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Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.


Honestly, she deserves to be on the huge spotlight of the first page. Dovewing saved many cats with her senses. Lets review a list of some cats she saved.

- She saved the Clans from starvation and thirst because she told them about the badgers.

- She woke up Ivypool sometimes when she was in the Dark Forest.

- She had told them about the tree and fire. (Although Jayfeather also detected the fire, but tiny bit later. And it is an 'iirc' for the tree.)

- The Clans had a tiny bit of time to prepare before the Dark Forest battle since she warned them.

I am not a fan of Ivypool at all, not even a whisker-length away, for she ruined my thoughts about her because she rejected Dovepaw when Dovepaw cared for her. Ivypool only risked her life because she had to do it now that she was stuck with the Dark Forest due to her staying with them at her 'Once A Lovely Dream'. Some people in here have lovely and smart opinions about Ivypool, but some have ridiculous, ...more - Sunadayh

She is an amazing cat, and an important part in the prophecy! I can't stand her sister Ivypool! She was a huge jerk to her in the first book of the Omen of the Stars just because she was jealous! Then she trained in the Dark Forest just to be better then her sister! She wasn't really spying for the good of her clan either! She had no choice to go in the Dark Forest, it wasn't't optional to continue training in there or not! I still have a lot more to ramble on about her... But I will end it here...

I think she should be higher. She is very kind. Plus I do not like tigerheart, I used to love him until he betrayed dovewing and wouldn't even assume responsibility for it! But that's just what I think.

Okay Dovewing is the best cat in the ENTIRE SERIES!
Ivypool STINKS! Everyone says Ivypool is like the best cat in the series but she really isn't. Think back. Did Ivypool ever tell the Three about anything in the Dark Forest? Dovewing tried to protect her and she just grumbles about it. there's no reason Ivypool is even in the series. She's just a jealous, secretive, selfish cat who is completely useless. Ivypool could only hunt tiny prey and so now she hates her sister for it. Then she goes to an EVIL CAT and doesn't listen to Dovewing when she tries to protect her. Ivypool's the biggest idiot in the warriors series and I don't get how anyone could ever like her. DOVEWING IS AWESOME!

Dovewing sucks! How could you say that about Ivypool?! She was tricked! Oh and by the way, Dovewing is a trailer! She had the longest forbidden relationship in the whole entire series! And Ivypool was was totally like ignored. Same think with Hawkfrost and Hollyleaf. So there. BOOM! - Catsarah123

I don't understand how anyone can like this annoying Mary-sue. Dovewing is a total self-conceited jerk! She plays around with Bumblestripe's feelings, and always expects every cat to love her. Plus, she's the biggest hypocrite ever. Whining how Ivypool is breaking the warrior code when Dovewing is herself by meeting with Tigerheart! Ivypool acutally risks her life for her clan. Dovewing just mopes around whining and stalking Tigerheart. I can't believe she replaced Hollyleaf as the third cat, both Hollyleaf and Ivypool deserved it much more than this brat!

Well, I broke a bed's leg, but I think you should read the opinions if you want to know why people love 'this annoying Mary-Sue.' I recommend you to read the opinions, as for me I hated Ivypool too much but there were smart opinions. (Didn't change my thoughts though.) - Sunadayh

Dovewing is a great cat and part of the prophecy! If it weren't for her, the lake might still be dried up! And Ivypool's a great cat too. I just wish Dovewing had told her about her powers earlier. Then their relationship as apprentices might have been better. Without Ivypool, Dovewing may not have been able to go on, and without Dovewing, Ivypool wouldn't have had the courage to spy on the darkforest! They were best friends. (Also sisters)

I hate her, she's a mary sue! IvyPool was jealous because she was all 'Oh I'm part of the prophecy' and knocked poor HollyLeaf out of the prophecy! IvyPool was a lot better and sometimes a grumpy cat is cool!

People say she is a mary-sue, but I think spottedleaf is more. I men I haven't read the spottedleaf novellla yet but the way she isn't like I HAte you sandstorm makes me like her just a little. I love dovewing though and I don't et why she is called a mary-sue CONSTANTLY. She actually has flaws if you look carefully. Don't get me wrong I love ivypool but dove seriously doesn't deserve this much hate

No matter what; I don't see a reason to throw around harsh words just because they did this one accident or thing or whatever! Sorry, I understand it's your guys' opinions but there's no reason for harsh words!

I love this amazing she-cat! She is way better than stupid dumb annoying Ivypool! She also didn't live that well, since she lost her power for a while and tried her best to break up with Tigerheart! She doesn't deserve to be 39th, she deserves to be in the top 10 list! I hate stupid Ivypool!

Why dare say Dovewing is bad! VOTE FOR THIS CAT ( better than Firestar! ).

Agreed with the Dovewing supporters.

I think she should've stayed with Tigerheart. What do people have against him? He's just as guilty as Dovewing's father!

I think dovewing is amazing ivypool was pretty mean though but dovewing she's my favorite

Why the HECK is she back here? She was so so strong when she had to be part of the prophecy.

She's okay but is kind of a stupid goody two-shoes brat. Not as bad as Nightcloud, but still gets on my nerves

How could you hate Doveydear? Ivypool is a piece of fox-dung that deserves to be crushed and killed by Brokenstar in the sharpest thorns that pierce through her entire body! Dovewing for the win! She is the best out of the Three! SHE IS NOT A MARY SUE DANGRABBIT, IVYPOOL DESERVES TO BE THE NUMBER ONE MOST HATED CATS OF ALL!

Dovewing is a great cat! Very loyal to her clan!

She is my favorite warrior she is really kind

She is a Mary Sue she should have not replaced poor Hollyleaf. Even Ivypool deserves to be the third cat. Dovewing was just a huge Mary Sue who only used her powers to let her meet Tigerheart safely.

Dove wing is rude to bumblestripe she is also an annoying Mary Sue she is my least favorite cat Hollyleaf should have gotten the power or ivypool


She doesn't deserve all this hate... - Sunadayh

She does not want to accept the fact that she is part of the prophecy when she is. She is also making a good choice about not being mates with Tigerheart. ~Blizzardstar

Dovewing is my favorite character in the series. I don't even have the words to say how much I love her. She DOES NOT deserve to be 43. I think both her AND Ivypool should be in the Top 10. Seriously, why does Dovewing get so much hate?! She saved so many lives, and is absolutely NOT an annoying Mary Sue.
She's way better than Firestar. So is Ivypool. Dovewing and Ivypool for life.