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61 15 Minutes

I absolutely love this song. It has a nice little psychedelic/artsy beginning, which I definitely enjoy. The second is more upbeat and awesome as well. It's extremely underrated, and needs a bit more love.

This song really grew on me

Liten to this song several times and you'l be hooked. The 2nd half is really awesome. Very underrated!

62 Welcome to Japan

Absolutely wicked lyrics and amazing instrumental work

One of the best songs from Comedown Machine!

The modulation and drive is incredible

Um this is such a welcoming song how can anyone hate it it made me feel proud to dirve a lotus

63 50/50

Great theme

64 Tap Out

Such a good song, the electric vibe is just right

Are you kidding me? Best strokes song. Reptilia who? Seriously. The riff, lyrics, solo, Julian's singing, everything! Definitely in top 3

I think Comedown Machine needs a revisit from everyone, it seems to be entirely underrated.

What? This is one one the best ten the strokes songs ever. Same goes for one way trigger.

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65 You're So Right

Love the minor key and the very dissonant chords involved in this song, it makes you feel like you're in an altered state

Definitely top 10 for me. Love the song, especially the chorus and solo. Great guitar playing, great song.

66 Drag Queen
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