Top Ten The Warrior Spoofs

Greatest Spoofs of the "come out and play" and other lines.

The Top Ten

1 Scrubs: Turk Do you see, Carla? Do you see what you get when you mess with the Warrior?
2 Chappelle's Show: Dave Chappelle clinks 2 milk bottles together and chants Breast milk, you made my daay-aay
3 The Simpson: Homer Puzzle piece, come out and play
4 Serious Sam II: Sam shouts Kleers, come out to play!!
5 Family Guy: Peter But where Lois, Whe-ere
6 Transformers Cybertron:Crumplezone Overide, Come out and pla-ay
7 Sealab 2021:Sparks Sufferers come out to pla-ay
8 Rugrats: Angelica Aliums, come out and play-ay
9 Shaquille O'Neal interview: Shaquille O'Neal Can you dig it?
10 Wu-Tang Clan Crews be actin like they gangs anyway / Be like, Warriors! Come out and play-ay!
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