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21 Humans Being Humans Being

This is the song that got me into Van Halen, and rock music in general! A wonderfully dark rocker which showcased the mature side of Van Hagar in the late 90s and put Eddie's intense guitar wizardry center-stage once again.

This Song actually sounds amazing to listen to when you on a Plane!

Also those Guitars in this song unmatchable! - Curti2594

Epic song, from the epic movie "Twister. " It's not as appreciated as it should be because Sammy Hagar sang it and not David Lee Roth.

Should be top 20. Best VH song ever. Combines metal verses with a rock chorus and solo. Apparently it was supposed to be a double release with a ballad called "Between Us Two", which was never released (but will be in 2018! ). Between Us Two was supposedly Van Halen's Stairway, and Humans Being is VH's Smells Like Teen Spirit in my opinion--it would've made a killer release, and probably would've kept Sammy in the band.

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22 I'll Wait I'll Wait

This song is their second best from the 1984 album. Definitely one of their catchiest songs ever.

It's my favorite song from Van Halen, the rhythm is so catchy and really gets me in a good mood that it's imposible not to sing it. It's just great.

Definitely one of the best songs off "1984"

One of my favorite songs of all time. Absolute masterpiece.

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23 Feel Your Love Tonight Feel Your Love Tonight

Personally, Feel Your Love Tonight is my #1 song. Those first 15 are incredible.

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24 (Oh) Pretty Woman (Oh) Pretty Woman
25 Summer Nights Summer Nights
26 Tattoo Tattoo

Why is the crazy stuff we never say poetry in ink? - haiderhasan

Is one of the best songs ever created, you can´┐Ż't stop listening!
It's the most epic song of 2012 - andreymoutelik

27 Poundcake Poundcake

Even though Van Halen is way better than Van Hagar, I am voting for Poundcake. It is my favourite Hagar song and should be higher than it is.

This is the one which made it up to 1 in the billboard rock charts upon its release.Deserves to be in the top 10.

If you listen to the lyrics, the song talks about a woman's derriere, relating it to a dessert cake.

28 Little Dreamer Little Dreamer

This is such an amazing song! So underrated

29 Atomic Punk Atomic Punk

One of my favorites. Including Eruption, House of Pain, Panama, Jump, Top Jimmy, Really Got Me Now, Hot for Teacher, Runnin' with the Devil, Drop Dead Legs, I'll Wait, and Many Others.

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30 Spanish Fly Spanish Fly
31 Top of the World Top of the World

HOW IS THIS SO LOW? This is THE best Hagar song along with humans being, and is one of the best overall. So motivating. You feel like you actually are standing on top of the world when you hear this song. also this song motivated me to go up and talk to the girl that became my girlfriend...

32 I'm the One I'm the One

What? Why this is so low? Doesn't people notice the awesome guitar work that's going on here?

33 Everybody Wants Some!! Everybody Wants Some!!

This song is so much underrated! Definitely the best VH song ever!

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34 "5150"

Another song that should be in the top 10 songs

35 Top Jimmy Top Jimmy
36 Bottoms Up! Bottoms Up!
37 Girl Gone Bad Girl Gone Bad

This is a very underrated song. It has a great guitar solo and a cool bass-line during the solo. David's singing is pretty great too.

Song simply hits hard. Lyrics are so raunchy. But they make you think for sure.

This song is over-shadowed by the other gret songs on the album. It has all the qualities of a perfect song though. Fast drums, good bass, and blazing guitar.

Top 5 for sure. Amazing guitar work.

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38 Sinner's Swing Sinner's Swing

I don't care if it says the F word, this song should have been on every rock station everywhere!

39 Amsterdam Amsterdam
40 Secrets Secrets

A slower, deep cut, oozing with melody. I have loved this song since the first time I heard back in the mid 80's. Best of Van Halen for me include this one, Girl Gone Bad, and Jump in no particular order.

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