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A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.


Cinderpelt is my favourite medicine cat and she is so sweet and wise. She sees the prophecies and knows what to do. Plus Firestar and Cinderpelt's friendship is so cute!

Cinderpelt was the most amazing cat in the series. She was adorable and jumpy, but her heart was in the right place. By getting disabled, she couldn't fulfill her dream of being a warrior, but she turned out to probably be the greatest medicine cat in the series. She was sweet, but also wise, and she helped so many people. I'm so happy she got reincarnated, though, because now she gets to live out her dream and be a warrior. love YA CINDERPELT!

She's one of my favorites because although she couldn't become a warrior like she wanted to, she wasn't bitter but instead she become the most caring and wonderful medicine cat. She would always joke to make others feel better even though she was the one who couldn't fulfill her dreams. She had to give up a lot, and she still made the best of it and gave everything for her Clan. I was so happy that StarClan gave her a second Chance with a new life, and I love Cinderheart just as much as Cinderpelt!

She was a legendary cat. All she ever wanted was to be the greatest warrior in the forest, but then she had an incident. Firestar totally blamed himself for it, but their friendship remained strong. Cinderpelt became an amazing medicine cat, even though she had a bad limp. She died a noble death while protecting Sorreltail and her kits from the badgers.

Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, but she did what was best for her Clan! She is truly a loyal cat. Cinderpelt was reminded of herself in Leafpool because she was in love too. She had one of the saddest deaths, she shouldn't have died because of the badgers! She died protecting Sorreltail, even with her leg and her being a medicine cat! She is amazing! - Alexisawe

Cinderpelt's awesome! She kept holding her head up despite how much hardship she went through. She never got to be a warrior, she loved Firestar and knew she could never be with him, and she even had to mentor one of his kits! But Cinderpelt never acted upon her feelings and knew what was best for the Clan. She's an amazing character. - skaithewolf

Definitely the best. She just wanted to become a warrior, but her dreams were crushed and she got hit by a car. She had to be a med cat, but she did her best and had a positive attitude. She was told she was going to die, but managed to be happy still. Leafpool lied to her, and because of her she died, defending her clan with a broken leg.

I love Cinderpelt. I think that she has a good heart and a good sense of humor. She is always in a good mood and always happy and gives good advise to cats. After her accident on the thunderpath when she permanently injured her hind leg, she still helped out as much as she could. She is a very honorable cat and I hate Tigerclaw/star, because he set the trap for her on the thunderpath. Technically he made the trap for Bluestar but Cinderpelt got caught in it instead. She is a cat to honor forever :)

Cinderpelt is my number one cat! Stupid Tigerstar had to come in and ruin her whole life! I just can't believe that Cinderheart would be a jerk like she was and just act like Cinderpelt was nothing like dust! I'm sorry to any Cinderheart fans, but Cinderheart is at the very bottom of my warrior cat list

You know, it sounds really weird. Cinderpelt's brother was Brackenfur, right? Then when she got reborn as Cinderheart, her parents were Sorreltail and Brackenfur. So basically Cinderpelt/heart was given birth by her brother.

I can't express how much I love her, she reminds me of my sister, Mila, who was the most beautiful spirit and soul I've ever met and keeps on working through her cancer. She is fighting just like Cinderpelt and I keep on reading about Cinderpelt to my sister, she loves warriors, I thank the Erins so much for making warriors, which is part of the reason my sister is still fighting, she is so inspired by Cinderpelt, and so am I - Swiftdawn

My fave cat ever she is so strong and well she died for Sorrel tail she went against the warrior code so she can save 2 Shadow clan cats from sickness. And all she wanted was for Firestar to love her as she did to him. She should be #1 on this list!

Cinderpelt would have been an amazing warrior and it is too sad that she died. She was only trying to be a great warrior, but her stubbornness kept her from it. And I think she may have been in love with Firestar, and that's another reason why I dislike Sandstorm.

My favorite medicine cat! She was a brilliant cat! She should have been a warrior though. That was all she ever wanted, along with keeping her clan safe. And that's what she did. She died saving kits she didn't know because they just came out. Loyal to the end.

Best cat ever! It was so sad when she died. She never deserved the crippled leg, and her death. She is a great medicine cat, and is wise and young- much to young to die. How the heck is she only 4% of the votes!?!

She should not be number four SHE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I love her energy and she is so happy and nice and now I hate badgers! They are my least favorite animals now because they killed Cinderpelt. I HATE YOU MIDNIGHT!

CinderPelt had made a big difference to the Clan. As most readers pity on her I have no shame. Her broken leg led to her being an amazing Medicine cat. She had a death that we are proud to say that it was worthy of total respect by all.

Cinderpelt was a super awesome cat in the books, and she had to go through tough times, but still made it through. She worked hard to help her Clan, but sadly, she was killed defending Sorreltail while giving birth to her kits.

She was so cheerful all the time and understanding. Tigerstar might have made her lose her chance at being a warrior but not a medicine cat. She trained hardc than any other cat at being the best. Though she always wanted to have kits she never let any cat see. She was do smart, kind, wise and helpful. She was a great mentor long with Cinderpelt

Her death was one of the few scenes I actually cried at. Call me heartless, I'm just not very emotional. She was my FAVORITE medicine cat and BADGERS ARE EVIL! Her reincarnation, Cinderheart, is pretty cool too.

I thought when she was an apprentice for Fireheart she was so energetic didn't listen a lot and she was really determined. I loved her! STUPID CAR/MONSTER!

Cinderpelt would have been an amazing warrior. She ideas because of a badger, and Tigerstar hurt her leg- enough to stop her from becoming a warrior! Cinderpelt was one of the best medicine cats ever.

She was a Great cat. She would of made a fine warrior. Stupid Tigerstar. Why did you make that trap that was made for Bluestar?!

She was so awesome. Cinderpelt, even though she loved Fireheart herself, helped him realize that Sandstorm loved him. I'm so glad she got another chance at life and love through Cinderheart. - BerrystarOfRiverClan

Cinderpelt is the best I love her so much that I called my real cat Cinderpelt. I was so happy once I found out about Cinderheart but Jayfeather and Lionblaze are the worst. Jayfeather shows Cinderheart that she is Cinderpelt and Lionblaze says to choose your own destiny. She chooses and then Cinderpelt's spirit is lifted from Cinderheart and goes to Starclan. That's why I hate Jayfeather and why he should not be such a fan favourite as he ruins another fan favourites future.