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41 You Talk Way Too Much
42 Two Kinds of Happiness

Awesome lyrics... This song always cheers me up. Hard to believe its at number 33!

How the hell can this song be so low down in the list?! Come on guys this should be in the top 10 for sure I like it more than reptillia anyday and is wayy better than heart in a cage

43 Evening Sun

'i love you more than being seventeen' that's really cute and this song makes me a lil sad

44 Threat of Joy
45 Between Love & Hate

Deserves to be in the top 10

This song should be ranked so much higher, it's beautiful start to finish.

Great song!

46 Metabolism

How does this song have the least amount of listens off Angles on Spotify? It's the best

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47 Call Me Back
48 When It Started

Although this song isn't that well known, it is my favorite Strokes song entirely and I am shocked that this song doesn't show up on this list... ? Hopefully, this breaks the top 10.

Please, this is their BEST SONG. At LEAST in the top 10. Just listen to it, I promise you will love it.

49 Hawaii

Great song, so catchy, but it was not released in any studio albums so was always underrated.

50 Partners in Crime

Why the hell this song is not added. I think it's the best song by the strokes... Just listen it once and you would be listening it till the death

This is a great song. Not their best, not amazing, but it is a great track of an incredibly underrated album. At least top twenty.

51 Ask Me Anything

While it is one of the most experimental songs they've done, the stripped back, emotional layout works in a way none of there other songs can. When you listen to this song, it takes you to another place, not to mention the lyrics are absolutely beautiful and relatable. Clearly one of there best and most underrated.

I feel like you either love or hate this song, but I personally love it. JC really identified his true emotions in this one song. I'd have to say it's their simplest song. This really hit home because it reminds me of going through depression, as the chorus says, "I've got nothing to say."

52 80's Comedown Machine

Absolutely beautiful song. Definitely in my top 5.

53 Fast Animals
54 Fear of Sleep
55 The Way It Is

Best song and that's JUST THE WAY IT IS!

56 Killing Lies
57 Boombox
58 On The Other Side

This song is one of the best out there. Definitely in my top five!
I still don't know how Reptilia is number one...

Um I hope everyone who didn't vote for this song ends up on the other side (hell)

Definitely one of the best songs of the strokes, seriously

This one's special.

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59 Gratisfaction

"YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET MY LOVE" It seems as though people took that lyric literally and put this song #59. Wow. It's so underrated I guess. One of the first Strokes songs I fell in love with.

This is such an amazing song, it should definitely be in the Top 10!

This is my ultimate favorite song! It definitely should be much higher in the list.

60 15 Minutes

I absolutely love this song. It has a nice little psychedelic/artsy beginning, which I definitely enjoy. The second is more upbeat and awesome as well. It's extremely underrated, and needs a bit more love.

This song really grew on me

Liten to this song several times and you'l be hooked. The 2nd half is really awesome. Very underrated!

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