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201 Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz

Fiona from the Shrek films - jezza0

202 Michael Ironside Michael Ironside Michael Ironside is a Canadian actor. He has also worked as a voice actor, producer, film director, and screenwriter in movie and television series in various Canadian and American productions.

Sam Fisher himself. - jezza0

203 Idris Elba Idris Elba
204 Paul Bettany
205 Stephen Fry Stephen Fry Stephen John Fry is an English comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist. After a troubled childhood and adolescence, during which he was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison for credit card fraud, Fry secured a place at Queens' College, Cambridge, where he studied English more.
206 Danny Elfman
207 Will Ferrell Will Ferrell
208 Colin Firth Colin Firth Colin Andrew Firth is an English actor. Firth's films have grossed more than $3 billion from 42 releases worldwide.
209 Bob Hoskins Bob Hoskins
210 Ray Winstone
211 Peter Sallis
212 J.G. Quintel J.G. Quintel James Garland "J. G." Quintel is an American animator, television writer, voice actor, and director. He is the creator of the hit Cartoon Network series Regular Show, in which he also voices the characters Mordecai and High Five Ghost.

Mordecai - PeeledBanana

213 Julie Kavner

She does Patty & Selma. - jezza0

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