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41 Chieftain FV4201

Truly the epitome of British tank engineering, making a lasting impression on all modern 21st MBT's around the world. Made in the 1960's with major advances in technology, such as the supine driving position, allowing the hull to be sloped even further and add more protection, the 120mm rifled gun allowing the Chieftain to outgun and outrange the heavy Leopard 1 and Russian tanks, highly classified Chobham Armour which is still in use today on the Challenger and M1A2 Abrams MBT's and finally the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel; allowing the crew to make their tea in the safety of the tank.
All of these allowed the Chieftain to be the chief in armour supremacy from the 1960's and continues to do so as models are still in service with nations, and the formidable Merkava tanks were based on the Chieftains design. It truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank'.
However I do have to admit it has it's downsides, during the Iran-Iraq war the ...more

This tank truly deserves the title 'most formidable tank in history'

Designed in the 1960's the Chieftain is much older than all other MBT's used by major powers and yet can still stand up to them, all thanks to the revolutionary designs created solely for the Chieftain. The highly classified Chobham armour which is still in use today by Challengers 2's and M1A2's, the latest in rifled gun technology allowing it to outrange and even outgun some tanks which are used today and not to mention the most vital addition to any British armoured vehicle, the boiling vessel allowing tea to made safely in the confines of the tank.
To prove it's worth multiple nations around the world still use the Chieftain even if the British Army doesn't, and the Merkava tank was even based off of the Chieftain!
The only downside is it's engine, it not being strong enough to power the beast that is the Chieftain.

42 T-95 Degman

Croatian-planned mbt. Sadly, only prototype was made but ot would be very good Croatian tank

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43 KV-2

Designed to destroy bunkers with its 152mm cannon, it could pretty much destroy every ww2 tank into pieces

44 Object 279

Why is this 4-tracked nuclear oyster not at no1?

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45 T-55 Enigma

Thos tank is easy to produce and has armor that can withstand a serious beating. It uses steel boxes with several layers of spaced armor on them, it's called appliqué armor. An Enigma was able to survive 15 MILAN AT Missiles successfully but it was then knocked out by a Helicopter.

46 KV-1

Good for defense, which is cool

47 PL-01 Concept

The newest tank by far. Made by Polish,this tank has thermal camouflage and smoke grenades. Turret is remote controlled and has autoloading mechanism. while it is not yet build, first prototype will be finished in 2016, and between 2018 and 2020 mass production will start

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48 M18 Hellcat

I love this tank! They were almost as good as the Sherman which was an amazing tank

Some countries still use it today

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49 M2 Bradley

Ok correct me if I am wrong but this is for all tank like vihechles right? because Bradley is afv._.

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50 MBT-70

It was designed as replacement for the M60 patton series as new American mbt. However MBT-70 program failed and was replaced by today s M1 abrams series. But its considired as grandfather of Abrams and Leopard tanks. It had 152mm cannon. Design is very similar to M1 Abrams though.

51 T-54
52 K-2 Black Panther

Made in Korea, expensive, powerful.

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