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81 Light Up the Sky

It's a great song and love how the next song seems to follow up and perform perfectly. Highly underrated

Epic Solo, needs more credit!

I am a massive Van Halen fan. I love both the DLR and Hagar eras (that third one never happened :p), but I noticed this song wasnt on the list and I really think its in their top 20 tunes as well as being hands down the most underrated one, trust me go listen to it

82 Bloom and Sweep
83 You and Your Blues
84 Outta Love Again

I LOVE this song. It should really be higher up...

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85 Fire in the Hole
86 She's the Woman
87 Honeybabysweetiedoll V 1 Comment
88 China Town
89 Source of Infection
90 Big Fat Money
91 316
92 The Dream is Over
93 Dirty Water Dog
94 Hang 'Em High
95 Crossing Over Crossing Over
96 A Year to the Day
97 Once

Beautiful song. It has emotion throughout it. Best song on III (Without You at a close second) and at least top 50 material.

98 Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
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