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1 Reptilia

Great song, incredible riff. Makes me want to jump and scream. One of the best bands in the world

Hands Down the Best Song. One of the best freaking bands of the 21st century

THE BEST SONG OF THE STROKES GOOD JOB FOR be in this top I really apreciate this song I put every day when I takin a sower your you should try

Best band. Best song. In all seriousness, the only problem with it is the fact that it doesn't go for 6 minutes. Few songs have this level of genius in them.

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2 Last Nite

Honestly one of the catchiest songs ever

Very catchy song, one of the best I've heard from The Strokes. I can't stop listening to it! It also has a great beat and rhythm. Julian does a good job on the vocals. The rest if the band does fantastic too!

One of the best songs of the past decade julian does a great job with the vocals the entire band is amazing

Incredible, awesome, wonderful, amazing, brilliant, I don't know why it won't let me post this right now...

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3 You Only Live Once

Just started listening to this band last week, so far this is my favorite song

Meaning, motivating, upbeat, inspirational, great, awesome, sweet, lovely, cool, listen to it

It has the best guitar riffs of their many songs. I never get tired of listening to it. Right up there with the all the great songs off the previous two albums...

it not only a good song it talks about reality how people think of themselves and the music just move you. this is how I became to love the strokes

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4 Hard to Explain

The best their song

This song is so great to listen to at any time. I can always turn to this song when I'm in a bad mood. It's one of those songs that never get old! Julian sounds great!

Such a nostalgic, dreamy song. Brings tears to my eyes when I hear it.

cmon guys, this has by far the catchiest melody and the guitar parts are just beautiful. Shows off Julian's voice perfectly.

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5 Under Cover of Darkness

I never paid to much attention to it... considering it "too new"... but THAT#s the perfect strokes-sound to me. The rough old guitar, the rough old Julian, so much passion and still a new sound. LOVE it! Best song for driving your car on an empty highway!

This song is ridiculously catchy, but at the same time Casablancas sings with such passion.

It's a close thing for all of them, but in my opinion this is their best - I have been addicted to the Strokes ever since I heard this song back in 2010. Not stopped listening to them for a year now, my favourite band of all time! Absolute love for the Strokes

Probably the tightest track they've recorded. The instruments all blend together extremely well, and there's plenty of tasteful guitar work. It is an interesting song since it has an upbeat and high energy groove that you can easily dance to, yet also has a melancholy feel to it lurking below the surface, especially in the way that Casablancas delivers the memorable vocal melody.

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6 Automatic Stop

This was the first song I've ever heard from the strokes and after I fell in love and it believe me I replayed this songs along with all the others but this is the one that'll never burn out

Guitar riff is so good! Oh my goodness. Why are the strokes amazing? For sure one of the most underrated songs.

Wow! I think this song should be wayy higher! Top 10 at least! It has an amazing guitar riff... Great vocals from Julian as usual... But the guitar riff is amazing! Definitely one of their most underrated songs

This is my favorite song! Its guitar riff is simply awesome. I always cry of joy when listening this song. I love it, I love The Strokes.

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7 Someday

This song isn't bad at all. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Their best song in my opinion, great lyrics, amazing tune and melody. Its pretty much the type of song that every strokes fan hopes for when an album is released. I just think its really great how this is the type of song that gets stuck in my head all day, yet it doesn't get annoying. Amazing song, end of story.

Last Nite is critically regarded as their best song, and honestly I can see why. It embodies the supercool apathy atmosphere the Strokes are all about. That sort of attitude is what makes the Strokes my favourite band of the century. They are the coolest band around today, hands down. But the song that got me into the Strokes is Someday. I have pleasant memories attached to this song and its feel good vibes. That's why it gets my vote.

"alone we stand, together we fall apart. " Those are unbeatable lyrics. Amazing instrumentals, amazing lyrics. I get shivers when I hear it.

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8 New York City Cops

Great song to be honest

Love this song too!

This song has a great riff. - Quart

This is by far the hardest and edgiest Strokes song, it's unfair that it wasn't on the U.S. version of Is This It. - Quart

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9 The End Has No End

This song its pure beauty from start to end period. But the voice melody, men this has to be the greatest voice melody ever "He wants it easy he wanted relaxed! " Catchy as hell. Lyrics fit ridiculously fine on the voice harmony. If you're a vocalist on a rock band you WILL want to sing this song live. Its just. Damn its too perfect!

Can't explain how good it is.. it makes me get choked up. That little guitar part that nick does is just the best thing ever. please make this one the best! Show how much we love the strokes

How is this not in the top 10. Not even sure it's my favourite, there is too many great strokes songs; but number 16?!? This would definitely be in my top 3. Pure class from start to finish. Just my opinion but seriously I can't believe this is so low in the list

I'm not sure why, but I just LOVE this song. Every part, from the verses to the chorus to the bridge are all phenomenal.

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10 Heart in a Cage

My favorite. Love the video too

Probably my favourite song ever. True rock'n'roll, the drunk Julian wrote it, with all the parts and this amazing solo guitar work. Real talent.

Hey Men! My favorite song of all times by far, classic from the strokes 00's

Dude, this song is absolutely amazing. Nice transition, nice clip and nice Julian's voice, as always.

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The Contenders

11 Take It or Leave It

When I first listened to it, the song blew me away and became one of my favourite songs of all time. Powerhouse song with so much passion. My favourite strokes song. So good

Last song on their magnificent debut album. Last song and also their best song, although many other songs are fantastic as well.

This album is my favorite Strokes album by far, and Take it or Leave it is definitely the best song on Is This it. Amazing guitar, non-stop catchiness, life-changing song really. Likaboss.

This song rocks! 100 times better than Reptilla! Can't believe this didn't even make top the top ten! Listen to it all the time.

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12 12:51

Hooked from the first listen when my brother turned it on and we we're flying down the road in the car and I kept going back to the same track over and over.

I was gonna vote for reptilia, but this was too low, its just an awesome song. Every thing about it is just awesome, especially the unique guitar sound.

My favourite Friday night party song. Listening to this in the bus when I'm going to town is just amazing, especially since I live in a cold country and the lyrics "F*** the winter, let's party... All right, let's go, you convinced me" just make me extremely happy I decided to let my friends convince me to go out!

Catchy song that come from the unique guitar sound and good lyric... this really is the one of the greatest rock song ever.

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13 Machu Picchu

I absolutely love this! Best song in Angles by far. It never fails to excite me. Also, lyrics are really good.

It has some sort of psychedelic feel I just absolutely love! Great riffs, great chorus, melody, beat.

And here I thought I was going to have to add this gem to the list. Way to go other listeners!

It's one of the best opening songs ever! And it said so many true things about modern society

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14 Juicebox

This song always makes gets me hyped up and feeling ready to take on the world! This is my favorite Strokes song of all time. I think it should be in the top 5 AT LEAST! I really don't know what else to say about it other than it's the most amazing song ever.. I really recommend this to any rock lovers and anyone who wants a thrill. Definitely a greaat song. GREAT.

Seriously y'all? This song's badass. Reptilia's only number one because of Guitar Hero

its cool and great riff this song

Most energetic strokes song ever: casablancas screams his head off: what a blast!

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15 What Ever Happened?

One of the BEST songs, not only on Room on Fire, but of all the Strokes songs. It's so underrated but it is seriously one of the best. The chorus gives me chills! The Strokes are the best band of the 21st century

This song gives me CHILLS! The riff, the chorus, the drums, EVERYTHING is amazing! It really is one of the best songs of the Strokes, too bad it's so underrated.

Should rank higher. Live this song. There is a reason why the strokes decided to start their album with this track.

This and Modern Age should be wayy higher. Not sure what's going on with you people.

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16 Slow Animals

Not a fangirl, a guy here actually, and I love this song. Julian is the father of a baby girl now, and understands the things that will come along as she gets older. This is the perfect song to describe every father who wondered, and were cautious about their little girl. Staying up late till their baby came home, this song is just the perfect description. I truly like their new album.

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17 Oblivius Oblivius

The best track on Future Present Past, hands down.

A really good tune, belongs into the list.

Great guitar harmony. I love it. - ehinan

A nice present - in two ways.

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18 The Modern Age

Why is this so low

An extremely good song. This song quite literally changed my life. Sounds good and nostalgic, and gives good feelings to the listener. Good music and lyrics as well. THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 1, with Reptilia as Second Place.

I may or may not have already posted a comment glorifying this ;) but the Modern Age is so good. It make me smile and get goosebumps while listening and it is good melodically and rhythmically speaking.

Wow, this should be a LOT higher. One of their top 2-3 classics. Best appreciated live, great guitar work, sweet solo, great lyrics and singing with a great melody.

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19 80's Comedown Machine

Absolutely beautiful song. Definitely in my top 5.

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20 Is This It

"I'm just way too tired. " I think this is The Stroke's best song. If I had to choose one song to represent my life, this would be it. Everyone can relate to the weariness and frustration expressed in this song.

My favourite for I don't know what reason knowing there are some landmark songs in this landmark album.

I really love this song... The bass and the guitar are perfect!

Are you kidding me? This song should be om top 3! The meaning just amazing and can relatable to any moments.

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21 Taken for a Fool

What's wrong with this messed up list?!
Machu Picchu, Taken For A Fool, Take it oe leave it, Trying your luck... All these song should be in the top ten!
I love this song by the way...

Don't know if it's the best but it's the most catchy of the strokes just after last nite. For that it deserves to be in the top 5: reptilia, yolo, someday, last nite, machu pichu and (ups they just have so many great songs) taken for a fool. :P The strokes are the best band on planet earth.

Best strokes song for far!

For me one of the bests of this amazing group
The lead guitar is so catchy!

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22 Ize of the World

The words are absolutely brilliant. The things that Julian sings really make you think. The way that the music builds up into the chorus and the delivery from all parts of the band puts it over the top. Best Strokes song hands down.

Disclaimer, The Strokes are my favorite. I love music in general, though, and have been to at least 25 concerts in my life. That being said, this song blew me away more live than any song I've ever heard live, period. Absolutely killer buildup to the very end (which blew up part of my left lobe) only to end abruptly. Amazing.

Despite it not being instantly catchy as their more pop-friendly songs, this one grows on you. Really nice guitars and dynamic drums. The chorus makes this song peak. The contrast between the powerful and loud instrumentation, and Julian's sad and hopeless singing and then a powerful scream like he burst into a tantrum. Brilliant.

Incredible lyrics, awesome guitar solo, outstanding vocal performance by Julian. Truly one of their best songs, if not their best.

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23 Tap Out

Such a good song, the electric vibe is just right

Are you kidding me? Best strokes song. Reptilia who? Seriously. The riff, lyrics, solo, Julian's singing, everything! Definitely in top 3

I think Comedown Machine needs a revisit from everyone, it seems to be entirely underrated.

The best song of comedown machine

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24 Red Light

Best song of the worst/second worst album

The guitar-work in this song is too genius to put this at 38. - PeterG28

This song is just so sweet, like 'all the girls could never make me love them the way I love you' man that is sweet af

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25 One Way Trigger

This is my song of the day, absolute perfection. Julian belting his heart out is amazing first and for most. The song brings a unique chorus pattern even for a band that already paces themselves so uniquely. Just an all around great song.

Their latest song but its up there with some of their best.

How is this song so low! Top 10 at least.

Julian Acts and screams like a girl here. The only highlight was him going higher than Adam levine.

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26 Trying Your Luck

This is my favorite The Strokes' song. It is melodious, carefree, and outrageously cool. More people should listen to this song more. I've been listening to this song continuously since a break up incident 3-4 days back. ;-) - bhargavsai

This song is amazing. I love how the strokes can turn simple guitar into such an unforgettable tune. It also has great emotional meaning. I'm feeling this song right now

The most emotional song ever! Just tunes of guitars are leaving that sad feeling and solo is great. Lyrics are just saying that Julian is desperate. I love it!

This is my personal favorite The Strokes song. The lyrics and the overall feel of the song are perfect, and I love the guitar parts.

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27 Welcome to Japan

too low

Absolutely wicked lyrics and amazing instrumental work

One of the best songs from Comedown Machine!

The modulation and drive is incredible

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28 Razorblade

The lyrics are too damn good..

This is so underrated, is a great song

The guitar in this song is simply amazing. How is this not higher. The vocals and lyrics are also spot on.

Most underrated song ever. Deserves top 15 status.

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29 Under Control

I was about to vote for Someday, 12:51 or Reptilia, but Under Control surely should be higher than 20! The stop-and-start structure of the song, the echoing drums just before the verse, the mellow and sweet solo, and the softly sung lyrics... it's just the perfect rock ballad. Definitely one of Strokes' finest moments and heavily underrated.

This song really helps me in times of stress and need. I can definitely relate to it. Whenever life seems to be falling apart, I just have to put on a smile (whether it be fake or real) and say that everything is under control, even though I know that it's out of control. This song channels my feelings in a brilliant way that I never could. Have you ever felt like a song was written just for you? I feel like this one is mine.

Some songs you can hear, and they sound really great. This is not that. I feel this song with all five senses. When I hear it, I just take a minute to absorb every word. Julian Casablancas has a voice that takes me to another place, and a very good place, too.

I always hoped for something life-changing and amazing to happen to me. The lord answered my prayers with The Strokes. The first song I ever heard from them was Last Nite, and immediately, I knew they were something special.

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30 Life is Simple in the Moonlight

In no way is this my favorite Strokes song, but at the same time, there is no reason for this song to be listed after 20!

Great lyrics and I love the guitar solo part too. Its amazing! This song must be in the top 10. My fave song in Angles.

Great chorus, I can listen to this song for the rest of my life

That good good dank dank

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31 Soma

Second favorite song right next to reptilia

I love the part when he yells. this and the modern age were my favorite part of the album - guest1

It's a song about drugs. Of course it'll be good

There's just something about this that's upbeat and sounds

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33 Vision of Division

This is the greatest song ever.. It is wonderful during live performance.. I love all about this song sebu vida

How is this song not rated farther up the list, the guitar solo in it is totally awesome. One of the best songs on first impressions of earth which in my opinion is the strokes most underrated album

With a great lyrics and riff, comes. Great song

This has to be their best song, even beats Reptila and Had to Explain.

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34 Electricityscape

Such an underrated song

A seriously underrated song. Belter on an album that lacks punch.

One of my favorites! Why isn't this song higher on the list?

Very underrated song. The chorus is incredible and Julian’s voice is so good in this song.

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35 All the Time

Can't believe this isn't in the top 10

A very good song with a nice and fast flow. A faster flow (without being Punk or Metal) than a lot of their other songs have. Although all Strokes songs are good, too.

A song that belongs in the top 10. Not overproduced - not too much reduced. Perfect.

Not my favorite song from The Strokes but I want it to move up on the list.

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36 On the Other Side

This song is one of the best out there. Definitely in my top five!
I still don't know how Reptilia is number one...

Um I hope everyone who didn't vote for this song ends up on the other side (hell)

Definitely one of the best songs of the strokes, seriously

This one's special.

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37 Alone, Together

In my opinion, their most intense song. The bridge on this song is so ridiculously full of energy it's amazing.

How did this not rank in the top ten?!? This has got to be my second favorite song of all time from the strokes (:!

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38 I Can't Win

I know all the strokes songs and this one remains my favourite. The guitar sounds like its crying in the solo. Julian puts so much emotion into his voice

The best New York groove. All the parts are just so smooth. Such a cool song!

Move this up, people.

Not my top Strokes song, but goddam this song caaan'tt wiin! - Squacher911

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39 Barely Legal

One of the most catchiest songs, and Julian's vocals just makes this my favorite The Strokes song

Yet another list where Barely Legal either gets no respect, or not enough anyway. This would be in my Top 2, it was my favorite song from the Is This It? , I felt that way in 2001 and still do in 2016. I still don't get it!

Beautifully composed by strokes! Come on guys, this should be in the top 10!

Just a great song that should make top 10

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41 Happy Ending

My favourite song from comedown machine. Simply awesome.

Oh my goodness, this song should be so much higher. Best song off Comedown Machine. And the chorus is so infectious. Babehh!

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42 I'll Try Anything Once

This song is beautiful, and is the original of You Only Live Once. Its interesting to hear how they are ultimately the same song, but are the polar opposites of each other.

Oh my, favourite song, I don't even care that's it's a demo. Nice and slow. The lyrics open you're eyes.

This song is simply beautiful live

62? What the F! Not enough true fans.

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43 Call It Fate, Call It Karma


Can I waste all your time here on the sidewalk, can I stand in your light just for a while, I waited around-oh no, I made up more time watching you... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

It is so sweet! So soft, it really stands out from the rest.

Second favourite Strokes song ever

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44 Chances

Most meaningful song of the new album, such heart and passion in the lyrics and melodies

One of the best songs by The Strokes definitely should be in the top 10

Great song deserves to be higher

How is this not higher

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45 Gratisfaction

This is such an amazing song, it should definitely be in the Top 10!

"YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET MY LOVE" It seems as though people took that lyric literally and put this song #59. Wow. It's so underrated I guess. One of the first Strokes songs I fell in love with.

This is my ultimate favorite song! It definitely should be much higher in the list.

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46 Threat of Joy

WHOA! I know this song is far from their best and it's new, but there's a reason they played it so often and their most recent tour. This has gotta be at least top 25.

Damn this song is great! what's wrong with you guys?

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47 50/50

Great theme

48 Two Kinds of Happiness

Awesome lyrics... This song always cheers me up. Hard to believe its at number 33!

How the hell can this song be so low down in the list?! Come on guys this should be in the top 10 for sure I like it more than reptillia anyday and is wayy better than heart in a cage

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49 Meet Me In the Bathroom

Maybe not their best but definitely one of, should be in top 5 at least

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50 Between Love & Hate

This song should be ranked so much higher, it's beautiful start to finish.

Deserves to be in the top 10

Great song!

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