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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


I have always seen Firestar as my favorite from the beginning of the series to the end of the Omen of the Stars arc. Rose tail may have taken his spot as my favorite, but I can't deny how great of a character he is. People may think that he was a bad leader, but it isn't Firestar who should be accused. He was written in a way that people didn't like, therefore more people started hating him.

People also say that he got too much attention, but so do other loved characters such as Ivypool, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and more favored characters. I felt genuinely sad when he passed away, and that has a lot of substance considering that I am not one to cry while reading books or during movies.

I was so disappointed to find out that that my favorite character was being replaced with my least favorite character as leader that I just haven't bothered to read the fourth series. I have and always will love Firestar. It is quite stupid that people say that he had three mates, ...more

Firestar is the greatest. He mentored Cinderpelt, Cloudtail, and Bramblestar. Cinderpelt became a good medicine cat, Cloudtail became a good warrior, and Bramblestar became leader! Firestar tried to do what was right and let cats join his clan. His kins was in a prophecy and so was he. Firestar was able to defeat Tigerstar, but then a stupid tree fell on him and killed him. Firestar is my favorite warrior. I also liked that he was loyal to his clan and other cats too. I think he had one of he greatest roles in the series. I wished he had lived longer, though. Long live Firestar!

By far, he was my most favorite cat of ALL time. He knew and respected the warrior code, and I know he broke it here and there, but it was always for the sake of another clan or cats life. Even when he was in a bad mood, like being depressed or sour, he still had the kindess in his heart that warmed others. I literally cried for about 20 minutes after I finished the Last Hope and read that Firestar had died. I really dislike that fact that he was killed by a tree, I mean really, a tree? He had fought off the vicious and cruel Tigerstar, and lived, but he was killed by a tree?! He had survived the Great Battle, the Great Journey, and so much more, but really, Erins, I think he should've died by an infected wound from the fight. (as an example). All in all, I'm so glad Firestar was and is number 1, and he should stay number 1 for a while yet. I love you Firestar!

Okay well finally Firestar is #1! WHAT TOOK SO LONG PEOPLE. Someone said he wasn't their favorite but come on! He was the reason the books were even made. Without him, you wouldn't have your one favorite character other than Firestar if he hadn't even been invented. The books are amazing and make me feel like I'm traveling with the cats. I feel every pang of excitement, fear, pain, love, and sorrow. The books are great but Firestar is greater!

I have to admit, He went pretty far for a housecat. I'm impressed Firestar! I actually think Firestar had a sweet, loyal personality. Even though I thought it was kinda annoying how he said he would talk out a problem before solving it, but nowadays, when I think about it I think Firestar was acting with a hint of maturity. I mean I know so people don't like him because they think he's the "cat of all cats", but I'm pretty sure that by the first series, we would all understand that the all of the other series would be focused on Thunderclan as well, so I can't blame him. Firestar's personality reminds me of myself. Now, I'm not an annoying person. I do sometimes annoy my friends ad family, but they always describe me as loyal, brave, and kind, maybe a little gullible too. Firestar fits this description in my eyes. So that's why I like him :3.

Oh my gosh I am in love with Firestar. I just think about him and want to melt. He is funny, loving, kind, loyal, brave, and just downright awesome. I wish people didn't hate on him though because he is a Mary Sue which I don't think is true. He made a lot of mistakes in his life but he learned from them. I think it was unfair he (spoiler alert) died but I'm glad bramblestar is leader I feel like firestar's death was sad but necessary. The series needed to move on.

You know what if they planned on killing him for some years, then why not kill him off after the first arc? "oh but this... Would not happen..." it still could happen. After the first arc he is a side character now. so you had a chance at killing him off early, since "dead" characters are still used you could still used him the same way. If you kill off the main character A) it done don't continue the story. B) people say "it stops being a good story then" yes I had people say this to me when this happens.

He is the greatest warrior of all time. Firestar is loyal, puts other cats' needs before his own, and he is very strong. He led his clan well during hard times. 8 of his 9 lives were used for the good of his clan. You can't get more dedicated than that. My heart shattered into a million pieces when he died. He was my favorite character since the beginning of book 1. His memory will live on forever. I LOVE YOU FIRESTAR!

This is a mini rant about Firestar. He was first known as Rusty, a curious young kittypet who dreamed of living in the forest. When Bluestar let him into ThunderClan, his dream came true. Sort of. He had to deal with hate and bullying when he first came and he barely had any friends. But did that stop him from living his life to the fullest? No! He captured Yellowfang, defeated Brokenstar twice, got made a warrior in the first book, suffered his crush, his motherly figure and his leader dying in the first series. He became leader and had kits who turned out to be as special as him! He had a hard life but faced it with nothing but bravery and courage till the very end. But he is a Gary Stu! No warrior cat is a Gary Stu! Firestar had flaws. He was dense around girls, broke the warrior code several times, cheated on his mate a little bit, snapped at Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw a lot, let kittypets into the clan and many more! Some people hate him for always stealing the spotlight. So ...more

Firestar is an incredibly brave, loyal, understanding, wise and just awesome leader and he very much deserves the top spot (although personally he is my third favorite cat). He just cared about his Clan (oh and the other clans) so much and saved the forest several times. GO FIRESTAR!

I don't like him. He was good as an apprentice and warrior, but he got to be a MAJOR Gary-Stu (Perfect character) as he became a deputy and leader. I personally like characters that have evil backgrounds or sides but are overall not. I do not like perfect characters, because I end up wishing for them to fail or die, and I hate that.

Well, for one thing, he's the first warrior cat... EVER. I mean, he started warrior cats! Plus, he's awesome anyway, and I love the Firestar and Sandstorm ship! He's selfless and brave and caring. *SPOILER* It was so sad when he died because he was a part of my childhood. ;-; So go Firestar!

There's no possible way you can't vote for Firestar! He is hands down the greatest fictional book character ever! He is really inspirational and shows that just because you're different, doesn't mean you can't succeed at something! If you are a true warrior cat fan, then vote for Firestar!

I love Firestar he would give every life he had to save his clan mates. He might be a kitty pet but no cat has better warrior heart than him. He even toke care of his clan mates during green cough by caring for them so no other cat go sick. No other leader would do this

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Firestar. Yes, he's a great leader, and I respect that part of him, but his character as a realistic one (one that I could connect with) failed throughout New Prophecy-Omen Of The Stars. He's a great leader, but not my favorite character.

We followed him into the forest side by side we apprenticed together he became a warrior deputy then leader to watch him die is watching ourselves die it broke the link that we built together firestar will always be apart of me and a part of you Go FIRESTAR

Everyone that voted for FireStar, I agree, so first he was a kitty pet then left the good life to join a place were he probably won't get enough sleep, and may die of hunger, but he gave it all up. Then he became probably the best mentor to any cat he had a chance at, then became the best leader Thunder Clan every had, he got the girl, and basically new the awnser to every mystery there was at the end of each book. For example TigerStar killing RedTail... GreyStripe and SilverStream, and MUCH more! Honestly if I could meet him in real life I would be absolutely astonished!

If bluestar said no Firestar wouldn't be made! I thank bluestar too. Poor firestar he had a long good life though! Well 9 years pretty good.

He was a great kitty pet with big dreams about living in the forest. He was a great apprentice of big dreams of becoming a awesome warrior respected by all and he accomplished that goal. It was weird when Sandstorm treated him as a warrior. As an apprentice she was always grumpy and mean to Firepaw. As a apprentice/warrior in book 2 she was all of a sudden being nice to him. Fire alone can save our clan.

Yay firestar ok so yeah he was the main cat in lots of series but yeah some people might agree with me some wont but I don't know why some people hated him and said "Oh look it's the big mary sue that had nothing to go through not like some other cats" he's not a mary sue I mean he had a bad death tree struck on lightning wounded in battle with dark forest tiger star and defeated him

Firestar was so loyal, to his clan and whatever thing he cares.He always put his clan first, he learn from his mistakes (it changed! I thought Bluestar was once number one! I am so lucky! ).Skyclan would have never come back if it wasn't for him.He is always the Fire to save the clans.

Firestar, is loyal, brave, kind, and caring. He cares for all the clans and puts others before himself. He is the greatest leader the clans have ever seen! GO FIRESTAR! You totally deserve to be number one!

I would tell all the great things about my favorite warrior right now, but I am very tired. But everyone knows what a great and loyal warrior he was, and if any of you disagree you can come and talk to me. - macy77657

Go Firestar! He's the best. Great #1! 1st finally! I mean really what took so long? He saved the clans several times! 'Fire alone can save our clan' He's a hero.

Firestar is awesome! He was amazing in the first series but he was pretty annoying in the second. I mean, did he really need to yell at Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw all the time. Not to mension taking in DAISY and her kits. Oh god I hate that horrible she-cat. But he was a lot better in the 3rd and 4th series. And his death was so sad! But everyone knew he was going to die so I wasn't that surprised when he did. Overall Firestar is amazing and many cats will miss him. R.I.P Firestar.