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201 Will Smith Will Smith Willard Carroll "Will" Smith, Jr. is an American actor, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter. He is best known for his acting career overall. He has been in many popular movies, These include, but are not limited to, the Men in Black lineup, Pursuit of Happyness, and After Earth. He is often referred more.

He is ace not ugly

He is not that bad

Seriously people, he's EXTREMELY ugly that he should be removed from this planet!

202 Jodie Marsh
203 Emma Wyatt
204 Giada De Laurentiis

Her smile has literally been in my worst nightmares WHY IS SHE ALWAYS SMILING WHY

205 Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey Oprah Gail Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.

She should be in 2nd place serously I hate Justin Bieber

I have nothing but admiration and respect for Oprah Winfrey. She pulled herself up from abject poverty, no parents to guide her, an uncle who raped her and on and on. She faced all that with courage and an inborn intelligence. I also salute her for her many charitable works that she does. By the way, I am a white woman, so there is no racism here.

206 Ann Coulter

Hideous long horse face! Personality of a rabid rodent. Don't even get me started on the "little black dresses that she's about twenty years too old to wear.

207 Sulli
208 Woody Allen Woody Allen Heywood "Woody" Allen is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, playwright and musician, whose career spans more than six decades. V 1 Comment
209 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson Baker (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962) was an American actress, singer and model. Decades after her unexpected death, she has remained one of Hollywood's greatest sex symbols with her eye-catching style, champagne blond hair, and breathless manner of speaking. more.
210 Danny DeVito Danny DeVito
211 Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California.

Now that he's a stoner. he's A CRACKHEAD

212 Anne Curtis Anne Curtis Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith, also known as Anne Curtis-Smith or simply Anne Curtis, is a Filipino-Australian actress, television host, recording artist, and VJ in the Philippines.
213 Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

What an ugly Japanese guy. If you Google him, 99.9% of his photos show him either vomiting, or scarred or an old female. He looks like a penis when he screams or pukes.

214 Mike Tyson Mike Tyson

Why he is not in the list? He's the ugliest man in the world.

215 An Jung-geun
216 Mama Elsa (Elsa Patton) V 1 Comment
217 Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba
218 Becky G Becky G Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known by her stage name Becky G, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress.

She is the new Rebecca Black, she even looks like her stupid hip hop wannabees

You mean emma whatson

219 Mary Ann Beaven

She should be #1. She was named the ugliest women in the world

220 Simon Cowell Simon Cowell Simon Phillip Cowell is an English reality television judge, entrepreneur, philanthropist, film, record, and television producer.
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