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21 Tiger II

Ok how is this thing down here do you idiots know that Germany plans to re use them upgraded!?!?

It was a very powerful tank. It could knock out an tank

In my opinion and I have done a lot of research into W.W.11 tanks nothing could beat a Tiger 2. Unless the tank broke down or ran out of gas otherwise forget about it no contest.

Which tank had the thickest armor?
The most powerful gun?
Even though this tank had a bad track record for its mechanical failures, it was still one of the at least top three of the most powerful tanks in ww2. The only reason why it was not number one is because there were only 500 of these beasts produced, but they were still increadibly effective. should be at least top seven or eight, not number 22.

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22 Al-Khalid

Designed to survive everything and it could very well do so with some modern weapons. And armour.

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23 Panzer IV

Main battle tanks were important for fighting later in the war. Light and medium tanks became more reliable at the moment and the Germans had what they needed. As an overall great Medium sizer tank, the Pz. IV became a popular panzer on most of the European frontlines.

24 M48 Patton
25 Mark I
26 Churchill Mk IV
27 Challenger
28 Challenger 2

Supplied to two armies including the United Kingdom and oman army. The newer design off the Challenger I, sent in for many peacekeeping missions in the Middle East. Many missions showed that it was impenetrable to all enemy fire, except for IED's.

The Challenger 2 may be slightly heavier than most MBT's there for slightly slower, neither was it built in as many numbers as the T-54/55 or as successful as the T-34 but it has the best gun and with a rifled barrel so it hits what you're aiming at, the best in targeting technology, best life support systems, best camo fitted and best in MBT armour. It's also not as bigger target as the M60 or the Abrams

Anyone else wonder how it stood LESS than the challenger I?

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29 Black Panther South Korea

That thing is like Armored Ferrari

A black panther is better then any other tank

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30 K1A1

Should be number 1, because it has the same gun as the Abrams, but has can handle complex fire-control tasks.

The K1A1 should be number 1, because of its agile versatility and fast speed and devastating power

Drove it. Killed some isis - Warwolf18

Bbeesssttt of all

should be on number 1

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31 Ground Combat Vehicle
32 Arjun MK 2

Arjun is a word of sanskrit language (oldest language ), arjun means Lion. It has 93 up-gradation on arjun mk 1. It is mix machine of t-90 and Abrams m1a1, with best parts of German, Israelis, French and British technologies. It has above average accurate gun and one of the best protection of armor kanchan. Arjun scores batter than t-90 in field trial, it is much more cheaper than Abrams.

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33 AMX Leclerc
34 Asad Babil V 1 Comment
35 Arjun Mark 3
36 M-84 Serbia

This tank is product of Ex Yugoslavia but the main of all produce was in Croatia. They upgrade him in M95 Degman in late "90.

37 Centurion Mk 1

How is the best tank EVER not in the top 10? It served from the end of WW2 to now in some countries and preceded ALL other MBTs, yet I find it 36th. With a powerful gun and thick armour, it could take on any tank of its day and come out victorious. Even now, it is still an effective weapon, so why isn't it no1?

Centurion is undoubtedly one of the greatest tank designs of all time. It was in service around the world as a universal tank for decades and is still in use as a combat tractor.
Saw service in North Korea with the British where it was very valuable as a force multiplier.
Also with the Australians during the Vietnam War.
Showed itself to be the best tank of its time in the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur War where armoured units such as the 7th and Barack brigades faced down T55 and T62 tanks who sometimes outnumbered them 15-1. Awesome tank.

38 M60 Patton
39 M41 Walker Bulldog

This tank is awesome. It even serves today in some countries.

40 Chieftain FV4201

Truly the epitome of British tank engineering, making a lasting impression on all modern 21st MBT's around the world. Made in the 1960's with major advances in technology, such as the supine driving position, allowing the hull to be sloped even further and add more protection, the 120mm rifled gun allowing the Chieftain to outgun and outrange the heavy Leopard 1 and Russian tanks, highly classified Chobham Armour which is still in use today on the Challenger and M1A2 Abrams MBT's and finally the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel; allowing the crew to make their tea in the safety of the tank.
All of these allowed the Chieftain to be the chief in armour supremacy from the 1960's and continues to do so as models are still in service with nations, and the formidable Merkava tanks were based on the Chieftains design. It truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank'.
However I do have to admit it has it's downsides, during the Iran-Iraq war the ...more

This tank truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank in history'

Designed in the 1960's the Chieftain is much older than all other MBT's used by major powers and yet can still stand up to them, all thanks to the revolutionary designs created solely for the Chieftain. The highly classified Chobham armour which is still in use today by Challengers 2's and M1A2's, the latest in rifled gun technology allowing it to outrange and even outgun some tanks which are used today and not to mention the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel allowing tea to made safely in the confines of the tank.
To prove it's worth multiple nations around the world still use the Chieftain even if the British Army doesn't, and the Merkava tank was even based off of the Chieftain!
The only downside is it's engine, it not being strong enough to power the beast that is the Chieftain.

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