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61 You're Online and your mom is yelling to get off
62 Massive Framerate Drops (Especially On Consoles)
63 Being Called Noob

On Call of Duty a level five calls me a noob I am prestige 5. Noob means NEW not BAD I say this to them and they say well on my other account I am prestige master I say ok add them on that account and they are prestige 1. I say nothing after this and just laugh leave the game and delete them from my friends list.

8 year old logic in Minecraft
Player beats you at Survival Games= They are a noob.

Ah I hate this everyone in a Minecraft server like wynncraft or hypixel they call me noob because my user name is moomoohead and in Wynncraft I am and over half way to max level 75 when they can can use the best weapon of there class bobs mythic bow daggers spear and wand

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64 Game freeze and forgot to save your game!
65 You are sick and you barf on your controller and ruin it.

That would be the weirdest thing.

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66 You have to enjoy rescuing the bossy, ungrateful & hyper-annoying Princess Peach

How did this make the list!?

67 The Duck Hunt Dog
68 Water-based levels

Hoenn region In Pokemon after the 6th gym leader prepare to surf for the longest time in the game also when getting the Regis

Hoenn region anyone? (I don't have Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire or the original Ruby and Sapphire games but I've heard that Hoenn has a lot of water. ) - RiverClanRocks

69 Princess Peach's Voice
70 When your favorite character dies

This better not happen to Luigi!

I would end Microsoft if they killed the master chief

Better not happen to my Arceus

71 Expensive $60 Games
72 Luck Factors
73 Disappointing Segments
74 Battletoads
75 Miss-Clicking
76 Tryhards on games that involve skill

I play BF4 and I am just good I go positive most of the time and DESTROY with carbines lmgs and assault rifles and pdws and then I am a try hard? Because I go 26-9 doesn't mean that I am a try hard. When these people are the ones who are 5-10 and are so sweaty they drop their hands.

77 Bastila Shan
78 Slow internet
79 Change

God I hate this most of all along with DmC I know resident evil has changed because of whiny brats who aren't even fans who hear of one game and they play it only to complain about it and talk as if they know what they're talking about but don't and not mention they'll also complain about the new changes that they whined about in the previous game it makes me mad as hell - TheSorrow1

Nintendo did this to Mario party paper Mario and Pokemon mystery dungeon - ikerevievs

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80 When your favourite character was in Robot Chicken
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1. Lag
2. Difficulty
3. Escort missions
1. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.
2. You bought a game then you realized that it didn't work
3. Your game (if it is full screen) suddenly minimizes because something in Windows pops up and it takes you forever to try to get rid of it when you are going to sell something at a great price (or anything else for that matter)
1. You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.
2. Lag
3. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.

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