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41 Sinner's Swing

I don't care if it says the F word, this song should have been on every rock station everywhere!

42 Secrets

A slower, deep cut, oozing with melody. I have loved this song since the first time I heard back in the mid 80's. Best of Van Halen for me include this one, Girl Gone Bad, and Jump in no particular order.

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43 Good Enough
44 Take Your Whiskey Home

Why is this in 74th place, best Van Halen song ever.

45 Romeo Delight

One of my favorites! They played it here in Houston this passed Friday Night Aug25th 2015 and they Killed it! Place went nuts and I was shocked at everyone around me singing it. I didn't think it was that popular and yet everyone is just singing along. Great Live!

46 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
47 Me Wise Magic

Should be in the top 10 best songs

48 The Full Bug

This is seriously at least one of the top ten Van Halen songs. It has an incredible intro that leads to a great Van Halen Riff.

49 So This is Love?

Not one, but TWO eddie solo's. The second one has him staggering up to the edge of a cliff and dive bombing off into guitar bliss.

Add that to Dave's twisted lyrics about falling in love with a hooker, and you have everything that a rock song should be about.

50 Not Enough

Really emotional, and really great. - Black_Thunder

How many votes has this song gotten? The name of this song.

51 You're No Good

Such a great verse with great harmonical value leading into one of the catchiest VH choruses. Just a good tune

52 Inside
53 Amsterdam
54 Intruder/Pretty Woman
55 Get Up
56 Finish What Ya Started

How is this song not even top 50, this song is awesome.

57 Without You

Amazing! Van Halen 3 was SO underrated. - the_universal

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58 Runaround

I think that this song has one of the most amazing choruses ever and is a great tune from the Hagar time period.

59 Hear About It Later

This is probably among my top 5 Van Halen songs. Just hear that amazing intro, and mesmerizing solo from Eddie, just perfect. It needs to be much higher on this list.

Perfect song. It gives me chills. Eddie is guitar god.

This song has it all... awesome!

Best VH song ever!

60 As Is

This song sums up every EPIC moment of this VANTASTIC band. An absolutely great, hard rocking song

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