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61 Pleasure Dome Pleasure Dome

Don't really know what to say about this one but its definitely an underrated song that deserves some recognition. May be weird but still rocks my socks off.

I was expecting this to be in the top 20!

62 Judgement Day Judgement Day
63 On Fire On Fire

If you want a hard rock song, this is it. Best Van Halen song.

64 Stay Frosty Stay Frosty

Come on man bring this up a few places

65 Could This Be Magic? Could This Be Magic? V 1 Comment
66 Feels So Good Feels So Good V 1 Comment
67 Push Comes to Shove Push Comes to Shove

How come this is so low! The solo is one of Eddie's best and the end is just... so good sounding

68 Cathedral Cathedral

Played this Live at the Houston show Aug 25 2015 as part of his solo. It was so good it gave me goose bumps!

69 Dancing In the Street Dancing In the Street
70 Man on a Mission Man on a Mission
71 Respect the Wind Respect the Wind
72 In a Simple Rhyme In a Simple Rhyme

I don't know why this is Way down here. It may not be popular but there is just something about it that's so good. Definitely should be top 20

Totally agree that it should be in top 20. Awesome song!

SOOO UNDErrated. Beginning makes you think it's slow, but then Al comes in...

73 Feelin' Feelin'

That song is great and it surely deserves a better position here. It's simply amazing! Not just the song, but the whole album Balance.

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74 Big River Big River

Awesome guitar solo and great song!

75 Light Up the Sky Light Up the Sky

It's a great song and love how the next song seems to follow up and perform perfectly. Highly underrated

I am a massive Van Halen fan. I love both the DLR and Hagar eras (that third one never happened :p), but I noticed this song wasnt on the list and I really think its in their top 20 tunes as well as being hands down the most underrated one, trust me go listen to it

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76 Bloom and Sweep
77 You and Your Blues You and Your Blues
78 House of Pain
79 Fire in the Hole Fire in the Hole
80 She's the Woman She's the Woman
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