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21 The wifi doesn't work

When your friends or people invite you to join the Xbox game party online and your Wifi is slow.

Wifi drops me out of a game all the time

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22 Being grounded from playing
23 Your younger sibling or troublemaker accidently throws the disk in the oven and turns the heat up.

trust me
most annoying thing ever

I'm just glad this has never happened in my family

24 When you need to pee during a boss battle

That is why they invented the Start/Pause button. - FasterThanSonic

Have you ever heard of pause button

25 Low Batteries
26 Games require you to download and install updates before you start playing
27 A nearby house had a fire and it damaged you computer, TV and other consoles like Playstation and X-Box
28 Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!

That is so messed up...
That happens in the game!
And the character saying this has a sprite that looks like he is showing his middle finger! - meows

The Mushroom Kingdom needs a map to show where the pointless castles are. - DapperPickle

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29 You're at a really energetic part of a game and you're really getting into it, and the controller comes unplugged and the game freezes.

it happens. I killed my ps2 I was so annoyed - GlonnAtronnAdonnAdict

30 12 year old kids

They just really ruin the game when you are playing online.

Or kids in general

I admit to annoying people by asking if I can play the game. A LOT. - RiverClanRocks

I just 12 a couple days ago lol. :D - lolololololol

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31 Loading Screens

Those screens are awful! They take about one minute or so. Why can't they be 20 secs. Or less?

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32 Bad game endings

Mass effect enough said

33 You're video game CD broke

whatever the reason of breaking of cd, it takes time to buy another one and worse if its original - ronluna

34 Explaining to your parents that you can't pause an online game

Mom, this is 2016, where online gaming is more popular than ever. I have a large kill streak in Destiny right now so give time until the match is over.

They just don't get it. It wasn't like that when they were kids.

When you have a kill streak in the Crucible but you gotta unload the dishwasher - Haumea

They just do not get it

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35 Campers

You purchased this game to actually play it, not sit in the corner with your sniper rifle and leech off of other people's stuff. - Haumea

Start to actually play the game please

36 Poor controls
37 When you play with your friends in the internet cafe and you're the only person that doesn't play due to the internet cafe is full.

these happens when all people are playing dota, command and conquer, counter strike, ragnarok, doom, and those scary death action computer games and you can't even spend time playing with your friends because they are so addicted to it - ronluna

it happened to me many times and those annoying computer cafes can't be trusted - ronluna

I wish that I had never been there again. - ronluna

38 When you really love a game and you can't stop playing it, but you finish the game and you can't believe how bored you are now.

Yep, I often get really sad after I beat a really good game, and if I really love the characters it is sad knowing that they will never appear on the media again if it is not a series. :(

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39 Your expensive console like Playstation, X-BOX doesnt work after buying it and you will have to go to the shop that is very far away again
40 When you are playing a game and almost finished with it but then your little sibling comes in and says can I play now?
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1. Lag
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1. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.
2. You bought a game then you realized that it didn't work
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1. You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.
2. Lag
3. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.

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