The Top Ten Things Gamers Hate Most

What really ticks you off when you're trying to have some true gaming time?

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1 Lag

*click* Loading 0% 3 days later... loading 1%

Yes, I find this annoying in SSBB when I screw up because of the lag.What happens is when I attack (I usually use bowser) they know I'm attacking and have time to react then if there character has quick attacks that/or have a wide range.I usually take damage.and I suck at this game enough already...Or if you're playing a game that it jumps off a cliff and crashes...better load the game again

SSBB wi-fi lags like a turtle with a huge ass. (Yeah, I know it makes no sense. ) - AceShadow

Lag is awesome isn't it :|?

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2 You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.

When I was a kid I was up to the last level on crash bandicoot 1 and I was near the end and the power went out, I was so pissed of. - dragon13304

This happened to me so much, I absolutely hate it with a passion. What's even worse is not only the power goes out, but you forgot to save and you lose all your progress. Seriously raging. - lukestheman4

OMG, I've had this happen to me and I nearly lost my mind. - masongilbert74

Sort of similar experience: I was about to defeat Demise the TLOZ: Skyward Sword. Then the Wii batteries died. I replaced them, but when it recalibrated, I wasn't ready and he killed me. D:

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3 Your illiterate younger sibling accidentally erases your save file for your favorite game that you were really far on.

Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Fable 2, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and very recently... Sims 3... EACH AND EVERY ONE WAS COMPLETE! Then, boom, gone...

Its like they will never get it.

Wow. This has happened to me SO MANY TIMES. GOD DANG YOU GABE! Haha. Good thing he isn't allowed to play video games any more! :)
I have beat tomb raider, was playing splinter cell on hard, and quite a few other games, all ruined by him. Not to mention the countless discs him and my brother broke by leaving the disc out or trying to clean it when it skipped with soap...

I totally agree with fireinside96. I feel sorry for jbar62. If someone did this to me, oh boy, would it suck for them or what, man? First, I would cut their limbs off, then I will feed them to a bunch of angry, hungry bears.

What if I told you that I was that... ''younger sibling''? - RaccoonCartoon

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4 You're in an intense part of the game and you need full concentration, but your mom screams at you and makes you do your chores.

OH MY GOSH! This is the most annoying thing ever! Its just like "Can't I just finish this level or at least get to a save point, mom? " and then shes all like "NO! ' and shut of the system! Now next time, when I want play that game again, I will have to do the whole thing all over again! (That REALLY annoys me! ) - Flowerwave

So many times, Especially when online. - Chaos

Ahhhh I Hate It, Happened So Often - copkiller

My mom : ''Save right now and go do your chores! ''
Me: ''Its online mom! ''
Mom : ''What? don't use escuses, save and go''

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5 You bought a game then you realized that it didn't work

Yes! That was the most annoying crap I ever heard! - sdravenson

One time I bought a copy of Forza Motorsport 2, and the game disc had a scratch ring around it. It was unplayable!

Grand Theft Auto 3 2 discs windows 10 doesn't work with compatibility mode also

It is so ANNOYING!

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6 You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.

No one can resist asking but it is still annoying as hell, espescaly considering the fact that you are most likely already frustrated with the game itself. - Drbazinga

It ANNOYS THE HECK OUT OF ME! I don't wanna hurt my friends feelings, but it drives me INSANE! So I can't do the hard part!

When I scream GO AWAY or just don't pay attention

My brothers when I play destiny - Haumea

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7 The game suddenly has some ridiculous glitch that screws you over

Even though The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is one of my favorite games of all time, it had this insane glitch, where at a random moment while I fighting a boss, Link was randomly running in circles, and I couldn't control him at all. So annoying! - TheGameBoy815

OMG this happened to me before and I didn't save for like half the game and it froze - JonasStartsARiot

I like to play old games on my Xbox One, but, because it's an old game, it doesn't know how to react when my controller is out of charge or needs the charger pulled out, so the screen just freezes or turns black with the sound still playing. - RaccoonCartoon

Tingle is scary enough WITH A HEAD

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8 Your game freezes

Call of Duty when you are 1 kill from prestige and your game freezes and you have to restart your system and your whole game doesn't save after dropping a nuke and going flawless

I was playing ncaa 10 today and I just finished a game and game froze as soon as the game ended

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9 Difficulty

When you wanna play online and your internet is hella slow!

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10 When you are really far into the game, you forget to save, your console runs out of power and lose all your progress.

I seriously hate it when this happens. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Same I was playing miitopia and my 3ds died and I forgot to save all my progress from the land of fay gone😣

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11 Hackers

Call of Duty hackers are a nightmare. I was playing Call of Duty with my sister (who was 21 at the time and I was a smart 11 year old) and somebody jacked it and messed it up. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

In halo they make it look like it's lag but when you re spawn you are fine then it happens again when you get near them.

Call of Duty hackers are the worst because the game is fun but then the one guy comes and says hello having fun? GOOD. Cry in a corner while I rain bullets on your skulls and watch you die 50 times after I make it so you can't quit also called ignorant modders the hackers are the worst.

Hackers are sooo annoying when they get infinite health and spawn kills you

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12 Escort missions

I hate escort missions because if the person gets killes, the game "gets mad" at you and force you of start over. Then I get mad

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13 Extremely hard bosses

Nothing annoys me more when I can't beat a game or pass a level because of a stupid boss!

Diddy Kong Racing dude, I only use my laptop because of him. - DapperPickle

The templar grand master in assassins creed unity

14 You're about to beat a hard level but all of a sudden a wire gets unplugged and shuts down your game system

I have an ultra sensitive 3DS, if you touch a tiny glimpse of the bottom left corner, it will freak out and act like you pulled the game out, even though it's still in! To make matters worse, this is the same 3DS that never recognises games when you put it in, you have to try 10 times! - RaccoonCartoon

Oh my god this has happened so many times to me!

My dogs tail hit the off switch

15 Your game (if it is full screen) suddenly minimizes because something in Windows pops up and it takes you forever to try to get rid of it when you are going to sell something at a great price (or anything else for that matter)

Ugh, I have a problem like this in Sims 3. Windows 7 ALWAYS decides when I'm playing is a great time to bother me about backing up data or something. When the problem is solved. Open it and all you see is a black screen and I have to turn of the computer.

This problem is with me in tf2, and my computer is very old, 2003 old. So it lags a lot. I can deal with it. What I can't deal with is when A NORTON AD COMES RIGHT WHEN I'M ABOUT TO DOMINATE SOMEONE AND I FREEZE FOR 15 SECONDS, CLOSING THE AD, WHICH I CAN'T CLOSE WITH THE X MARK (because it's in the top corner, always). I then have to click "subscription to norton", wait, click close when it comes up, then go back, to find that my team lost. Thanks, norton.

This never happened to me ever because 1) I don't really have a pc and 2) it never happens when I play toontown rewritten on my nanas pc - Gamecubesarecool193

This is probably the most annoying thing on this list. It's even worse when there's a system hotkey to bring up a menu or something that is also used within the game, but no way to change it ingame or in the OS itself.

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16 You're really far on your game and then the memory card gets corrupted and you just want to kill yourself

one of the most annoying things. it is worst than lag because all the data that is being saved inside the memory card (lots of saved games inside it) will not be played anymore. In a game there is usually a saving point near to the boss, so this one is the most annoying. what if your in the last boss and you played it for months? - ronluna

One day when I opened up Pokemon Black, I saw Reshiram as usual, but he was on a greenscreen... It was odd. Then, when text appeared on the screen, it was sort of creepy because all the text was distorted and staticky, I couldn't make anything out. Finally, a clear patch of text appeared to inform me on what's happening, and it said the save file has to be deleted. I've been playing it since 2012, even though it's a game everyone hates, so I was in tears, but luckily it went back to normal again. Scary, right? - RaccoonCartoon

my brother once earsed all my memory in super smash bros melee and it took me 2 years to unlock so many characters and I had 2 more characters left I was so mad I wanted to kill him - FreddyGodzilla

Batman arkham origins erased all my data

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17 See a trailer for an awesome game, then realize it's on a console you don't have.

Yep... Just like me with Kingdom Hearts 3. I love the franchise and have all of the final mixes on PS3, I see the trailer for the new installment that is meant to be the best (and my favourite character is getting revived too! Yay! ) And... I Don't even have the right console... :(

See that awesome game.Its from your favorite must have it.laugh out loud not happening

This gets to the point that drives you crazy...bad luck with me is that I don't get gaming stuff for my BDay or Christmas...:(

Why does Super Smash Bros have to be on the Nintendo systems? I despise you, WII. - DapperPickle

I only have a 3DS and 2 Xboxes (Xbox One and Xbox 360). Nintendo is my favourite game company (even though sometimes I get mad at them) so most of their new games are on the Switch... GAH! - RaccoonCartoon

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18 Jack Thompson

Just because a video game has people killing each other, it's no excuse to blame Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt for causing people to kill, Jack. They may have mental problems, but video games doesn't always cause bad deeds. - ArchAces

He hates on every game and. Makes lies about them

19 When you die right after getting a power up or an awesome weapon

My game card comes out right after my egg hatches in Pokemon... - RaccoonCartoon

God damn! Same with me on Mario kart!

Happened in Minecraft when I got a diamond sword

20 You go in your living/bedroom (whatever room your console is in) and your brother/sister is playing your game.

God I have to say I hate when my brother tries to play metal gear or dead space because he doesn't know what he's doing asks constant questions and does annoyingly stupid things - TheSorrow1

This is funny because its relatable

They always wind up throwing away all your best weapons or dying or getting lost... the list is endless. - TheGrammarPolice

I had the same experience.Whenever I go to the room that holds my PS4,when I try to play Grand Theft Auto V,my sister is there playing just dance 2017.(just dance is terrible,by the way)

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1. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.
2. You bought a game then you realized that it didn't work
3. Your game (if it is full screen) suddenly minimizes because something in Windows pops up and it takes you forever to try to get rid of it when you are going to sell something at a great price (or anything else for that matter)
1. You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.
2. Lag
3. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.

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