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81 Christian Weston Chandler Christian Weston Chandler Christian Weston Chandler (now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; three more.
82 Hilary Clinton

Well her name's spelled wrong but at least she's here. Should be higher than 97, but she's here. - LeiaSkywalker

I'm not sure why she isn't in the top five...

She looks like a pig and a human.

Fat bitch that looks like she has cheek implants

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83 Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard is an American actress. She is known for her role as Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World.
84 Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore V 2 Comments
85 Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan

Who ever just disagreed with the person that sais he's hot is a fool

Yah, if you Love a guy with a BIG nose?

He I sexy hot why is he even on this list!

He should be no.4 after JB, MJ and Miley

86 Angel Locsin Angel Locsin Angel Locsin is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

She had her boobs done. She takes glutathione to change her color - AngelSlut

Angel by her name but deep inside she is a devil.. Most of the people saw her good side but doesn't even look on what bad habit she has.. Its up to them to judge this lady..

Ugh she looks annoying as hell.

Shes pretty

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87 Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un is the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea.

He looks like a 5 year old in a 30 year old body and is ugly in the inside as well - ikerevievs

Switch his hair with trumps hair. It is funny as hell

Ugly and fat, terrible person too, nothimg good about him. - AnimeDrawer

88 Eva Braun
89 Park Geun-hye

President of South Korea, she is stereotyped racist.

Corrupt and worst president of all time in korea

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90 Rick Ross Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur .

A big dirty swine

Fat and ugly is no way to go through life.

It's plain to see that this guy is REALLY stuck on himself, very materialistic but I am Shocked he doesn't have any " HONKIN " ring or gold dazzling in your Face.


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91 Kate Hudson Kate Hudson
92 Joe Jonas Joe Jonas Joseph Adam "Joe" Jonas (born August 15, 1989) is an American singer and actor. Jonas first rose to fame as a member of the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers, along with his brothers Kevin and Nick. more.
93 Bacary Sagna
94 Flavor Flav

Its true flavor flav is most definitely ugly

95 Whoopie Goldberg

If it wasn't for her acting skills, I'd use her dreads as a mop

WOW HOW could any of you miss this Thing? On ntl. T.V. eVERY weekday! I do service calls 5 days a week! I ask people if she's ugly n all say she's tops! Sorry poppies ( sorry woopie

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96 Honey Boo Boo Honey Boo Boo

It's mean to hate on kids... But this one is AWFULLY ugly, I mean seriously, she at least needs to go on a diet and then she'll look fine. She also wears way too much make up.

Alana is just a young girl, she should not be pressured. I feel bad for her, she didn't even want to be famous, it is her mom using her for money. Her mom is a terrible mom. - AnimeDrawer

I cannot believe her mother is allowing her to wear so much make up oh my gosh


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97 Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant Kobe Bean Bryant is an American retired professional basketball player. He played his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. Kobe Bryant has won 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and is the all-time leading scorer in Lakers franchise history.

He is not ugly he is also amazing at basketball

He's not that bad

He's so ugly he thinks he's all that and he is just an old smelly man who is a bitch

98 Willie Revillame V 1 Comment
99 Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and former television music competition judge, best known as the lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, in which he also plays the harmonica, and occasional piano and percussion.

Steven Tyler is not ugly! And Aerosmith rocks. One of the best bands in the world!

Thank God he doesn't have any reseeding hair loss issues, can you imagine what he'd Look like ' BALD '?

Looks like gollum

Looks like gollom

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100 Kareena Kapoor

Why she is even in this list... She is one of moat beautiful woman in the world..

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