Concept

The newest tank by far. Made by Polish,this tank has thermal camouflage and smoke grenades. Turret is remote controlled and has autoloading mechanism. while it is not yet build, first prototype will be finished in 2016, and between 2018 and 2020 mass production will start

And it doesent have hatches O_O only 1 exit at back of tank

50 M2 Bradley

Is this tank or AFV

Ok correct me if I am wrong but this is for all tank like vihechles right? because Bradley is afv._.

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