Leafpool Rules

Hi! Leafpool is my cat for sure! She's innocent, beautiful, graceful, loyal, kind, sweet, gentle...and more

The story of Leafpool completes the warrior series for sure, and I'm obsessed with her love for Crowfeather.

Crowfeather and Leafpool are without a doubt my favourite warrior couple. They have this whole I love you but we can't be together' thing going on and it's just so dramatic and sad!

I think the two of them are beautiful together and deserve to live happily with each other, despite the warrior code. . I think Crowfeather was right to move on from Feathertail.

When they ran away together, I was so attached to the two of them, I would skip all the drama that's going on in the clans and juts focus on the two of them and their love for each other. When they came back because of the battle with the badgers, I thought they would still continue loving each other. (I was really sad about that battle because until then, Cinderpelt was one of my favourite cats too.) Instead, they did the exact opposite.

As for Nightcloud, I understand that she is also in love with Crowfeather, but by taking him away because of that hurts everyone including herself! Crowfeather was stupid and went with her, even though he loved Leafpool. Nightcloud turned their already Romeo and Juliet story, into a bad Taylor Swift song. (No offense, her songs are awesome!) Crowfeather was still in love with Leafpool and Nightcloud could see that, yet she never left Crowfeather, she just continued feeling sorry for herself and expected everyone else to feel the same way!

Hollyleaf used to be another one of my favoourite cats, until she started hating Leafpool. (Yes, now you can see how loyal I am to Leafpool.) She made things harder for everyone, and eventually killed Ashfur and ran away. This is the part where I sort of hated Crowfeather for completely ignoring the fact that his daughter RAN AWAY AND PROBABLY DIED! It was so sad watching Leafpool deal with all that by herself and most of the clan turned against her.

Leafpool and Crowfeather were just so AMAZING together and it was heartbreaking to see their friendship break apart because of these terrible events.

Remember how I said Cinderpelt was my favourite cat for a while? Well she was Leafpool's mentor and she had such a loyal and outgoing personality, who could hate her? When she died, that's when I realized Leafpool was my favourite charactor. Then....Cinderheart arrived. They say the 2 was the same cat. Not true at all!

Cinderheart was just a dumb cat, who just has the same fate as Cinderpelt. She disappointed me a lot and just when I though Cinderpelt had come back (YAY!) I was SOOOOO wrong! Her personality is so different (shy, quiet, panicked, troubled...) Maybe it's because of the confusion in her life. But whatever it was, the two of them had NOTHING alike! And Leafpool cared so much for her too! This shows just how caring and loyal Leafpool is.

To all those people who hate Leafpool for breaking the warrior code, don't.

She fell in love with Crowfeather for a reason and without them, there would've never been the Power of Three!

After everything she has been through, she still managed to push through it all and continue! She was hurt so badly, after losing her mate, having her kits HATE HER, losing her title as the medicine cat...she was so brave...